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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Date Posted:

Choi Carp or Censorial Cavil

Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

Choice words from a Korean archbishop has warned Roman Catholics against helping or joining a group, whose claims to Marian miracles have been rejected by the Church of Rome.

Archbishop Choi has sent to all his parishes, a letter which asks Roman Catholics to ‘obey the magisterium’. He indicated that any disobedience would be punished and that such persons would not be seen as being ‘appropriate to undertake official duties in the Church’.

He has also forbidden the publication or dissemination of any materials and the holding of commemorative events ‘relating to Julia Youn and her statue of Mary’.

Further, it would seem that Youn cannot join Mary’s choir – or should that be Choi Marie – as Archbishop Choi asked Youn not to insist that her personal experiences are supernatural and not to propagate them as private revelations.

Bearing in mind all the fables, spurious credits and acclaim given to Mary, one would have thought that the Church of Rome would have been only too pleased to welcome the opportunity to add another heretical ‘blessing’ to Mary’s reputation; the Roman Catholic Church’s Mary, that is.

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