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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Date Posted:

George Carey

Ex Archbishop Of Canterbury George Carey And Ex Protestant Evangelical Moving Swiftly To Ecumenism And Rome

Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley

George Carey former Archbishop of Canterbury and Protestant Evangelical is moving rapidly to ecumenism and Rome.

Elevation to high office in the Church of England soon exposes the real theological position and attitude to Rome of the elevated.

For example, George Carey came from Protestant background but he was soon exposed for what he really was, a fellow traveller to Rome.

Two major happenings recently have highlighted the dedication with which Carey walks the Road to Rome.

One, it has just been announced that the Pope has approved Carey as a teacher at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.

The Universe 1/6/03 has announced that Carey was to teach in Rome: Gerry O’Connell’s reports:

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey of Clifton is to break new ground by teaching a course on ecumenism at the renowned Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.

Archbishop Carey told The Universe that he had agreed to teach the course in Rome for six weeks, between February and March 2004, when he will follow in Prime Minister Tony Blair’s footsteps by staying at the Irish College.

The ex-Anglican chief was in Rome this week as one of the guest speakers at a conference at the Gregorian University on ‘The Church and the International Order’.  Pope John XXIII’s landmark encyclical Pacem in Terris was the backdrop to the conference and participants repeatedly spoke of its enduring relevance.

Recalling his own reaction on first reading that encyclical in 1963, he said: “It seemed to me than, as now, a prophetic document.  Reading it today, one realises the world hasn’t changed that much.”

He said the UK was much more prosperous than it was in 1963 but said “so much more still needs to be done, as many still live in misery”.

In 1995 in his Encyclical L’T UNUM St Pope John invited members of other Christian Communities to enter into debate about the way the successor of Peter exercise their ministry.

Carey wants the Church of England to be placed on a par at Rome with the Bishops of English Roman Catholics.  The Church of England reporting to the Pope other activities.

R. C. Priest Ray Lyons comments in The Universe 1/6/03:

George Carey has shown great vision in making his astonishing proposal.  If he had made it whilst still in office, it might have been so courageous as to be counter-productive.  This way he has given us all the time and space to reflect on his stunning proposition.  By the looks of stunned horror on the faces of some evangelical Christian friends I mentioned it to, the suggestion clearly came close to an ecumenical A bomb!

But if we are to be true to the twin sources of scripture and tradition that we as Catholic Christians hold so dear, then our ecumenical sisters and brothers will also need to take seriously the unique role and responsibility of Peter and his successors, however, flawed some of them may have been.  As both Cardinals Hume and Murphy-O’Connor have said, the ecumenical road has no exits, however challenging it may be for all parties.

Note carefully Rome dictates that there can be no exits for those who traverse Rome’s Ecumenical Road.  Once hooked, hooked forever.  The only exit DEATH.

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