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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Date Posted:

Rome’s Paganism
Women in C of E
Rome and Islam
Prudence or Paranoia?
Rwandan Genocide
Christians in Iraq
Last Pope No Saint
Consilium Emendenda
Women, Family Life
Attempt to Whitewash
The ‘Miracle’
Origins of the Tablet
Rome Ruined Education
Rome's Education War
Who The Next Pope?
Rome Robbed Ireland
A Soul for Europe
The Vatican's Silence
Folk Superstition
Rome + Ireland
Vatican + Emancipation
O’Connell and Crown
Blair Signs It Away
Romanising of Ireland
Anglican 'gay' schism
Enslavement of Nation
Pope John Paul II
Anglicans Capitulate
Lose Heritage Forever?
Bishops Rome Burned
Were Reformers Right?
Call Him Antichrist
The Face of Rome
Popish Plot Exposed
Ignore Warning Signals
The Unofficial Visit
Rome’s Slander Refuted
Walsingham Idolatry
Days of Deliverance 14
Dr. Paisley's Speech
Days of Deliverance 13
Days of Deliverance 12
DUP Conference Speech
Days of Deliverance 11
Our Samaria
Genocide of Tutsis
E.U. Referendum
London Marathon
Days of Deliverance 10
Irish Confederation
Romes Plotting Exposed
Days of Deliverance 7
Days of Deliverance 6
Cardinal Faces Court
Days of Deliverance 5
Days of Deliverance 4
Days of Deliverance 1
Master of Hundred Arts
Teresa Beatified Info
New Cardinals Named
Swiss Guard Murders 3
Swiss Guard Murders 2
Compromise Theology
The Mysterious Death
Priest Is Dispensed! 3
Priest Is Dispensed! 2
Priest Is Dispensed! 1
An Opportunity
Holy Inquisition Today
Religion of Relics
Ecumenism And Rome
Sir Thomas More
Appeal to the Laity
Williamite Revolution
Romanism Face Lift
Dr. Paisley's Speech
Flogging a Dead Horse
John Paul Marches Rome
Churches and the EU
Inquisitor Ratzinger
Young People Today
Inquisition Alive Well
Dr Paisley Challenges
Next Conclave Looms
The Next Pope?
Rome, Russian Orthodox
Life is Beautiful? II
Woman Rides the Beast
President Putin
The Russian Orthodox
Mrs. Hanssen's Story
Hitler’s Pope Pius XII
BBC Infiltrated by RC
St. Faustina and EU?
Spectre of Opus Dei
The US Priest Scandal
N.I. Executive Fallen!
Cardinal: Murder Trial
Pope names new bishop
Ratzinger Rules Team
Jesuit Blames Bishops
Gays in the Seminary
700-Year Village Ban
Anti-Catholic Film
Icon Of Our Lady
Flirting With Popery
That Man of Sin
Mary Part of Godhead?
Carey Says Farewell
Gerry Adams and Pope
News: Admitting Lies
Catholic Scandals
Bleeding Statues
Chapter + Protectorate
The Hidden Years - 2
The Hidden Years
The Act of Settlement
England Catholicism 3
England Catholicism 2
England Catholicism 1
Rome’s Crusade
What Shall The End BE?
Naïve and Nefarious
Paradise Fauled
Choi Carp or Cavil
Biscuit Or The Mickey
English are Fatherless
Pope Asks Dead…
Aids Cure Pope Claims
Cardinal Double Speak
Bones of Contention
It's A Sex Mad World
Card-Carrying Masses
Rwandan Nuns Convicted
Blair Tells Paisley
All Hail Mary
Purgatory All
Wrong Without Shame
Paedophile Priests
Pope and 'Hellenics'
Road to Damascus
Wholly Rotten Bones
Patron Saint of Web?
Gore's Coup d'état
Buckfast Abbey
Pope Holds To The Lie
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Internet Intercession?
Dance With the Devil
Set To Die For Faith
Anglicans Help RC
Without Portfolio
Knights of the Vatican
Kilo Kicks the Pound
Promote Paedophiles?
Single Eyed Virgin!
Kennedy’s Tune
‘Grubby’ Royal Act
Dr. Paisley Statement
The Age Of Consent
Sins of the Fathers
R.C. Chaplain Cover-Up
Indecent Acts
Paedophile Priests
Pope’s Forked Tongue
Further Blow To Popery
Scarcity of Priests
Rome Beefs Up Politics
Ex-Convent Girl Screen
Forsake the Mass
Top Priority Wrong
'Must Say Sorry'
Outrage With Hospital
Birmingham Brothel
Rome and the Bible
New Vatican Ambassador
Sex Change Vicar
Who's Next In Rome?
Former Pope’s Plans
Catholics Become Kings
MPs Vote For Catholic
Pope Rebukes Cardinal
Paedophile Priest
Sir Thomas More
The Curse of Apathy
Popery Not a Religion
Popery's Impious Head
Queen's Apology: Pope
The WCC Sheds Its Skin
Global Christian Forum
Infall. Sectarianism
Ecumenical Farce!
Papal Lie vs. Truth
Christ or the Pope?
Paedophile Priests
Blair-faced Liars
Book: Battle for God
Antichrist Footsteps
Purification of Memory
The "Antichrist" Buck
Church of Ireland
Pope's "Apology"
Blair and Clinton
Blair, Haider, Hitler
"Holy" Nun
Bible and Romanism
Massing and Wining
Aitken and Rome
Satan's Hold
Romanist Attack
Rip in Curtain
Fires of Hell
Gates of Heaven

