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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Date Posted:

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Knights of the Vatican

According to Vatican information pages it is usual for ‘Papal awards give rise to a nominal "tax" charge to cover the expenses concerned - this charge may be paid by the Diocese but is usually reimbursed by the recipient’.
Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

Michael Williams shortly before his death last week received a Papal Knighthood for his services to Catholic life in Britain. The performer and vice president of the Catholic Guild has been appointed a Knight of St Gregory, one of the Church’s highest honours. Williams said he was thrilled and delighted.

The advantage of a Papal Knighthood over a Catholic sainthood is that the latter is always posthumous although the former is unlikely to have any sway at the gates of Heaven.

The presentation to ‘sir’ Michael was made by the Chaplain of the Catholic Stage Guild and in the presence of Dame Judy Dench and the family parish priest.

Canon McDonald the chaplain said to the actor,

‘On behalf of the Holy Father who has awarded you this honour for your great work, I invest in you with the Order of St Gregory the Great. Remember a Knight is a servant of His Lord [Pope?] so please pray for the Pope and the good of all the people of God.’

Father Jennings who expected to officiate at the funeral said,

‘He had a very deep conviction. It was a quiet faith – he didn’t go shouting it from the rooftops – but it was a deep faith. He served the Lord well and I’m sure that he is now enjoying his reward.’

How could that be? If Rome is right, Williams is in purgatory where men and women and children are burning in flames as hot as hell. To escape Williams’ friends must pay for him to be let out!

The son of Dame Judy Dench and Michael Williams said that, ‘If you have got a faith that is that strong it can go two ways: you can lose it or it can be strengthened’.

This would depend in what your faith was, naturally, but if your faith is strong why would you lose it, unless the falsity of that faith suddenly be came transparent. Here lies the difficulty with Roman Catholic teaching and thinking of Roman Catholic adherents. Their faith is based on fear and burdensome superstition. They have no secure hope in the Lord’s saving grace as they do not have a living relationship with the Lord.

Have you noticed that in films, soap operas and drama series on television, Catholic churches in preference to Protestant churches are invariably used? You can guarantee that at gravesides they will be signing the cross over themselves, or if going into a Church it will be the same, plus the lighting of candles and or praying to Mary and / or a statue of the same. The faith of Christianity is never portrayed, only Religions, and at that the Catholic Religion.

Perhaps this s the undercover work of the Catholic Stage Guild. Perhaps this is so of all the Catholic Guilds!

How many Papal Knighthoods have been awarded - quite a number since 1831.

From Catholic sources it is apparent that the bestowal of this and other knighthoods is gathering momentum, much like those as bestowed by the Queen.

Some well known recipients include: Bob Hope, Rupert Murdoch, Roy Disney, Ricardo Montalban, Gilbert Levine. At the same time as these there were 67 others in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese alone.

The Pope gives the honorary title to people of ‘unblemished character’ including non-Catholics, who have ‘promoted the interests of society, the Catholic Church and the Holy See’, [one and the same from a Catholic perspective],said a spokesman for the archdiocese.

Presumably this is the same sort of unblemished character that the Church of Rome maintains of herself, despite the child abuse, sex scandals, history of murderous blood shedding, making of dangerous fables and her blasphemous deceits and money scams. As the Bible informs of man’s sin, it is unlikely that the lively word of God will concur that the Roman Catholic Church is in an able position to judge!

More likely, as some of the reports accompanying such honours convey, they are given to people of influence, finance and position in their given field of expertise or to those leaders who deliver other communities unto the Papal clutches – for example, in 1998 a New York rabbi, Mordecai Waxman (not following his namesake in the book of Esther) became the first of such to be honoured – and there are many to be found.

According to Vatican information pages it is usual for ‘Papal awards give rise to a nominal "tax" charge to cover the expenses concerned - this charge may be paid by the Diocese but is usually reimbursed by the recipient’.

So an ‘honour’ conferred upon one is at the cost of one’s soul AND money. The Church of Rome delights in finding ways to gain funds for its politics. An honour that is taxed? I think I would prefer just to be called ‘brother’ or ‘son’ by the Lord Jesus.

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