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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Date Posted:

The View From Brussels

What the EU has in store for us in 2007.
British Church Newspaper

Our Brussels correspondent has sent us an account of the EU’s declared intentions for the coming year, which we summarise as follows:

On 24th October 2006, the EU Commission issued its annual list of laws and other initiatives for 2007.


“Measures to ensure the completion of the internal market for electricity and gas.  (In other words, the abolition of independent, national power-supplies in favour of supra-national big business.)

“To establish a secure, legal status for economic immigrants.”  (Proposal for an EU-passport?)

“To re-connect the citizen to the Single Market.”  (Data-gathering for the targeting of propaganda at disaffected citizens.)

“Underpinning the Commission’s commitment to connect to citizens…to add stronger recognition of EU dimension in national political discourses.”  (Unlike the member-governments, the Commission labours under the illusion that people would love the EU if they knew more about it; but there is also a strong smell here of “combating extremism” i.e. of suppressing dissidence.)

“If one or more Member States are deemed to fulfil the conditions for euro adoption, their derogation is abrogated by the Council … the Council decides on conversion rates of new euro area entrants.”  (Note that, despite referendum-promises, all that stands between Britain and the euro is a ‘derogation’ – a temporary dispensation under the terms of the Treaty of Maastricht.)

“Programme for public-private co-operation in the security field, including security research.”  (Note that ‘security’, as opposed to ‘defence’, refers to the surveillance and control of citizens.)

“Proposal for negotiating directives of the accession to the ASEAN Treaty of Amity and Co-operation.”  (ASEAN is the nascent, oriental version of the EU.  The American version is the Free Trade Association of the Americas – FTAA.  Here we see how these blocs are being linked up to create a global tyranny.)

Proposal for improving co-operation between police and security forces in the fight against terrorism – (quoted in full):

“Taking into account that the Situation Centre in the Council has de facto strengthened its role as the focal point at European level for the pooling of information coming from the security services, and that it has acted upon its existing mechanisms to exchange information with Europol, so that, in particular, the envisaged national contact-points no longer serve their purpose, the Commission now considers that legislation is no longer necessary and has changed its approach.  This has been confirmed by the negative reactions that the proposal has been met with by the Council and Parliament….”

(In other words, information is now being exchanged – just as the Commission wanted – but in a clandestine manner.  Parliament was against the passing of confidential information to Europol, but will not now be consulted.  This suits the Commission and the Council of Ministers, because they did not want news of this exchange of confidential information about “citizens” to become public anyway.)


According to the EU Commission, “The Heads of State and Government, together with the Commission and the European Parliament, will renew their commitment to Europe”.

The Commission give notice that they will attempt to resuscitate the hated “Constitutional Treaty”.  They will be, “boosting citizens’ confidence in the European Project, thus creating the right conditions for an ambitious, institutional agreement (i.e. Constitution)”.


They want an, “extension of the Schengen Area,” within which population-flows are uncontrollable, but a central authority holds exhaustive data one very (honest) ‘citizen’.

Among its priorities for 2007 are the Commission’s “Comprehensive Stock-taking of European Society”, “unifying Europe’s defence industries”, extending the “Eurozone”, stimulating international population-flows (including mass-immigration from the Third World) and the accession of Bulgaria and Roumania.

The Commission talks of, “the rights of Europeans to diplomatic and consular protection, as EU-citizens”.  A recent EU-directive called for, “the co-locating of Member-States’ consular services around the world”.  One wonders how a single, consular service, dealing in 28 official EU language, would contrive to operate.


The EU will ensure that EU law is “properly applied” and, “will step up its efforts to communicate with European citizens in order to explain the European Project”.  Also, “It will promote human rights and (oh, staggering hypocrisy!) democracy”.

Note that the European Parliament did not participate at all in more than 5,900 of the 6,000 – odd pieces of legislation, decreed by the Commission and the Council on Ministers, last year.  Even the 77 edicts which the EU Parliament did have a hand in, were shaped with the active participation of the Commission.

“In 2007”, apparently, we shall be in “the tenth year of the European Employment Strategy”, which has seen unemployment in EU countries rise to levels of unknown since the Great Depression.  

“The challenge”, as the Commission succinctly puts it, “is to improve the citizens’ image of the EU … the Commission has also decided to focus … on political priorities” – which means, among other things, discrediting dissident political parties. (see Annex, section 21).

A Commissioner let slip recently that the Commission’s current estimates of the cost of complying with EU law were in the region of 600bn per annum.

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