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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Date Posted:

Rev. Kyle Paisley

“Confronting Moral Corruption”

Rev Kyle Paisley

The sacred writer tells us that throughout the world there are "gods many and lords many".

One of the greatest idols of this age is the perversion of sex. What a shame that that gift of God, imparted to our first parents in their unfallen condition, is now, more than ever, being dragged into the gutter. Surely Christians cannot ignore this.

Of particular concern is the growth of pornography. Millions are spent forwarding this filthy business, by men whose only concern is to line their pockets and who have no love for society.

£500 million plus is made in Britain each year through the sale of pornographic material. Clearly, there is a huge potential for harm! So we need to confront corruption.

To begin with, we need to properly define pornography.

First, it desensitizes men and degrades woman - i.e. by confusing lust for love. If indulged in it can put the conscience beyond feeling - Ephesians 4:19.

Second, it leads to the abuse of children. In Canada, 30% of rapists and 50% of child abusers said they deliberately used pornography to prepare for what they were going to do.

Most serious of all are its spiritual dangers. If not repented of, it excludes from Heaven (I Cor 6:9-10).

Finally, Christians should think about how pornography should be dealt with.

Lawgivers have a responsibility in this matter and should determine on censorship. Some say that "censorship would only drive this business underground," that non-graphic materials would be banned and that strong legislation poses no threat to pornography. But legislation can be aimed at the manufacturers and distributors. Besides, race-hate literature is illegal because of the identifiable harm it causes to ethnic minorities. So why can't there be an outright ban on pornography? It caused identifiable harm to the user and the victim.

But the preaching of the Gospel is the mightiest weapon in the fight against corruption. It changes character and revolutionizes societies. The conversion of the Ephesians and their subsequent burning of godless literature is clear proof of this (Acts 19:18-19).

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