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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Date Posted:

Charles Dickens

Can We Afford To Ignore These Warning Signals?

Chapter 2

The most eminent of men both in Church and State have sent up danger signals warning us against the real nature of Roman Catholicism and the real objectives of her encroachments in this Realm.

Lord Macauley: "During the last three centuries to stunt the growth of the human mind has been her (that is Rome's) chief object. Throughout Christendom whatever advance has been made in knowledge, in freedom, in wealth and in the arts of life has been in inverse proportion to her power".

Charles Dickens: "Roman Catholicity is the most horrible means of political and social degradation left in the world".

John Milton: "Popery is a double thing to deal with, and claims a twofold power, ecclesiastical and political, both usurped and the one supporting the other".

Bishop Burnet: "Learn to view Popery in a true light as a conspiracy to exalt the power of the clergy, even by subjecting the most sacred truths of religion to contrivances for raising their authority; and by offering to the world another method of being saved, beside that presented by the Gospel. Popery is a mass of impostures supported by men who manage them with great advantage, and impose them with inexpressible severities on those who dare call anything in question that they dictate to them".

Bishop Butler: "Whoever will consider the Popish claims to the disposal of the whole earth as of divine right; to dispense with the most sacred engagements; the claims to supreme absolute authority in religion; in short, the general claims which the canonists express by the term plenitude of power - whoever I say will consider Popery as it is at Rome, may see that it is a manifest open usurpation of all divine and human authority".

Bishop Sherlock: "It is a known and ascertained truth, that whenever a man's conscience leads him to be a Papist it leads him to be an enemy to the Constitution of this Government. There is nothing an Englishman has more to fear from than the prevailing power of Popery. To design the advancement of Popery is to design the ruin of the State and the destruction of the Church. It is to sacrifice the nation to a double slavery, to prepare chains at once for the body and for the mind".

Canon Melville: "Make peace if you will with Popery, receive it into your Senate, shrine it in your chambers, plant it in your hearts. But be ye certain, as certain as that there is a Heaven above you and a God over you, that the Popery thus honoured and embraced is the very Popery that was loathed and degraded by the holiest of your fathers; and the same haughtiness, the same intolerance, which lauded it over kings, assumed the prerogative of Deity, crushed human liberty, and slew the saints of God".

William Gladstone, Prime Minister of England, on Roman Catholic Education: "No more cunning plot was ever devised at least by man against the freedom, the happiness, the virtue of mankind".

Archbishop Whatley on Roman Catholic Education: "Nothing could exceed the unblushing audacity of its falsehoods, except the atrocity of its principles, and that the perversion of its morals is still worse than its perversion of facts".

Adam Smith in his famous 'Wealth of Nations': "The Church of Rome is the most formidable combination that ever was formed against the authority and security of civil Government, as well as against the liberty, reason and happiness of mankind".

Is it any wonder then that Samuel Taylor Coleridge philosopher, metaphysician, bard - should have summed up the characteristics of this "formidable combination" with a lucidity and force peculiarly his own? "When I contemplate the whole system of the Romish, most uncatholic, religion as it affects the great fundamental principles of morality, the terra firma, as it were, of our humanity; then trace its operations on the sources and conditions of national strength and wellbeing; and, lastly, consider its woeful influences on the innocence and sanctity of the female mind on the faith and happiness, the gentle fragrancy and unnoticed ever present verdure of domestic life I can with difficulty avoid applying to it what the Rabbins fable of the fratricide Cain after the curse; that 'the firm earth trembled wherever he strode and the grass turned black beneath his feet'."

Viewing these danger signals can the prospect of the King of Popery invading our country and processing triumphantly through it not cause concern to every true patriot?

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