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Friday, August 18, 2017
Date Posted:

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Historical Documents Reveal Former Pope’s Plans

News Letter 10th November 2000
Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

Four months after Germany was defeated in the Second World War, Pope Pius XII asked United States general, Dwight Eisenhower not to stand in the way of attempts to create a new majority Roman Catholic country from Austria and parts of Germany.

American National Archive documents in New York reveal that the idea was mooted at a meeting in Rome during September 1945, between the Pope and Eisenhower, the US commander, and General Mark Clark, who led troops in Austria.

Pope Pius XII who was accused of being an anti-Jewish churchman, sought a new central European state dominated by Roman Catholics, to be led by Archduke Otto, heir to the Hapsburg throne in Austria.

Archduke Otto of Austria also known as Dr von Hapsburg is a member of the European Parliament and is also head of the conservative federalist Pan-Europe Movement. He is recorded as saying,

‘Europe is not only a great power but in the first place it is a spiritual entity…this rebirth of our Christian {Roman Catholic} culture’.

Dr von Hapsburg formerly would have been known by such titles as, Emperor of Austria, Apostolic King of Hungary and Holy Roman Emperor. He is the eldest son of the last Austro-Hungarian Emperor and the last direct descendent.

During 1988 the Pope addressed the European Parliament. Dr Ian Paisley MEP, MP had forewarned the President that if the Pope addressed the Parliament he would, not having been able to voice his objections to the visit, do so to the Pope. Dr. Paisley stood and denounced the Pope, shouting a 16th century quotation of the martyred Archbishop Cranmer and holding aloft banners describing the Pope as antichrist. For every banner that was snatched from him Dr. Paisley revealed another. It was at this point that Dr. von Hapsburg wrenched from Dr Paisley’s grasp the banners and tore at his jacket in search of others. Dr. Paisley was attacked by other members and called a bigot. The symbolism could not have been mistaken.

Afterwards the news reporters were quick to ask Dr. Paisley his views on being called a bigot. The response with inimitable aplomb – ‘That’s what they said of Martin Luther!’.

Dr von Hapsburg shares the vision of a revived Holy Roman Empire. As we see the European Union is becoming more than a faint resemblance to a European imperial ideal that has not been forgotten. The European Union is based on plans first suggested to Hitler in 1942 by the Nazi Professor Funke. These plans for Hitler’s new Europe included drafts for: The Common European Currency, Harmonisation of European Rates of Exchange, The European Economic Community, The European Agricultural Economic Order ( The Common Agricultural Policy), A Common Labour Policy and The European Regional Prinicpal (The Europe of Regions Policy).

His own summary is as follows:

‘The individual will be replaced by the people, the world market will be replaced by the living space, and capital will be replaced by the organisation of labour’

    • International Currency Review 1996

Under Dr von Hapsburg’s title of Holy Roman Emperor one of his responsibilities would have been to uphold the dignity of the Roman Catholic Church, which may well have meant that at the request of the Pope he would have incarcerated Dr. Paisley in one of his remote fortresses!

The Hapsburg Empire served as the secular wing in order to annihilate the influence of the Orthodox Russia in the Balkans and to restore the Holy See’s authority in France. This was lost in 1918 but was resumed in 1939 with the Vatican pursuing the very same plan that it is pursuing now through the European Union.

There has been a consistent relationship and understanding between Papal Rome and Germany since the Papacy began; Ottoman, Hapsburg, Hitler, Adenauer, Kohl. Schroeder.

The Pope’s privy chamberlain* declared in the 1950’s ‘that Germany has a divine mission to save the West’. In 1958 Pope John XXIII confirmed this special relationship between Germany and the Holy See when he stated,

‘So far as we are concerned we are not departing from the example set us by our predecessor (Pius XII) with regard to the highly estimable German nation’.

Each Pope has assisted in making moves towards the creation of a European Union. Pope John XXIII insisted that Roman Catholics should be ‘in the front ranks’ of the unification effort and in 1963 Pope Paul VI stated,

‘Everyone knows the tragic history of our century. If there is a means of preventing this from happening again, it is the construction of a peaceful, organic, united Europe’.

In 1975 Paul VI said,

‘Can it not be said that it is faith, the Catholic faith that made Europe?’.

Through this relationship with Germany the Papacy has a means of furthering its aims in Europe. As Europe progresses it can be seen that Germany sees its role as leading Europe and controlling the finances. It has been described as a ‘sense of mission’ recalling an expression frequently used by Hitler.

The Financial Times of the 22nd May 1995 quoted,

‘It was a German colleague (of Delors) who made a leap of imagination…by describing the idea of a united Europe as essentially a Catholic concept’.

Linking these and other events in history and relating them to today, shows the stealth and planning of the Roman Catholic Church and its cohorts. Some pathetically say it happened a long time ago as if that meant it could simply be dismissed but the Vatican thinks and plots in centuries. Every event has its relevance.

The Papacy is planning to assume control of Europe. It is its declared logical step. One must remember that already the Pope has the unique privilege of being the only religious leader to be able to address the United Nations Assembly, having full rights to speak at its meetings and John Paul II is the most political Pope of recent times.

The aims outlined in Funke’s summary is pure Roman Catholic ideology. It can be seen in the papacy’s desire to control and direct the social thinking of a United States of Europe and its calculating plans and ‘so called’ divine mission to preside over a unified Europe. He’s been practising with another United States, hence the possibility of a meeting in 1945. Why the request to Eisenhower? Because the Roman Catholic Church sees that its desires are achievable through a dominating German (Austro-German) state.

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