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Thursday, August 24, 2017
Date Posted:

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Evangelizing the Disillusioned Catholic

Extract from the book You Can Lead Roman Catholics To Christ.
Wilson Ewin

Not only does Romanism deprive its people of God's salvation, but it often destroys the soul of those who once had the courage to seek the truth. Italy has the strongest Communist party in the Free World because Marxism feeds on decadent Romanism. Millions first lost confidence in their Church, then developed an anti-clerical attitude, and now look upon all religion as a hoax. You may meet some of these bitter folk.

There are other millions of Catholics who have not gone to this extreme. Some do not go to church any more and have developed strange philosophies to deaden their moral consciences. A substantial proportion of recruits in the false cults are former Catholics. Many are to be found in spiritist seances. Most of these fallen-away ones deny many fundamental truths of our New Testament faith. They are spiritual wanderers because they are convinced the Roman Church is not the true Church founded by Christ. Talk with them and gain their confidence. Congratulate each one for having recognized the true nature of the Roman Church. Often you will find that religious teaching received as a child has not disappeared completely. Some spiritual convictions remain. They need assurance and you have much to offer these occasionally hungry hearts.

Again, your task must be to identify the individual as to his spiritual position and to work according to his needs. Often you will find that no interest remains in spiritual matters.

Many, however, do have a genuine interest. They are seeking, and you must supply Biblical answers. Remember the ministry of your local church. It is the place for you to bring the disillusioned Roman Catholic.

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