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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Date Posted:

Aids Cure, Claims The Pope

Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

As the pope’s propaganda machine gathers pace, not only are we frequently subjected to one claim or another or the latest in a credit-seeking, reputation-building Church but we have forced upon the plain gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ a collection of spurious and deceitful Roman Catholic Church trappings. These include the current spectacle of the touring of the relics of St Therese, the promotion of Mary to the status of Jesus for the third millennium, and the instigation of patron saints for anything from politicians and statesmen, to one for the internet. The latter is a propaganda stunt so as to keep the saint list seemingly up-to-date and relevant in people’s minds.

We are bombarded also with his constant voice crying out about the poverty in the third world – presumably he wants to make further inroads into these countries; and the conflicts of the world - excepting the IRA in N. Ireland which he never seems to condemn.

News this week is that the Church of Rome can cure Aids. It is claimed that one of its saints (nothing to do with Almighty God!) has been responsible for the curing of an African suffering from Aids.

In ‘The Catholic Times’ this week it is reported that,

‘The first miraculous cure from Aids has been endorsed by Pope John Paul II when he declared a 19th century Italian the patron of Aids sufferers.

Whatever next will we be expected to believe!

‘Blessed Luigi Scrosoppi, an Oratorian priest (1804-1894) has been made a saint after curing an African dying from Aids.’

Yes, more than a hundred years after he had died! Is it not amazing what some can do while presumably under torture in Purgatory?

‘An HIV–positive Zambian in the terminal phase of Aids-related illness, claims Luigi Scrosoppi cured him after appearing to him in a dream.’

Following a six- year investigation by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints, John Paul II announced that the Church had decided that the recovery of the African was a miracle.

While it is perhaps a miracle that the Zambian recovered why do they give the glory to a dead man rather than unto the living God, from whom all blessings flow.

It simply is just another attempt by the Roman Catholic Church to engineer publicity in every aspect of contemporary life to promote the impression that it is not only involved and interested in, but is the hub about which the modern world revolves and thus is necessary. That it should be consulted on all matters. The classic example is of course the pope’s inclusion at the U.N. All this is assisted by the constant flow of publicising recommendations made to governments on current issues, election matters, raising profiles of saints and Catholic Social Doctrine. When the Church is caught out, as in the case of all the paedophile priests it has protected for years, it attempts to draw attention away. It does this by promoting all its community and social activities, trying all the time to keep its self-perceived purity by claiming that any error is of an occasional individual and not the Church. The pope is doing everything he can at present to promote the heretical idea that the dynasty of popes and the Church of Rome always has been divinely appointed to be, is, and should continue to be the hub around which all should revolve. Perhaps the principality and power of Europe – a new Holy European (RC) empire with the pope at the helm?

About this latest invention it is interesting to note that Father Harrison said,

‘I don’t think there is any doubt as to the authenticity of this miracle, but I suspect that it won’t be repeated. These things happen as a sign but are not necessarily the first of a hundred. People who pray for a repetition of this miracle will be disappointed but I think that we should pray to St Luigi for resignation in suffering.’

Well, that is a cooling comment! He seems to be quite sure that it will not be repeated! Why? Does he not go along with papal pretences? Certainly the authenticity of the miracle may not be in doubt, but the author of the miracle certainly is in doubt!

When he says, ‘These things happen as a sign’, in what way is it a sign, for whom, to whom and to what end, especially in light of the fact that no glory let alone credit is given to Almighty God.

If people will be disappointed if they pray for a repetition what is the purpose of praying to this ‘saint’ for resignation in suffering? Why is it that the Church of Rome does not want people praying to the one and only high priest and the only one who can intercede for a Christian – the Lord Jesus Christ? This is whom the Bible tells us to pray to. Anything different is a different gospel.

A person whose faith is fully in the Lord Jesus Christ has to suffer none of this. Jesus consistently repeats his miracles, especially that of turning a sinner bent on rebellion, towards salvation. Anything of God will lead back to Him, giving Him Glory.

One has to consider also that, when the pope declares someone to be a saint it is a deliberate fabrication, for anyone who is in Christ is a saint.

Watch this space, to find out who will be the next contender in the continuing saga, ‘Aids to the Vatican’. Mother Therese – patron saint of curry?

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