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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Date Posted:

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Dance With the Devil

The Protestants hold to the Scripture and the Church of Rome holds to its dogmas, doctrines, and the tradition of the Church, and salvation by the Church.
Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

Cardinal Desmond Connell of Dublin, who only received his Red hat on Wednesday has caused a storm similar to that of the Pope’s document, Domine Jesus. He declared that by non-Catholic Churches inviting Catholics to receive communion, the Church of Ireland failed ‘to respect the faith and obligations of our members and consequently the cause of ecumenism’.

Was that a Red Hatter or a ‘mad hatter’ making this statement?

The Anglican Archbishop, Walton Empey, while saying that the Cardinal’s comments would create acrimony said, ‘At times like this, I feel that Jesus is weeping and the Devil is doing a dance’.

Clearly once again for all to see who would see it, ecumenism is but a simple deception which can never be achieved and but wastes time and money on words, while souls are lost to the devil forever. Instead of worthless forays into this man and Rome-centred ecumenism, the Bible should be preached so that none might perish.

Jesus must be angry over the abuse of His words spoken and given carefully as revealed in the Bible. Every time I read ‘that we may be one as the Lord demanded’, I cringe at the miss-quote of Scripture. This text has been wrenched from its place, bleeding to death. Unity – to be as one is not the ecumenical process because this movement is willing to incorporate that not accepted by the Bible and instead considers dancing with the devil an institution that makes blasphemous claims and preaches by default a different gospel.

If the deception of ecumenism needed to be stated any more clearly for its advocates this is what he goes on to say:

‘For Roman Catholics, when we receive Holy Communion it is a statement that we are in full communion with those people with whom we are taking Communion. But our communion with the Church of Ireland and other Protestants is incomplete; because we and they do not have the same faith about, for example, [!! There’s more, other things?] the Eucharist.’

There it is – We Do Not Have The Same Faith, for example, not in anything! The Protestants hold to the Scripture and the Church of Rome holds to its dogmas, doctrines, and the tradition of the Church, and salvation by the Church.

Notice in his statement that there is no mention of being in communion with God and that thanks be to God through Christ’s death and victory!

In a second article in the ‘Catholic Standard’, Monsignor Denis O’Callaghan said, ‘this is a fantastic opportunity for the two Archbishops to enter dialogue in order to explain one another’s position and find some kind of compromise’.

Several points arise here.

Firstly just how many (if any, actually) and why are Catholics attending Protestant Churches during a service of Communion. Why are they not in their own churches?

Secondly why is any dialogue necessary? Who deems it to be so? Explanation, surely the differences are clear at the outset.

Thirdly why should there be a compromise. Who is going to compromise? Why should this be deemed appropriate? The whole saga is simply idiotic. The two groups are entirely free to do as they see fit.

As the Church of Rome bans inter-communion no compromise can be reached. It has not on any other issue so there is no reason for this to be an exception, unless that is the ecumenist brigade are planning on adopting transubstantiation again.

The Church of Rome constantly talks in terms of compromises but has no intention or mechanism for any of the said compromises to come from their side. The saga is a waste of time and effort.

Jesus never compromised a single word, person, situation or action.

Paul Tighe of Mater Dei states:

‘One thing which is emerging clearly from the debate is that the Catholic Church’s teaching on inter-communion is not fully understood by many committed Catholics. Many perceive it simply as an arbitrary ban or ruling which would be removed if there were a real commitment to ecumenism.’

Here we have it that ‘the ban’ will never be lifted. So what is the point in dialogue. Mr. Double-speak again.

As we keep on saying, the Church of Rome plots and schemes over centuries and never changes. Only in the words it uses!

The Reformers in the 16th century were tortured over this very issue. They were murdered by all manner of methods and here it still remains to this day.

For the true believers the act of communion is a thanks giving and a remembrance for his dying for each and every sinner, and that this horrific sacrifice was God’s sacrifice that man might be saved from his sins. For those of the Catholic Church, the belief is that the priest is an invoker, as in magic sects, and that the bread becomes physically and corporally the body and blood of Jesus. How? Not possible!

Jesus is in heaven and is seated at the Right-hand of the father and preparing many mansions for HIS followers. He cannot be in each Catholic Church throughout the world physically all at one and the same time. But if he is this transubstantive being have not the Catholics of previous generations already eaten him up totally. What is left?

Monsignor O’Callaghan also said the difference between the churches over inter-communion, in part stems, from the Catholic Church’s teaching concerning the invalidity of Anglican orders.

He also said that shared communion is not meant to be a step along the way to unity between Christians, instead ‘it is the seal at the end of the process.’

Interpretation: If Anglican orders are invalid, then Rome is never going to embrace anything Anglican thus the intention can only be that ecumenism is the tool by which others are to be subsumed into the Roman Catholic Church. Then and only then, by their own words will we have the same faith and they be ‘in full communion with those we have communion’.

So what was the compromise spoken of earlier? Simply that other churches come under the auspices of the Church of Rome, whence there will be only the Church of Rome, one communion, etc. That for all the Pope’s claims for dialogue is the only logical conclusion to the ecumenical path. Ecumenism simply diverts the prtoestant church from its path of reaching people. Ecumenism takes up valuable time that we cannot afford and it is not convincing in the eyes of the world and only seeks to weaken evangelism.

Doubtful? Just have a though and consider what the Church of Rome has surrendered or even given under the guise of ecumenism to any other church (protestant)? What will it give? If you can not recall to mind anything (it has not given anything and only taken since the ecumenical road was built) you have the answer.

A compromise is a giving on both sides in an issue.

As far back as 1998 Desmond Connell on Irish Radio said it was a ‘sham’ for Catholics to receive Communion in an Anglican Church.

Nothing changes, it is not meant to? 2 Years wasted here. 2 Years of pontificating instead of evangelising. Pavlov and his dogs once more!

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