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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Date Posted:

O’Neill’s Paradise Fauled

Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

Monsignor Denis Faul has described as distasteful and blasphemous a poster depicting Celtic manager, Martin O’Neill, as the BVM; his face being superimposed over a picture of Mary in flowing robes, hovering over the club’s Parkhead ground known as ‘Paradise’ – SVP.

The Irish priest said,

‘you do not mix the Blessed Virgin Mary, the holiest of saints, with a football team. You cannot attribute the success of Martin O’Neill and Celtic to the Blessed Virgin Mary.’

One must assume from this that Mary, now the exalted keeper of the third millennium, ‘so sayeth’ the pope, cannot have any interest in her Roman Catholic footballers. Thus any prayers to her that they may have offered were in fact, all in vain. Thank God our faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ. Praying to any saint, not just to the so-called ‘the holiest of saints’, is a hopeless deceit.

The Roman Catholic Church seems to consider it to be perfectly acceptable for the Roman Catholic Church to use a poster showing Mary in front of a cross hovering over the world, as though she was somehow a saviour similar to that of the Lord Jesus Christ. (See image [which has been used for years] in article – All Hail Mary). The Mary of Rome in Christ’s place! Could there be a more ‘distasteful and blasphemous’ poster than this, to anyone who is of God!

Monsignor Faul warned, ‘that it should not be seen as a joke as one shouldn’t make a joke of sacred things’, and they were treading on dangerous ground. ‘It showed a lack of essential respect’ he said.

This is an ace comment from a joker, of the pack that should be thrown into the Fauld!

Does not the Roman Catholic Church everyday, in everything it does, in everything it says, and in every pronouncement, make a joke of sacred things, especially the one named, ‘The Holy Bible’. Has it not for centuries walked on dangerous ground by walking all over the Holy ground of Scripture with its sacrilegious boots on! What higher lack of essential respect can there be!

With apologies to Marlowe – ‘Oh Rome, "divine" Rome, "Faul" is fair an epithet for thee’.

Monsignor Faul claimed ‘the majority of Protestants who had respect for the Catholic Church would also be offended.’

Here again, Faul’s faulty assumptions leave him faltering in inconsistency. What makes him believe there are any Protestants let alone a ‘majority’ [!] who could have respect for the ungodly beast named Rome! Revelation 17:18 says,‘And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth’.

Further, a Protestant could not be offended as he claims, because the poster pertains to the Mary that the Church of Rome has invented and not to the Mary of the Bible.

The game is afoot, and as Bunyan’s Progress with a pilgrim says:

‘a foul Fiend coming over the field to meet him; his name is Apollyon’

or should that be:

‘a Faul friend coming over the field to meet him; his name is Marian Dogma’.

Or as the witches may have meant at the beginning of Macbeth:

‘Fair is foul and Faul is fair

Hover through the Celtic fog and Rome’s pestilent air’.

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