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Saturday, August 19, 2017
Date Posted:

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

Popes Appointee To Give A New Face Lift To Romanism In The Irish Republic

Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley

Romanism in Ireland has been found out.  The accusations and condemnations of her character and conduct by Bible Protestants have been more than justified.

The present R.C. Archbishop of Dublin is to be replaced.  Speaking realistically he has been sacked because he was found out.  In a Press Heading Rome’s choice tipped to ‘transform’ Irelandthe Roman Catholic weekly THE UNIVERSE 11/5/03 has announced:-

The groundbreaking appointment of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin as Coadjutor Archbishop of Dublin will transform the Irish Church, top-level Vatican sources have claimed.

The Pope’s decision this week to name Archbishop Martin as coadjutor, which means he will work alongside current Archbishop of Dublin Cardinal Desmond Connell and succeed him on his impending retirement, has been greeted with excitement and anticipation both in Rome and in Dublin.

And reliable sources at the Vatican say the Holy Father sees Archbishop Martin as the man to lead the Irish Church into a new more confident and vibrant era in which it will throw off the trauma of the recent scandals and its declining influence and be a rejuvenated force.

It has been claimed that a cardinal’s hat is not too far away for Archbishop Martin who has made a big impact in his work for the Holy See in the fields of international conflict and developing world debt and famine, efforts which have seen him work closely with high profile figures such as rock superstar and U2 front-man Bono.

Born in 1945, Archbishop Martin was ordained a priest in 1969 and the Holy Father personally consecrated him as a bishop in 1999 and made him archbishop two years later, when he was appointed Apostolic Nuncio and the Holy See’s Permanent Observer to the United Nations in Geneva as well as to the Word Trade Organisation.

Prior to this, the archbishop was for many years Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and the right hand man of Cardinal Roger Etchegeray.  In this role, he visited all the major conflict zones and territories that have been hit by famine and poverty, from Rwanda to Israel and Palestine.

He is well known and highly esteemed in the international community, and many had expected the Pope to appoint him to a senior position in the Vatican in the near future, but after much reflection and consultation, the Pontiff clearly decided it was of the utmost importance to give the Irish Church a highly qualified and most articulate leader not connected to recent problems.

A sound theologian, well acquainted with justice and peace issues on all continents who knows all the major figures, debates and positions in the Church, Rome feels the Pope has given Ireland a Church leader not afraid to take a strong stance, a person who is media friendly and a skilled communicator.

The likeable Archbishop Martin is known as a quick learner and is expected to take only until the end of the year to learn the rope under 77 year old Cardinal Connell’s guidance.  Then, the Pope is expected to accept the cardinal’s resignation, which has already been offered, and appoint Archbishop Martin as the new archbishop of Dublin.

As he made the announcement, Cardinal Connell, who has been under pressure over his handling of abuse scandals in the Irish Church, said he believed the choice was due to “the Holy Father’s benevolence towards the archdiocese”.

Archbishop Martin said he was well aware of the hurt felt by the victims of abuse and vowed to do all he could to help them.  “I am prepared to work with them and will all, so that he Church in Dublin diocese can be more and more Church at its best, bringing the comfort and strength, that hope and meaning of the message of Jesus,” he added.

Primate of All Ireland Sean Brady said that Archbishop Martin is “an excellent choice for the new and onerous appointment which he undertakes”.

The claim that this one spin doctor appointed by the Pope will transform the Roman Church in Ireland reveals the extent to which Rome thinks she can manage to cover up her disgraceful conduct in the scandal of the Roman Catholic Irish hierarchy’s attempt to cover up the SUPPURATING wound of the sexual abuse of children by the priests of Rome.

What does Rome take her members to be?  A herd, which will be driven from place to place by the appointee of a Pope who claims to be infallible.

The Pope and the priests of Rome have been voicing in loud sanctimonious language how much they sympathise with the victims of atrocious priestly sexual assault but are practically select on the deliberate lying cover up employed by the bishops to conceal the facts from the public and to aid the criminal priests with safe conducts and continual perversely everyday events.

It will take more than the elevation of a clever Mickey Mouse Archbishop to remedy a situation of Rome’s own making and encouragement.

No spring-cleaning of the kennel will suffice, the kennel must be destroyed forever.

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