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Saturday, August 19, 2017
Date Posted:

Unbiblical Prayer of Buckfast Abbey

Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

To show how far away from Christ, Roman Catholic thought and action is, note the following prayer that was found in The Universe of 21st January 2001.

‘O God whose only begotten Son, through the intercession of his Virgin Mother, restores all things, even those things which have been destroyed by men; grant that all who come to this shrine of Mary at Buckfast may experience her gentle presence and rejoice in her maternal care in all their needs. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen’.

If you can say this prayer then perhaps you should look more closely.

Firstly note, intercession is through the Virgin Mother.

All things are through Christ. He is the centre of the faith, and is the one that intercedes on our behalf directly with the Father. Never does Jesus pray through Mary in the Bible.

Then note the contradiction of this line with the last line, ‘We ask this though Christ’. How at the start can it be through Mary and at the end can it be through Christ? Naturally the latter is to add the look of credibility to this blasphemous non-prayer.

Just as the Pope claims Mary’s presence was evident and he has entrusted her with the lives of men and women for the third millennium, this prayer claims her presence, when she is dead.

One can further ask, who is the Pope to entrust such, to Mary. This can not be God ordained because it is not Biblical on both counts. It is the Pope’s arrogance and those that idolise him that enables him to assert the lies that Mary is somehow of benefit to us today. One should remember that Mary’s place was at the birth and at the cross. She does not prominently in the Bible so how can she be prominent now, and so-called by the Pope and others equal to God the Father! It is pure make believe and is idolatrous.

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