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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Date Posted:

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Brothelising Birmingham

‘But in righteousness shall thou judge thy neighbour’ – Leviticus 19:15
Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

Under the headline Legal Brothel set to open in Birmingham it was reported in the edition of The Universe of 19th November 2000, that a building on the outskirts of Birmingham has been earmarked to become the city’s first legalised brothel. (NB. Not the city’s legalised brothel, but the first legalised brothel.)

Just when we thought that the end was nigh for such words as ‘dome’ and ‘zone’, now that DD (destruction of dome) Day is only 36 days away, Birmingham City Council decides to create its own ‘Pleasure Dome’ which is to be labelled as the ‘Tolerance Zone’.

‘A large disused storage depot in Lord Street, adjacent to Love Lane in Aston, has been selected by City Councillors as the ideal location for prostitutes to ply their wares without harassment.’ (Emphasis ours)

At present, British law forbids officially recognised red light areas, but pressure for change has been mounting for considerable time from councillors who want to create a zone of tolerance in the city and sweep prostitution from residential areas entirely.

This action will set a dangerous precedent, which, if it succeeds will force in time, other cities into adopting the same, as the 'Rights Culture', decays society ever further into the morass of a, ‘it’s my right to do what I want; who says that it is wrong’, based culture.

On closer scrutiny it appears that the area to which this den of iniquity is to be had is not only close by to a university but the adjoining streets are residential. Further, one councillor believes that this idea of Birmingham City Council could enable prostitutes to break away from the control of pimps and a life of drugs. He said:

‘If the girls formed a workers co-operative, I would support the council giving them some help’.

From this statement it would appear that the council is willing to turn a blind eye to this. By ‘some help’ does this mean allocation of premises, the refurbishment of them and some financial assistance from the Council Tax budget?

How can, let alone why is, the council planning such assistance, with public funds, for an activity which is still illegal, sordid, degrading and Biblically sinful?

These women in whichever conurbation they reside ply their wears because they want the financial gain it brings them. The state makes ample provision financially and educationally for all persons to help them achieve a start to a right and good living.

Being lenient with persons engaged in such activities will not stamp out the cancer. The councillors obviously feel it must be a cancer for them to want to ‘sweep prostitution from the residential areas entirely’. This dirtiness is obviously making them feel unclean, but pushing the problem to the outskirts and throwing funds at it will not remedy the situation. Evil unchecked, and evil it is, only brings further wickedness to the city. The progression is ever growing wickedness.

‘Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom and the land become full of wickedness’ – Leviticus 19:29.

Perhaps the council will consider a similar service for homosexual groups, paedophiles and drug dealers. The sin of these groups is no different after all. If the Biblical standard is lost then who is to say that any of these activities is wrong?

At the last trumpet the judge will pass sentence. 6 million Jews through the gas chamber will matter. The Bulger and Gill Dando murders will matter. The children whose lives have been damaged through abuse will matter. Bombings by the IRA will matter. Actions of sex out of marriage will matter. Lives ruined through others sinfulness will matter.

At the Judgement, those who have been responsible will have to give account. Sodom and Gomorrah, is not a myth. A reality, it should serve as an example to those who would do it, that they might know that they will not get away with it and at the Judgement, justice will be served. If Birmingham Councillors condone or assist in the furtherance of these women’s activities they too will be judged for their part.

In matters where God has made a decree, just as with salvation, to sit on the fence is to have made your choice - against. There is no middle way; it is either for the Lord and you carry your cross everyday or it is against, when He will leave you to your desire until He deals with you on Judgement day.

Birmingham and the ‘Black Country’ must surely now be recognised as the ‘Dark County’. While Christian believers are celebrating the truth and joy of Christmas, Birmingham will no doubt be celebrating yet another ‘Festival of Winter’. How can they be so ashamed of Jesus Christ? Does the council ask the religious groups to change their festival names to something that would not be seen as offensive to the Christian population?

Like gangrene, if you don’t deal with the problem in the original locality, the sickness spreads. This can be said of sexual depravity. A clear Biblical stance and the law of the land upheld is the method laid down to deal with such problems for the good and safety of all.

‘But in righteousness shall thou judge thy neighbour’ – Leviticus 19:15

When one judges with the word of God it cannot be held as mere opinion. It is not one’s own, but the Creator’s. The laws of this country are well founded and society works best when these are embraced by its members.

What we are seeing is a move afoot where people don’t learn to fit society but society is being forced to change and embrace the toleration of people’s lusts, and demands previously unthinkable. I am what I am. I want what I want. It’s me, myself and I, again.

Let us all pray that the members of Birmingham City Council will get the Bible put in their hands and come to repentance and have salvation and the knowledge of the Lord’s ways. Might they then follow the Lord’s way and not lean on man’s wisdom and lusts and desires and other dangerous deceits.

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