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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Date Posted:

Cardinal Connell

Cardinal's Double Speak

Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

Under a heading, ‘Cardinal offers unity peace offering’, it was reported that Cardinal Connell of Dublin said that it would be his, ‘special priority to work for the full restoration of unity between our divided Christian communities’.

This can not be achieved in reality and in light of his comments on inter-communion, he can only be planning a game of deceit. Are in fact both communities Christian that they may be united? Are we divided from one another or are we just separate?

Speaking at a Mass of thanksgiving in Dublin’s Pro-Cathedral to celebrate his elevation he said, ‘It comes as a gift from the Pope’ and spoke of the Pope’s homily which called on the new cardinals to be agents of Christian unity.

Dean Paterson, an outspoken critic of the cardinal’s stance on the Church’s position on inter-communion, told his congregation (Christ Church) that he would be present at the Pro-Cathedral Mass because he believed it ‘remains possible for people to disagree without being disagreeable’. Is this not but a variation on the theme that nothing is right or wrong and that one is only wrong is one isn’t for change? It is possible to hold to the tenets of both churches and be right, that is, in God’s eyes?

As for Dean Paterson, one wonders what he can possibly contribute or receive from attending Mass.

These two men are both holding firm to views that they themselves inadvertently contradict.

Again we have to ask how unity will be achieved, when inter-communion is perceived to be heretical by this Cardinal. Again we have to ask why do they want unity. Is it so Rome can boast triumphs of her claims? The leadership having caused the gospel to be a laughing stock in the public mind cannot expect that same public to suddenly believe. Hasn’t the leadership of the apostate churches killed any hope of that? Together with the ridicule of the media is that not why many once sound nations of the world are under God’s judgement?

The tactics of this Cardinal is such that he wants to be seen to be proactive and yet his vows, views and his mouth has contradicted any possibility of unity. It is plain double-speak and apart of the Romish strategy that is afoot. Note well all the Church of Rome activity and publicity. Note the attempt to raise the Vatican and Catholic profile all over the world. Some appearing unimportant and others headline making. But all is apart of the Pope’s strategy of gaining control in power and influence in all cultures. Note the media coverage of Roman Catholic moral crusades at present. Has everyone forgotten the Church of Rome’s own consistent immorality and gross deception, the sort that would lead a general business to be prosecuted?

This country does not have allegiance to Rome and needs no such allegiance. The allegiance to Europe that is being forced upon the citizens of Britain is tantamount to treason. The increase in Cardinals by the Pope can therefore only be seen as a tactical move to have more high profile Catholics in more of the countries around the world working for Rome’s interests.

What is a Cardinal? A Cardinal is a Prince of the Pope ecclesiastically; a part of the Roman Curia. When one bares in mind that the Vatican is the centre of its own independent state this is some standing. When it comes to such people being allowed to hold prominent positions in this country because a Catholic is seem only in terms of being on a par with other religions, it is a mistake. It is like saying that an ambassador from another country should be able to stand in our government while serving his own and his country’s interests. A Cardinal swears undivided allegiance to the Pope. The point then is this, how can a cardinal although a national of a certain nation, be loyal to that nation when he is working for the Pope and owes his position to his allegiance to him. It is reminiscent of the point Jesus made about divided loyalties and serving a master in two opposing ways at the same time when he asked his audience how Satan could cast out Satan.

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