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Monday, September 25, 2017

A Concise Guide To Bible Christianity And Romanism
Compiled by Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

Introduction (1-6)
  1. Where do Christians get their faith?
  2. What is the Bible?
  3. How do Christians know that the Bible is the Word of God?
  4. Who is a Christian?
  5. What is the Church?
  6. What is the Free Presbyterian Church?
The Bible (9-23)
  1. What does the Free Presbyterian Church teach concerning the reading of the Bible?
  2. Did the Church of Rome give the Bible to all her members to read?
  3. How did the Roman Index of Prohibited Books define the act of reading the Bible?
  4. If a member of the Church of Rome possessed a copy of the Bible without such permission, what was the penalty?
  5. How has Rome treated the Bible?
  6. Is Rome the preserver of the Bible? ...
The Pope (24-42)
  1. Did Jesus Christ appoint an earthly Head to His Church?
  2. What is the claim of Rome in regard to the Head of the Church on earth?
  3. What is the official teaching of Rome on the Pope?
  4. What text in Matthew's Gospel does the Church of Rome use to support her claims for St. Peter being the first Pope?
  5. Were the Fathers unanimous in their interpretation of the Scripture?
  6. What other Scripture in Matthew's Gospel does Rome quote to support her claim that Peter was the first Pope? ...
The Sacraments (43-51)
  1. What does Rome teach about the Sacraments?
  2. Which are the Sacraments of the New Testament?
  3. How may Sacraments are there according to Rome?
  4. What does Rome teach in regard to what is necessary for the validity of a Sacrament?
  5. Does Rome's Doctrine of Intention not put uncertainty upon all her religious Sacraments and works?
  6. What is Baptism? ...
Confirmation (53-54)
  1. What does Rome teach about Confirmation?
  2. Why do we reject Rome's Confirmation as a Sacrament?

The Lord's Supper (55-78)

  1. What is the Lord's Supper?
  2. What does the word 'Eucharist' mean?
  3. How does the Church of Rome define the Eucharist?
  4. What is the teaching of Rome with regard to the bread and wine in the Lord's Supper?
  5. Has the Church of Rome always taught this doctrine?
  6. What has Rome built upon the doctrine of Transubstantiation? ...
Holy Orders And Priesthood (79-94)
  1. What, according to Rome, is meant by Holy Orders?
  2. What functions does Rome actually claim for her priests?
  3. What special powers does Rome ascribe to her priests?
  4. Does Rome hold that priests irrespective of their morality have these transcendent powers?
  5. Is there any authority in the Scripture for the doctrine of Rome concerning the priesthood?
  6. What is the only mediatorial priesthood recognised in the New Testament? ...
Matrimony (95-97)
  1. What is Matrimony according to the Church of Rome?
  2. Is Matrimony presented as a Sacrament in the New Testament?
  3. What does the Free Presbyterian Church believe concerning marriage?
SIN (98-107)
  1. What is sin?
  2. Are all sins equally wicked?
  3. What does every sin deserve?
  4. How does Rome divide sins?
  5. How does Rome define mortal sins and venial sins?
  6. What sins does Rome call mortal? ...
The Forgiveness of Sins (108-122)
  1. If the wages of sin is death is salvation possible?
  2. What did Christ do in order to meet the claims of divine justice and secure salvation?
  3. Was Christ's Work as a Saviour complete, or did it need to be supplemented in any way by the work of man?
  4. Are repentance and faith necessary on the part of the sinner?
  5. What is faith in Jesus Christ?
  6. What is repentance? ...
Indulgences (123-127)
  1. What does Rome hold as to Indulgences?
  2. On what is the doctrine of Indulgences founded?
  3. To what purpose is the spiritual treasury to be applied?
  4. Name any object for which an Indulgence may be bought.
  5. Does Rome issue Indulgences for the dead?
Penance (128-141)
  1. What does Rome teach concerning Penance?
  2. What does Rome teach about the necessity of Penance?
  3. By whom must Penance be administered?
  4. How often must the Sacrament be administered?
  5. What are the component parts of Penance?
  6. When was Penance first considered a Sacrament by the Church of Rome? ...
Purgatory (142-159)
  1. What is Purgatory according to Rome?
  2. On what two false pillars does Purgatory rest?
  3. Explain Matthew 5:25-26 and show that it cannot possibly prove Purgatory.
  4. How do you interpret I Corinthians 3:13-15?
  5. What are the pretensions of the Church of Rome as to the relief of souls in Purgatory?
  6. How do Romanists obtain Indulgences? ...
Mariolatry (160-187)
  1. What worship does the Church of Rome teach should be given to the mother of our Lord?
  2. What are the grounds on which Rome bases this worship of Mary?
  3. Did Rome always hold the doctrine of Mary's Immaculate Conception?
  4. In this doctrine taught in the New Testament or was it known in the early church?
  5. What did St. Alphonsus Ligouri teach about those who do not worship and serve Mary?
  6. Give the terms of Rome's Decree declaring Mary's Immaculate Conception? ...
Saints, Angels, Image Worship (188-208)
  1. What does the word 'saint' mean in the New Testament?
  2. Is the term used in an unscriptural manner even by Protestants?
  3. How does Rome create her saints?
  4. Prove that Rome teaches praying to and worship of angels and saints.
  5. Why must we regard this doctrine of Rome?
  6. What does Rome teach concerning images? ...
Rome and the Reformation (210-213)
  1. What was the reason for the Reformation?
  2. How did Rome react?
  3. Did the Reformation involve, as Rome asserts, heresy and schism?
  4. Has the term 'Protestant' a negative aspect and a positive aspect?
Patrick (214-228)
  1. Was Patrick the founding father of the Christian Church in Ireland?
  2. How did Rome react?
  3. Was Patrick sent to Ireland by the Pope?
  4. What brought Patrick to Ireland?
  5. Where do we find the teaching of Patrick?
  6. What is the basis for the teaching contained in Patrick's Confession and Epistle?
Ecumenism (229-240)
  1. What is Ecumenism?
  2. How is Ecumenism organised internationally?
  3. How is it organised in these Islands?
  4. What is the declared purpose of COCBI?
  5. What Churches and religious bodies are members of COCBI?
  6. In what way is Ecumenism organised in Ireland?

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