The Woman Rides the Beast: A Global View of Popery at Work

Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley




Like in Northern Ireland the Roman Priests are at their bombing work in Asia

A priest’s car was set on fire earlier this month after he was accused of a bomb attack in a Muslim area of Ambon in eastern Indonesia.

The January 15 blast, which occurred during a meeting between the local government and visiting Cabinet ministers, sparked rioting that left at least one person dead.

Sacred Heart Father Eduardus Besembun said that he and a diocesan radio station employee were driving through the Muslim village of Batu Merah when someone threw a bomb from a public minibus.

The priest said the bomb exploded about 15ft behind his car and the impact injured the hand of the diocesan employee and shattered the car’s windows. He said he tried to avoid the impact by accelerating, but a tire puncture caused by the blast crippled the car and forced him to stop several yards past the point of explosion.

Bishop Petrus Canisius Mandagi of Ambon told UCA News that the bombing and the burning of the priest’s car were acts of terrorism, and that security officers should apprehend the culprits.

"I regret the accusation that Fr Edo threw the bomb. Catholic priests and the whole Catholic community are promoting humaneness," the bishop said.

Three years of intermittent Christian-Muslim communal clashes in the Moluccas and North Moluccas have claimed more than 6,000 lives and displace 700,000 people.




More action is taken by the Vatican against these women than against Rome’s paedophile priests!

The Vatican has published a decree confirming the excommunication of a group of women who participated in a mock priestly ordination last June.

The document of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith said the Vatican had rejected the appeal made by the women against the decree of excommunication published by the Vatican dicastery on August 5.

The CDF said the women’s "refusal to comply with the penal precept established by the Church" was "further aggravated by the fact that some of the … women have been gathering round them members of the faithful, in open and divisive disobedience to the Roman Pontiff and the diocesan bishops".

It added: "In view of the gravity of this contumacy, the penalty imposed is not only just, but also necessary, in order to protest true doctrine, to safeguard the communion and unity of the Church, and to guide consciences of the faithful."

The decree, dated December 2, was signed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone. John Paul II approved the decree expressly and requested its publication.

The mock ordination was conducted by Argentine Romulo Antonie Braschi, a schismatic bishop and founder of a schismatic community.

The decree indicates that the women, of German, Austrian and American nationality, who participated in the simulated ordination, were Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger, Adelinde Theresia Riotinger, Gisela Forster, Iris Muller, Ida Raming, Pia Brunnera and Dagmar Braun Celeste. The latter used the name Angela White for the occasion.


Rome recognises these as churches, but even the Church of England she does not recognise. She says that she alone can give the accrediting of "CHURCH LABEL" – That accrediting really is the stamp of ANTICHRIST.

Talks to end ancient schism.

Hopes were raised this week of an end to a 1,500-year-old schism between the Catholic Church and the Oriental Orthodox churches.

Representatives of the Oriental Orthodox churches, separated both from Rome as well as from the Eastern Orthodox Church during the Council of Chalcedon in 451, visited the Vatican this week to re-launch a second phase of dialogue leading toward full unity.

In the first phase of dialogue, John Paul II and these Christian churches signed important joint declarations on the nature of Christ, overcoming one of the principal reasons for the fifth century schism.




The Vatican has announced it will not reopen the Ratisbonne Institute for Jewish studies in Jerusalem as scheduled in September, but will focus on strengthening the Judaic studies programme at Rome’s Gregorian University.

The announcement was published January 24 in the Vatican newspaper. L’Osservatore Romano. It was signed by Cardinals Zenon Grocholewski, prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education, and Walter Kasper, president of the Commission for Religious Relation with the Jews.

The statement was dated November 14, 2002; no explanation was given for its delayed publication.

"Severe, intractable and increasing financial problems," declining enrolment and "serious academic concerns" contributed to the decision, the cardinals said.

When Cardinal Grocholewski announced in June 2001 that the institute would close for a two-year reorganisation, Jewish professors published a letter expressing concern that it might never reopen. They said a permanent closure could be perceived as a sign of the Vatican distancing itself from Israel at a time of political tension.



The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem is looking at a draft Palestinian constitution that declares Islam the official religion of a future Palestinian state.

