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Friday, August 18, 2017
Date Posted:

Taking The Biscuit Or The Mickey!

Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

Not only is the Pope of Rome making gestures about communion but there have also been rumblings in certain in parts of the body of the beast.

The Provost of the Roman Catholic cathedral in Northampton has issued a warning to his flock after finding communion wafers hidden under chairs. Obviously for some, Jesus is a bitter pill to swallow! Canon Norman Smith said this finding had caused great anxiety and pleaded with the offenders to stop. Suspecting a child was to blame he said, ‘the incident has happened on several occasions and we need to get rid of the problem’.

It would appear that not even the church mouse considered the wafers to be a tasty morsel. Such a fuss over a piece of wafer highlights just one of the unbelievable things the Church of Rome propagates as truth.

This dogma (transubstantiation), first introduced into the Roman Catholic Church in the 13th century by Thomas Aquinas, states that during Mass (itself a deceit) the ‘substance’ of the bread and wine is converted into the body and blood of Jesus Christ (physically and corporeally), although their appearance remains the same.

Though to any Biblical born-again believer this can only be considered as unbiblical nonsense, those of the Roman Catholic Religion, duped into believing such transubstantiation, will consider this finding of the wafers an act of sacrilege. The Roman hierarchy maintains that the wafer (or ‘host’ as they would have it) should be consumed immediately at the altar (a place of sacrifice!).

The Canon said he could but assume that the wafers found under the pews were of consecrated host and it was a ‘very serious matter’. Further he said,

‘The Holy Eucharist is the most sacred treasure in our Church [most?]. That is why we refer to it as the Blessed Sacrament. The rule of the

Church [!] is that the host should be consumed at the time of reception; it must never be carried back to the seat nor must we bless ourselves with it. It is to be consumed there and then at the altar.’

It has to be consumed at the altar, a place of sacrifice, for that is what they are doing each and every time they take this perverted version of Communion suggesting by such action that Jesus Christ’s death on the cross was not complete.

Protestants do not have an altar, only a table from which the symbols of the Last Supper are dispensed.

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