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Friday, August 18, 2017
Date Posted:


‘Times Are A Changing Madam,’ Said The Police Officer

It is now a crime to recite the Lord’s Prayer in public?
British Church Newspaper

Three Police Officers surrounded a Christian woman as she stood saying the Lord's Prayer towards Parliament and they then prevent her from continuing to pray.

That was at 5.20pm on Tuesday 31st January. The lady explained to the Police, "I was praying to the Lord that His Kingdom would come and His will be done". A police Officer, over six foot high, responded, "And were you praying that we'd come along and move you along?"

The Christian woman patiently explained to the young Officer, "I was praying The Lord that His Kingdom come, His will be done". She then expressed the opinion to the Police Officers that she thought we had the freedom to preach the Gospel in Britain. The tall young Police Officer responded. "Times are a changing madam". The woman was not carrying any banner and was dressed in normal attire, and was wearing a hat as required by some Christian groups while saying prayers.

Her husband who had been talking to a young man on the pavement then attempted to reason with the three Police Officers but was told by Police Officer 720 that, "This is an unorganised demo, which you can't do". Her Husband replied that we are not doing any demonstration. Police Officer 720 then suggested that he was walking out in the road and shouting at people. Her husband denied that he had walked out into the road, but tried to explain that lifting one's voice was part of preaching. PC 720 then said, if you carry on we can arrest you. Yes, this is a warning. We're inviting you to go home." Apparently the Police also regarded the Bible Text that her husband had on his garment, which he wears on many occasions, as 'a banner', and therefore a criminal offence under the Serious Organised Crime Act.

The Christian women who was stopped by the Police from continuing to say The Lord's Prayer said later, "Because the Religious Hatred Bill was being voted on in the House of Commons that day, I felt a desperate need to pray that The Lord's will be done through our MPs in Parliament. I was shocked that I could have been made a criminal for saying the Lord's Prayer out loud."

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