The patriarchate established a committee of lawyers to see if the language of the clause could be changed to include the existence of other religions within the established state, said a source at the Latin Patriarchate.

The source continued: "If we can have this opening toward another religion, it will be another sign of democracy. Now we are stuck because of the situation we are under."

Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah of Jerusalem and other head of Christian churches were sent a draft of the proposed constitution by the Palestinian National Authority for review.


The week of Prayer for Christian Unity took a decisive step in Jerusalem this year: the end of the Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate’s opposition to participation in these prayer meetings.

Archimandrite Alexandros of the Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate participated in all the meetings, Vatican Radio reported.

The archimandrite addressed the ecumenical celebration, held in the Cenacle last Thursday afternoon, to profess the common faith and proclaim the reconciliation of Christians in Christ.

"Christ is among us," he said.

Archbishop Aristarchos of the Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate told a Jerusalem newspaper that the Orthodox participated in this Week of Prayer "with reservation, but perhaps this is already a positive change in our attitude".




An American lay Catholic group has warned against structural reforms that it says would undermine the Church’s hierarchical nature and introduce a "subversive agenda".

In a book-length response to the clerical sex abuse crisis, the American Society for the Defence of Tradition, Family and Property said I hoped to counter what it said were efforts to manipulate the crisis and use it to "democratise" the Church.

Copies of the book, I Have Weathered Other Storms: A Response to the Scandals and Democratic Reforms That Threaten the Catholic Church, were dropped off at various Vatican offices in mid-January by Thomas McKenna, vice president of the Tradition, Family and Property society.

In an interview, Mr McKenna said his organisation was particularly concerned about the emergence of groups like Voice of the Faithful, which have called for deep structural changes in the Church in the wake of the abuse crisis.

"We want people here to know that there is another voice on this," he said.

"Yes, there is a crisis and there is abuse, and all that has to be addressed. But reform of the Church cannot mean restructuring of the hierarchy, which is divinely inspired," he said.


An American diocese has revealed the financial cost of clergy sexual abuse cases.

The Chicago archdiocese said the cost over the past decade has amounted to $16.8 million, of which $2.8 million was covered by insurance.

Its review board, formed in January 1993, found 55 allegations against 36 priests credible, but none of the incidents happened after 1991. Of the accused priests, eight are dead, nine have resigned and 19 have been removed.

From 1993 through to the fiscal year 2002, the archdiocese spent $4.6 million for the treatment, monitoring and transition of priests, and $4.3 million in legal expenses.


An American Archbishop has banned friends and relatives from delivering eulogies at their loved ones’ funerals.

New Jersey Archbishop John Myers said the tributes were "getting out of hand" and could distract from the purpose of the Mass.

He said tributes should be read before or afterwards in a side chapel or at the graveside.

In a directive sent to Newark Archdiocese priests last week, Archbishop Myers said clerics could still talk about the deceased during the funeral Mass homily.

Jim Goodness, a spokesman for the archdiocese, told The Record newspaper: "We have been getting more and more requests for eulogies, and this is not something that has been traditionally a part of Catholic funeral rites."

The decision affects 1.3 million Catholics in the New York City and has angered many families.

Mary Jo Dervos, whose family wasn’t allowed to deliver eulogies during her grandmother’s funeral, said: "We felt it really wasn’t asking a lot for family members to speak."




A Vatican aide has said he sees signs of hope for stronger ties with the Moscow patriarchate.

Fr Joseph Mal, an official of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, who is in charge of the section for relations with the Orthodox, expressed this hope on Vatican Radio.

He said: "Over the past year, relations have been difficult, not so much as regards the contents, but rather because of the interpretations that have been given to events. I am convinced that we are already in a process of clarification that will continue over the next few months."

The Pope’s decision last February to create four dioceses in the territory of the Russian Federation was openly criticised by the Moscow Patriarchate. It led also to the expulsion of five priests and a bishop.



A Polish priest has defended his decision to build a giant silver and amber altar in his church in the face of widespread criticism from Church leaders, who have called for the money to be given to the poor instead.

Fr Henryk Jankowski, of Gdansk, said: "When a nation is very poor, it can still achieve great works to remind itself of its history.

Some people think its better to give handouts, to eat and drink, and this is certainly easier. But this altar, a creation of our faith, will signal that other things matter."

The altar, featuring 10.5 tons of precious stones, will include an image of Our Lady of Jasna Gora with a 10ft white dress and diamond-encrusted silver crown.

Several other expensive Church projects have faced criticism in Poland, where unemployment is expected to rise this year, after reaching 18.1 per cent in mid-January.

Archbishop Damian Zimon of Katowice, head of the Polish bishops’ social affairs commission, said care for the poor and jobless should be a church priority during 2003.

The Tarnow diocese in southern Poland has distanced itself from plans by American Polish émigrés to erect a $20 million statue of Christ in thanksgiving for the pontificate of John Paul II.

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