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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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Bones of Contention Continues– Papacy Pulls in the Punters

The Numbers and Promotions Game
Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

As we read the constant updates in the Roman Catholic press about the travels of the bones of St Therese, one thing is clearly apparent; they are certainly pulling in the punters. Each week, publicity about these old bones abounds in most of the Roman Catholic newspapers. But for why?

What is it about these bones that should cause so much apparent interest and - To what avail?

Referring to ‘The Diary of a Visit - St Therese’ in the latest edition of ‘The Irish Catholic’ as an example, this question simply could not be answered. From the beginning, ‘Therese propaganda’ has been concerned only with the attraction of and quotations about attendance of large numbers of persons and differing sectors of people. This week’s diary contains seven one-paragraph reports containing such phrases as:

‘Over five times the usual number attended’
‘to the church to be venerated by 30,000 people’
‘The high number of the previous day was matched’
‘described as the largest attendance in recent decades’
‘Evening Mass … with a large attendance’
‘Priests .. were delighted with the numbers’
‘saw 8,000 people file through’
‘With over 26,000 people attending’
‘complete spectrum of people represented’

There has been no reference as to the reason for the people going to see the bones. There have been no reports concerning an individual’s benefit let alone any mass benefit. The organisers and reporters of ‘Therese’s Travels’ have, while maximising publicity for their works, indeed gone to great efforts to avoid mention of Biblical Truth, Spiritual authority and avoided giving any glory to God. As it is pope ordained and not God ordained the latter could not be given and indeed could not be accepted as doing so.

There has not been any report of how an individual has been drawn closer to Almighty God through the seeing of these old bones, even though relics of the Roman Catholic Church are supposed to be supernaturally beneficial.

The Roman Catholic ‘faithful’ has simply been encouraged to further develop its idol worship and has succumbed further to Popish propaganda that will no doubt only serve to perpetuate the myth of praying to saints and buying statues of saints. I am sure that such will be for sale at the Vatican shop and from their online store. Perhaps replicas of the relics are already on sale for the dutiful Roman Catholic to buy and pray to. Imagine having a conversation with a replica bone and expecting it to answer prayer. Pure idolatry! Extraordinary that presumably heretofore, rational people, some in responsible and influential positions, would suddenly allow themselves to become gullible to such blatant fraud.

Also this week I noticed a caption, accompanying a print of a photograph of St Therese, which read:

‘I do not intend to remain inactive in Heaven. I want to work for the Church and for souls.’ – St. Therese.

We read about all these great numbers of people going to see the bones of this woman who by her own statements shows that she had neither a true and correct understanding of Heaven or of what it is that believers do there. In light of this and her other somewhat spurious statements, reported in the Roman Catholic press, it is doubtful that she ever relied on Jesus Christ herself and thus resides not in Heaven either. So why go and see her bones?

Once again it would appear that the Roman Catholic Church has conned the minds of the individuals, who have visited to supposedly extract some degree of the supernatural reported to be attached to these relics. Will the visitors to the bones be somehow blessed? Will something miraculous happen? Will a change occur in the physical or spiritual destiny of any ‘fortunate’ Roman Catholic who relies upon them?

While many may think that relics are used of the Church of Rome as symbols of either faith or devotion, nothing could be farther from the truth. Rather it is a full-scale system that is in operation and which at best could be described as fetishism but at worse as nothing short of sorcery!

This is not ‘old hat’ ancient history about a ‘different’ or ‘mistaken’ church of the past or a wayward group within that church, but is something evident, something that has been consistent and something which is very much alive in the Church in the 21st century. Paul Blanshard states in his book, ‘American Freedom and Catholic Power’, that such is operated even in the American Church of the present day.

In light of the recent epidemic of foot and Mouth, we hope that the bones of St Therese were tested. Of what did Saint Therese die?

Definitely a case of, ‘Wholly Bones But Rotten’. Rotten to the core, just as is the source and workings of Roman Catholicism. No relics can be used of God because such is unbiblical – God has given clear teaching (NB. 2nd Commandment). As the history of relics is full of fraud and falsehood such cannot be of God as cannot be any supposed spiritual benefit claimed.

The worship of relics began in circa AD 786 and since, there have been many exposures of fraudulent relics including bones purporting to be those of saints which were actually found to those of animals. In one instance the bones of a Neapolitan saint were found to be those of a goat! Rather apt!?

Doubtful? Do you believe in relics?

If you have, until now, accepted that relics and the worship of them is Biblical then consider some of the following facts.

If one were to visit Roman Catholic Churches around the world one would find that many have a nail supposedly from the true cross. In total there would be an abundance of them -enough to crucify countless men. Similar can be said of thorns with most cities in Italy and France each claiming to have one or two thorns from the crown of thorns. The next fact should make you stop at the crossroads of decision, for the number of fragments claimed to be pieces from the cross on which Jesus died could not, if all collected together, be carried!

Now consider the superabundance of bones, arms, legs, hair and garments, most of which have been proved false, and ask – To what avail?

Such a varied collection of relics that the Roman Catholic Church continues to use to assist the faithful of its members!

Everything that the Roman Catholic Church, the pope, and the Vatican perpetuates consistently denies Jesus’ uniqueness again and again!

It is this uniqueness that the world hates and what the Church of Rome hates. It prefers Mary because it finds that it can create, control and manipulate all manner of things about her that it could not get away with doing concerning Jesus Christ.

It is not just the exhibiting of relics but also in the attributing of supernatural powers to them that simply proves them to be something more akin to pagan religions or like the heathen who bows down to stone and wood. All these activities come from the Dark Ages, dark, being the operative word!

So to all those persons who have attended places to see the bones of St Therese, what can we say in light of these facts?

We can say that such is a scam. The amazing aspect about it is that, ‘the whole spectrum of people’, presumably includes intelligent and educated Roman Catholics, clerical and lay alike who either tacitly accept relics as genuine or fail to denounce them for the gross superstition that they know them to be.

Dear Roman Catholic reader, what else does the Roman Catholic Church command you to do in the name of Popery? Or what else are you not told! What should you be doing in the name of the Lord? Are you gaining the whole world of Popery and perishing your soul. Read God’s word, for that is why it is available. On judgement day you will stand alone to answer Him.

This web-site has helped countless former Roman Catholics and non-believers already! It exists to serve and help all to see the true glory and saving grace of the God of the Bible and to reveal the falsehood of Papal authority and pointlessness of allegiance to it and its system of works.

When God has given the gift you need for salvation and declares it is the only way to Him, why accept another way of works, payments, and man-made devices, which will secure nought. There may be many roads that lead to Rome, but there is only one that leads to God and home and Rome is not on that route. Plan your journey carefully lest you end up at the wrong terminus, for that would be an eternal bone of contention, now wouldn’t it!

Jesus Christ alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life ‘no man cometh unto the Father but by me’, Jesus states.

Read the gospel of John, chapter14 verse 6.

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