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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Date Posted:

Pope Pius IX

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The Ecumenical Farce Exposed!

To beatify a man who also condemned the idea that non-Roman-Catholics should be free to practise their religion, and who rejected any notion of papal reconciliation with ''progress, liberalism and modern society'', has once again exposed the unmistakable face behind the Vatican masquerade.
Professor Arthur Noble

O that the free would stamp the impious name
Of Pope into the dust! Or write it there,
So that this blot upon the page of fame
Were as a serpent's path, which the light air
Erases, and the flat sands close behind!
— Percy Bysshe Shelley

The great English statesman W.E. Gladstone (1809-1898), who was four times British Prime Minister in the 19th century, once issued a solemn warning about the Church of Rome which the blind and brainless dupes travelling on the ecumenical bandwagon have still not understood: "Rome," said Gladstone, "has refurbished, and paraded anew, every rusty tool that she was fondly thought to have disused."

The beatification of the anti-Semite Pope Pius IX is one such example of the changelessness of the old hag who masquerades behind the external show of modernism. The controversy over Pius IX follows the uproar over the beatification of his namesake, Pius XII, the notorious "Hitler's Pope", and has provoked worldwide fury.

The pontificate of Pius IX (1846-78) was the longest in history and included the declaration of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception (1854) and the First Vatican Council's (1869-1870) doctrine of papal infallibility. The Irish Sunday Observer (September 3, 2000) summed up his essence well in the headline "A Pope who kidnaps children and calls Jews dogs is no Saint".

The reference was to the fact that in 1849 Pius IX, by his real name Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti, sanctioned the kidnapping and forced baptism of a six-year-old Jewish boy who was taken from his parents in 1858 – an act reminiscent of the 1993 actions of the Vatican-inspired UNADFI in France, which organised a conspiracy to destroy the non-ecumenical Protestant Christian Churches in that country, labelling them 'sects' as an excuse to kidnap the children of their members. Rome's Chief Rabbi Elio Toaff told the Italian Repubblica newspaper: "Kidnapping a child, bringing him to a convent, making him a priest, taking him away from his parents – this is stuff right out of the penal code."

Pius IX also became notorious for introducing race laws which have been described by Jewish historians as the forerunners of those of Hitler and Mussolini; they forced Jews back into the old ghettos where they had been confined for hundreds of years, banned them from public hospitals, and excluded them from attending secondary schools. Many European heads of state protested the 1858 kidnapping, and as a result Pius blamed Rome's Jews for what he claimed was a widespread Protestant conspiracy to defeat the papacy, and levied medieval restrictions on the community.

Jewish assessments of the racist Pius IX have also been confirmed by many non-Jewish historians, including Professor Owen Chadwick, a leading English church scholar who says that the record of Pius IX "verges on the criminal". The fascist-style actions of the self-professing 'Vicar of Christ on Earth' provoked an international outcry at the time. Predictably, however, the Vatican was adamant that the ceremony should proceed and thus demonstrated its unchanging principle that imaginary self-imputed 'infallibility' extends to the justification of blatant racism and shameless criminality.

Significantly, ultimate responsibility for the beatification of this racist thug reverts to the present Pope John Paul II himself, who in the early 1940's was employed as a salesman by the I.G. Farben Chemical Company in Poland. This company sold cyanide, Zyklon B and malathion – three gases which were used by the Nazis to exterminate millions of Jews and other groups. [See Milton William Cooper: Secret Societies. The New World Order. Part 3.]

Having ostensibly made reconciliation with the Jews a hallmark of his own pontificate, Pope John Paul II has revealed the true face behind the mask of the Roman Church's so-called ecumenism: with the arrogant and unchanging stubbornness of his anti-Semitic predecessor, he has ignored an international campaign to reverse the beatification decision and embellished the crimes of Pius IX as "heroic values". To beatify a man who also condemned the idea that non-Roman-Catholics should be free to practise their religion, and who rejected any notion of papal reconciliation with ''progress, liberalism and modern society'', has once again exposed the unmistakable face behind the Vatican masquerade.

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