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Thursday, August 24, 2017
Date Posted:

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Evangelizing the Faithful Catholic

Extract from the book You Can Lead Roman Catholics To Christ.
Wilson Ewin

This is the type of Catholic who may be the most difficult to lead to Christ. Nevertheless, when the person is regenerated by the Spirit of God, he will make a believer of useful quality. Such people are worthy of all the effort spent in their conversion. Some receive Christ within a few days, multitudes after several weeks while many only come after months or even years.

At present, this Catholic is holding firm to his faith. The thought of leaving his church has never entered his mind. To think that his church could be in doctrinal error would mean the committing of a mortal sin against faith. He will not turn his eyes from his priest and his church until he sees the truth. When he accepts the truth, Christ will set him free. Until then, he continues on his downward way to a lost eternity. Something must take place for him to look up in faith to Christ and His shed Blood.

One night during the war, your author was flying a bomber back to base with fourteen men aboard. Heavy rain enveloped the base and it was with difficulty that we were able to line up the aircraft with the runway. All was brilliantly lit for our landing when suddenly lightning struck the station transformer, plunging the whole scene into dense blackness. To have continued our descent another thirty seconds probably would have meant death in a flaming explosion. There was only one alternative. Forgetting everything else, we turned our eyes toward the luminous flight instruments and pushed the throttles full ahead. Faith in the information given by these little faces on the instrument panel brought us to the safety of the midnight skies.

The need of Roman Catholics -- the Bible and a personal evangelist

This story illustrates what must take place in the fervent Catholic's heart before Christ can enter and save his lost soul. He is travelling through a continuous spiritual storm of mortal and venial sins. The Roman priesthood, sanctuary and sacrifice of the mass all seem to indicate that the Roman Church is the only path of refuge for his troubled soul, and so he continues on his way. Suddenly, however, a disturbance bursts into his life and he experiences mixed emotions of gripping fear and deep perplexity. His faith in the Roman Church has received a shattering blow.

Your path of action is clear. The person needs to understand the work accomplished by Christ at Calvary and also His present ministry. As the opportunity comes, you will tactfully show these truths from God's Word. Conscious of the individual being sensitive, you may nevertheless point out the difference between God's salvation and that of the Roman Church.

Ensure the person has or can obtain a Bible. If possible, pray with the Catholic thanking the Saviour for His great salvation. Request that God's blessing of understanding might be given as the Bible is read.

After careful consideration, you may place an appropriate piece of literature in the person's hand. One well received tract is called "JESUS MY WONDERFUL SAVIOUR." A booklet entitled "How Shall We Escape?" was recently prepared for the Roman Catholic of the 1990s, regardless of his spiritual condition or faith. "HOW SHALL WE ESCAPE?" contains 13 pages of Biblical teaching. It was written to correct basic Catholic errors and yet remain unoffensive. The booklet does not mention the Roman Church or its terminology. Both are available from this book's address.

Continue to pray for the person. You should return in a few weeks. Remind the Catholic that your work is to encourage the reading of the Scriptures. Tell him of your love for his soul. Unless obliged to do otherwise, continue to show Christ's atonement for sin until the message has penetrated into his heart. Point out that people in apostolic times were accustomed to personally verify with the Scriptures whether they were being taught the truth. (See Acts 17:11.) Invite the person to attend a worship service with you as you sense interest.

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