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Saturday, August 19, 2017
Date Posted:

London, Usa And Dublin Unit To Stop Elections In Northern Ireland Because Fo The Fear That The Democratic Unionist Party (Dr Paisley Leader) Would Win.

Launch Of Assembly Election Campaign - This Is A Facist Move. We Repeat Dr Paisley’s Speech When He Launched The Campaign.
Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley

So intent is the Blair regime in destroying Ulster’s proper place within this United Kingdom that it is even prepared to cast into the negotiating pot the right of the people to vote. Nothing to them is sacrosanct.

During the past five years our birthright as United Kingdom citizens has been repeatedly jeopardised.  Even a Celtic supporting Secretary of State admitted that he had a feeling for the atmosphere of cold the Ulster Protestants had to endure in the five years of the Agreement’s rule.

Ulster Protestants are the victims of the kicks received in the house of their so-called friends. They have been lashed by the Fascist rule of well-armed, well-financed and well-directed bloody-greedy Irish Republicans.

Yet Mr Trimble sits on a table, his feet hardly touching the floor, and has the brazen audacity to further insult a deeply wronged people by telling them that the last five years were years of wonderful progress – in fact the preservation, the defence and maintenance of the Union.

Let me catalogue some of the milestones that marked the path of the past years of David Trimble’s stewardship. Where has it brought us? To the place where IRA/Sinn Fein holds us to ransom and even decides the timing of our elections.

From changing the dates of elections, next in line as a casualty will be the elections themselves and then the changing of their results.

Already the British Government has scrapped the right of Northern Ireland to have a referendum on our place within the Union. That is a clear indication of how the wind is blowing.

Survey the path along which Ulster has been taken by the push over charter of Trimble unionism.

Listen to this catalogue of the casualties of the Trimble concessions to IRA/Sinn Fein –

1. The weakening of Northern Ireland’s position within the United Kingdom. The Dublin Government now has as much say over us as Westminster has.

2. The release of hundreds of prisoners who have committed thousands of crimes, including murder and bombing.

3. The institutionalising of sectarianism.

4. The guaranteeing of SF/IRA gunmen a place in Government resulting in –

(i) The unfair allocation of millions of £££s to maintained schools to the detriment of State schools.

(ii) The allocation of hundreds of thousands of £££s to the propagation of the Irish language by a Health Minister who sat over 50,000 patients on waiting lists, the worst in Europe.

(iii) The allocation of millions of £££s to promote North/South ministerial bodies, in effect, an all Ireland Government.

(iv) The removal of over one hundred military installations along the border.

(v) The downsizing of the security services where Republicans carried out some of the worst atrocities in Northern Ireland.

(vi) The destruction of the RUC as well as the destruction of the Band.

(vii) The justification of discriminatory employment practices, known as 50/50 recruitment, resulting in almost one thousand Protestants being denied jobs in the Police Service.

5. The massive increase in bureaucracy, resulting in Northern Ireland being over-governed by double the departments needed, thus requiring 33 percent more elected representatives compared to Scotland.

6. First and Deputy First Ministers’ Office employment of 450 staff, almost as many as the White House employs.

7. Sinn Fein kept in government while the IRA carried on gunrunning from Florida; the Castlereagh break-in, costing £12 million in upgrading the personal security of Judges, Police and Politicians.

8. The Colombia exchange of terrorist techniques, the benefits gained by the IRA, as well as the killing of Colombian citizens.

9. The withdrawal of the right of Protestants to march to and from their place of Worship.

10. The proposed disbandment of the Royal Irish Regiment by way of a redundancy package.

In the House of Commons Magazine, Mr Trimble states that he believes the Good Friday Agreement ‘contains the potential to transform Northern Ireland and make it something approaching a normal society.’

The truth is that the so-called Good Friday Agreement has the potential to destroy our province, and unless we destroy the Agreement we will be destroyed forever.

I must, as the Unionist leader who, in five European elections, defeated the candidates of all other unionist parties, and indeed all other parties, make it plain to Mr Trimble that the Unionist people will in this election pass judgement upon him and his supporters who, by his broken promises and dishonoured practices and pledges, has brought our Province to its present state of catastrophe.

Mr Trimble, you must now face the Unionist electors. Gerry Adams said when you brought him into Government ‘Well done David’, but the Unionist voters will give a very different verdict.

Let met tell the IRA/Sinn Fein liars, the cowards, the murderers, the killers of hundreds of mothers, fathers, children and unborn babies, as well as men and women serving in the Crown Forces, and all such terrorists, whether they call themselves Republican or Loyalist, the Ulster electorate, both Roman Catholic and Protestant, will pass its verdict on you too.

To those who would debase the Protestant faith by abusing it as a cover to conceal acts of terror similar to the IRA, I say, Protestantism believes in full civil and religious liberty for all men. The DUP’s foundation principle is – all men equal under the law, and all men equally subject to the law.

To those who profess Protestantism and are wedded to terrorism I say, when you as a terrorist fly the Protestant flag you reveal yourself a pirate flying under false colours. I utterly, without any reservation whatsoever, condemn you. You have played into the hands of Ulster’s enemies, and made it much more difficult for me and those like me to fight Ulster’s battle in the Parliaments of the United Kingdom and Europe.

The DUP is dedicated to the principles of liberty and democracy. I have given my life in defence of these principles and as a humble believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Saviour of all men, but especially to those who believe, I trust that our Province will experience a great spiritual awakening and a return to the paths of keeping the commandments of Almighty God.

This Ulster of ours has had a rotten deal through terrorism, treachery and lying. That rotten deal is the product of a rotten Agreement.

We believe that every man in Ulster has a right to attain the aim of our election slogan – ‘Its time for a fair deal’.

We demand it. It is our right. We demand it. It is our birthright.

On Election Day I’m calling on you to give us the mandate to succeed.


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