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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Date Posted:

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Kennedy’s Tune – No Tune At All

Charles Kennedy seems to be just as misguided about the infallible Bible and its practical out-workings in all aspects of peoples’ lives as another Charles.
Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

The Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Charles Kennedy, said that politics and religion should be clearly separated.

As reported in 19th January issue of The Catholic Herald Charles Kennedy, a Catholic, told BBC Radio Four that his party would not be seeking the ‘religious vote’ in the run-up to the general election. [Just as well as I doubt he would be given it.]

He said that his democracy [?] did not set ‘too much store by what are to be regarded as private pursuits or personal convictions’ and that religion ‘self-evidently is a very large part of that alchemy.

Further Mr Kennedy argued that politicians had to ‘make the distinction’ between their political and religious convictions.

Speaking of the ‘tension’ between Catholic moral teaching and Liberal party social policy, he described how during his 18 years in Parliament, ‘issues have come up from time to time - whether it is the age of consent, whether it is abortion policy, whether it is embryo experimentation - where the Roman Catholic tradition will take one view and you feel yourself, as perhaps a capital "L" liberal in the political sense, pulled in another direction. Those are dilemmas’, he said.

He added that although he called himself a Christian, he was ‘one of those Christians who think there are many ways to God’.

In this brief statement we can see at a glance how terminology is manipulated and how a person can claim to be one thing when it is apparent that he certainly cannot. He attempts to criticise opposition parties as parties trying to grab the votes of the ‘religious’ sector of the country and yet being recognised as a Catholic, publicly claims to be a Christian and then contradicts this with his own lips.

Kennedy may think he can add another string to his violin but in reality the tune is full of wrong notes and flat.

A Christian is a person who has repented of his worldly ways and of living a life without the rule of Christ and the Bible. As a Catholic Kennedy is unlikely to have come across the latter in personal study and understanding, merely the indoctrination of Catholic Social Doctrine. A Christian is a person who lives their life for Christ not self, that considers Jesus is Lord of their lives, thus their view will not contradict Scripture.

Whether one is a doctor, coal merchant or politician, one’s views if claiming to be a Christian must be based on sound Bible teaching and moral guidelines. There is no option or view point that current man knows better than the Bible. The age of the Bible does not imply irrelevance. Kennedy by his sentiment believes that a true faith (which he doesn’t have) is one that segregates politics and religion as these do not work together; that they are in fact in conflict. He is misguided in his belief, that a true faith in the word of God is going to hamper personal political and moral motives, the opposite has always been proven to be the case. All actions and business including that of politicians should stem from and be carried out based on Biblical principles. He would do well to read the Bible throughout which shows how God has dealt with man. God is certainly not out of the picture, never has been except in the minds of man. Kennedy pushes God out of every day life - Man’s first falling – I rule the World syndrome.

Clearly he says that one is not to set ‘too much store’ and he demotes the fundamentals of life given by the Creator to the level of ‘personal convictions’ –with the modern slant, that is, there is no right or wrong. Putting such in this realm enables the weak argument to rage that ‘it is just your opinion’ as though it has not basis in fact or relevance – all opinions are equal. Further it is inferred that God is not involved when it comes to politics and the making of important decisions, even when these clearly contradict the Bible.

Then he draws into his flawed analysis the recent debates and a future one, all of which are moral in content – abortion, embryo tests, homosexuality. Then he suggests that the Roman Catholic tradition will take one view and you will want to go another. So it is not about the Bible and God’s teaching. His argument is based on one institutional lobby group, in this case the political wing of the Roman Catholic Church. He sees everything in individualistic terms and even though he is a Catholic doesn’t see the Church as being infallible. Neither a Papal Knighthood nor salvation for Mr Kennedy!

Simply a Christian, does not have two separate lives running concurrently, but rather on the basis of the Christian principles he has embraced of the Bible he in the light of this so bases his decision making in all other matters. Making a distinction between religious and political convictions is an impossibility for the true Christian. To be claiming to be a child of God and a believer one moment and then to be deceitful, immoral and voting for matters contrary to God’s law in the next is anathema.

If in a discussion one places a Bible between the parties concerned, people change because no longer is the argument in the temporal and a matter of opinion, the Bible becomes the arbiter which it is not possible to refute.

Finally it is blatantly obvious that Mr Kennedy is not a Christian, not a Bible believer, and is simply claiming to be something that is not possible – a Christian who believes there are many ways to God. Here are some scriptures that by his view makes God out to be a liar:

John 3:16,

‘For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.’

Acts 4:12,

‘Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under Heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.’

John 14:6,

‘Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me.’

Charles Kennedy seems to be just as misguided about the infallible Bible and its practical out-workings in all aspects of peoples’ lives as another Charles. If the Bible says there is one route to God, that same sex relations are wrong, abortion is wrong and that the likely abuse of embryo research will be wrong, this is not the moral dilemma. No, the dilemma is man’s wilful disobedience to the laws of God and the pretence by which political leaders seek to delude not only themselves but the electorate. By the very way some politicians act one would infer that if you presented the very page of the Bible that provided the correct guideline for an issue they would look at you in disbelief and with an air of superior wisdom. Folly is theirs.

God, Jesus, Christianity, The Bible – these are not ‘church things’ but a lifestyle! They change one’s approach to life, to problems, attitude toward people, how one does business, how one behaves. Some may think that it is an ‘old record’ but it has never been found to have a crack in it, unlike the record bearing Mr Kennedy’s tune!

One presumes that no Bible Christian will be voting for the Liberal party!

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