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Saturday, August 19, 2017
Date Posted:

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Catholic Church Covers-up Chaplain’s Covert Capers

Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

‘Encircling Gloom’ engulfs the Roman Catholic Church as further revelations about the sexual acts of a Roman Catholic priest at the London Oratory School have this week been highlighted by the media.

While the Catholic Church accuses the American Medical Association of blurring the line and being extremely misleading the Roman Catholic Church is again found to be creating a blur and smoke-screen of its own over the revelations that its priests in France and at the London Oratory School have been seriously involved in child sex acts.

Since 1994 the Church of Rome is supposed to have had strict rules in place. In 1999 a BBC News investigation revealed that some Roman Catholic Bishops did not adhere to the child protection guidelines and instead allowed priests to continue practising.

In France it is reported that the Roman Catholic Church protected a paedophile priest. The Bishop of Bayeux-Liseux confirmed that he and his staff had done nothing to halt the alleged activities of Father Rene Bissey for two years after a parent made a complaint in 1996.

Father Bissey is accused of the repeated rape of one boy and the sexual abuse of ten others. The Sunday Times of 6th October 2000 stated that the court heard, that from 1970 Father Bissey had made repeated admissions to his confessors about his sexual activities with boys and had been allowed to continue his pastoral duties.

Father Bissey is reported to have told police that:

‘I told them what was happening in detail; they would regularly absolve me, telling me that everything would work out. During Lent...I did not commit acts. I tried to make an effort.’

In light of the abominable acts and the fact that these activities will have ruined the lives of the children involved, these statements are simply incongruous.

Doctors claim that he had planned his seductions carefully and as he has shown no remorse, no sign of guilt and has never asked forgiveness of his victims, describe him as ‘an authentic paedophile who does not suffer from the abnormality of his acts’.

In an unprecedented legal action against the Church of Rome, the bishop has been under investigation for alleged failure to report sex crimes.

Here in England the story is not any different.

The current revelations about the Roman Catholic priest at the London Oratory School and the cover-up shows that in such matters the Church of Rome has not changed.

Father Martin was appointed chaplain of the junior school to say Mass and hear confessions at the Oratory School. It is alleged that he was a practising homosexual and was HIV positive.

A Church spokesman said that the Fathers of the school who appoint the majority of governors were aware of Father Martin’s condition when he was ordained by the late Cardinal Basil Hume.

The Church of Rome’s embarrassment is heightened by the fact that Tony Blair’s sons attend the school. The media were quick to report that they were not involved. Why should this be of concern? The children whose lives have been wrecked should have been of concern. There was no mention of them.

Is this the media’s way if trying to uphold and keep clean the reputation of the Church of Rome?

No comment was forthcoming from the London Oratory School where Father Martin lived. Instead an Ofsted Report was quoted. In light of the events perhaps not the most appropriate choice of clauses:

‘This is a very good school that provides education of a high quality. It combines high standards of achievement with an emphasis upon the personal development of the pupil’.

The Roman Catholic Church is now trying to distance itself from the small and secretive order which runs the school and which has been beset by a series of sexual abuse scandals during recent months.

The investigation into allegations of child abuse at the London Oratory School is the latest in a series of high profile paedophile priest scandals to embarrass the Roman Catholic Church.

Compensation cases are pending throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. As more scandals cause further shock-waves, the ‘purity’ and ‘reputation’ of the Church of Rome will face untold damage.

Still so corrupt is the Church of Rome that The Times felt quite confident in informing its readers that:

‘Further cases of paedophile priests are expected to emerge within the next few months’.

During the past 6 years 26 Roman Catholic priests have been convicted of child sex offences in England and Wales alone.

The Church of Rome tries to cover-up these crimes to maintain at all costs its declaration, yet false perception, that it, and it alone, is the true church and the church of purity without blemish.

The Bible tells us that this is not possible and history confirms that it has never been able to achieve this let alone sustain it. The Roman Catholic Church tends to blame events on individuals and in using the term, ‘Christian’ rather than Catholic, creates in the public mind that the Catholic Church is somehow not involved or to blame. But this sort of immorality has always been prevalent in the Roman Catholic Church and its various Orders. At the time of the Reformation the immorality in the monasteries was clearly exposed. Corruption of the celibacy of the preacher priest will be ever present while the unnatural insistence of priests being celibate continues.

It will be interesting to note what the Pope has to say about the 70 Oratories world-wide, which although autonomous are nonetheless directly answerable to the Vatican.

Ironically the founder of the London Oratory, Cardinal John Newman is this week moving closer to the canonisation in Rome. Cardinal Newman was the Church of England’s most renowned convert to Catholicism and was declared venerable by the Pope in 1991.

Essentially the Roman Catholic Church is doctrinally and institutionally defunct, its insistence on celibacy is error and the confessional is nothing but a ‘spiritual washing machine’ that definitely needs replacing. They should finally accept that Jesus Christ is the one and only cleanser. It is not the Church of Rome, The Pope or the priest’s confessional. The Church of Rome is leaderless, confused and unsympathetic.

For many, they will have seen but they will not have observed. To them the Catholic Church will appear the victim. They will be the lukewarm outraged who will fall back into thinking that the confessional still is where the unclean thoughts, actions and abuse can simply be washed away - this is just a one off. The reality is that it is not, and in this case the young man went through the priest-craft training and was left in the delusion that his paedophile tendencies merited little more than a few Hail Marys every now and again.

‘Lead kindly light, amid the encircling gloom, Lead me thou on; The Night is dark, and I am far from home’ - Cardinal Newman (hymn 1834)

We can believe what we choose. We are answerable for what we choose to believe.

We can do what we choose. We are answerable for what we choose to do.

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