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Saturday, August 19, 2017
Date Posted:

The Changes of the Unchanging and Unchangeable God

Child of God, await that change with patience for it is an unchangeable change, well worth waiting for.
Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley

My friend, Dr. Bob Jones now in Heaven, in a most eloquent sermon said this: -

"Often a shout raised on the rocky pinnacles of the Old Testament is echoed back from the dawn – crowned, rainbow – wreathed peaks of the New Testament. So it is with Job’s cry of affirmation in the 14th verse of the 14th chapter of the Book named after him, ‘all my days shall I want...till my change come.

This is echoed in that cry from I Corinthians 15:51, "But we shall all be changed."

How mysterious! The unchanging God works to make the greatest possible changes in the affairs of His creation and His creatures. He, the immutable Jehovah without variableness and neither shadow of turning, is the changer of all things in order to transform them to conform to His eternal purpose and will.

The majestic words of the great Psalm 102 call our attention to the God wrought changes in the old planet earth.

Psalm 102 verses 25-28.

The earth changed by the unchanging God.

In our world the seasons change from the new life of spring to the joyful life of summer; from the joyful life of summer to the fruitful life of autumn and from the fruitful life of autumn to the ending life of winter.

Remember it is the unchanging God who has decreed these seasonal changes.

Genesis 8:22.

Look at yourself. You live under the changing programme of the planning of the unchangeable God. You are changing day and daily in the onward march of your own life. From babyhood to childhood – what a change! From childhood to youth – what a change! From youth to adolescence – what a change! From adolescence to maturity – what a change! From maturity to old age – what a change! From old age to death – what a change! From death to eternal death or everlasting life – what a change! These are the unchanging changes decreed for you by the unchanging God.

In the world of religion, politics, and business the cycles of changes increasingly continue with ever increasing momentum. The race of change cannot be stopped. It is persistent. It is irresistible. It is immutable. The God of Sovereignty has set it a-going. Only He can call a halt to its path and progress.

Nebuchadnezzar had to learn this in the hard classroom of the beasts of the field until his hands were grown like eagles’ feathers, his nails like birds’ claws, his body was wet with the dew of heaven and he did eat grass like oxen. Daniel 4:33

Then the great king graduated from that school and declared – Daniel 4:34-35

Would to God all mankind could learn that lesson!

But old agony riddled Job, standing on resurrection ground, knowing that his Redeemer liveth, was able to anticipate the greatest change of all to those like him who know the Lord Jesus Christ as their very own and personal Saviour.

‘If a man die’ he asks, ‘Shall he live again?’ His answer is plain, ‘All the days of my appointed time will I want, till my change come.’ ‘Yes,’ said Job, as he looked at his boil infested body, ‘My change is coming.’

The great apostle takes up this cry as Dr. Jones pointed out and shouts out, ‘We shall all be changed,’ No wonder David also joined the echoes and sang, ‘I shall be satisfied, when I awake with Thy likeness.’ Psalm 17:15

Child of God, await that change with patience for it is an unchangeable change, well worth waiting for.

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