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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Date Posted:

Anglicans Capitulate To The Pope

Chapter 9

The Pope would be “the Universal Primate” of a union of the Anglican Church and the Roman Catholic Church a high ranking commission of both churches says.

This capitulation to the headship of the Pope is made in a final report of the Commission published 29/3/82 after fourteen years of talks. It also suggests that difficulties like the Pope’s Infallibility and the Roman dogmas about the Virgin Mary will not be wholly solved, “until a practical initiative has been taken and our two churches have lived together more visibly in one ‘koinonia’ (communion).”

It declares that the agreements already reached for example on the Mass (that the actual body and blood of Christ are present), calls for “the establishing of a new relationship between our churches as a nest stage in the journey towards Christian Unity.”

The report seeks to quiet the Anglican fears that Union with Rome would involve abandoning freedom of thought, conscience and action and support unscriptural dogmas.

For years I have been warning that the ecumenical churches were simply going down the Roman road. The ecumenists have vehemently denied this. Now the real truth is surfacing. The Anglicans are now prepared to acknowledge the Pope as the Head of the Universal Church and to yield submission to him even although the official teaching of Rome is that they are a bunch of imposters whose ordinations are “utterly invalid and altogether void”. The ‘Apostolicae curae’ of Pope Leo XIII states, “We pronounce and declare that ordinations performed according to the Anglican rite are utterly invalid and altogether void”.

The Church of Ireland is deeply involved in this betrayal of our Reformation heritage because the Joint Anglican Chairman of the Anglican/RC Commission is no less than Dr McAdoo, the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin, and Primate of Ireland.

It is surely no coincidence that this Report has been published some eight weeks before the Pope is to process triumphantly through England, Scotland and Wales. Indeed in Cardiff a special dispensation has been granted to Pope John Paul II. He is to receive the Freedom of the City but the Freeman’s Oath of Allegiance to H M the Queen has to be waived because the Pope is above the Queen. The Speaker of the House of Commons and Mr James Callaghan, former Prime Minister, are to be present at the ceremony. This arrangement was worked out between Council representatives and the Roman Catholic Archbishop. The Pope will also be received at Canterbury in a reconciliation service and welcomed to Scotland under the very monument of John Knox by the Moderator of the Church of Scotland. So the two State Churches of this Kingdom, the Church of England and the Church of Scotland, will both acknowledge the Pope.

It is evident that this is a carefully planned conspiracy by the papists and ecumenists to seek to demonstrate to the world that the whole nation also acknowledges the Headship of the Roman Antichrist.

Now, anyone who dares to disagree and express that disagreement is labelled as extreme by the Roman Catholic dominated and controlled media. One chain of newspapers in Scotland has stated that they will carry no advertisements protesting the Pope’s visit.

Protestants are thus being denied their inalienable right to protest and cry out, “No Popery”.

However in this United Kingdom there are still seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to the papal Baal and never will. These faithful ones will fight to the death this proposed take over by Rome.

As sons and daughters of the Reformers we have no intention of betraying our Protestant heritage or allowing ourselves to be sold to priestcraft and tyranny by the treachery of Archbishops, or rather, Archbishop Runcie.

With the first Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury whom Rome burned at the stake I affirm of the Pope, “I REFUSE HIM AS CHRIST’S ENEMY AND ANTICHRIST WITH ALL HIS FALSE DOCTRINES.”

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