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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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Treachery, Travesty, Tragedy: The Unholy Trinity of the Lutheran World Federation

"And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables." -- II Tim. 4:4.
Professor Arthur Noble

On October 31, 1999, the Lutheran World Federation finally signed its Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification with the Vatican. Our analysis of this infamous act of betrayal is contained in the article on this site entitled Triumph for Romanism, Tragedy for the Reformation. The full text of the document itself can be accessed at www.rechtfertigung.de/engl/joint_eng.htm. The response of the Missouri Synod is vital reading and can be found at www.lcms.org/president/betrayal.htm. We urge you to access these sites and judge for yourself.


Never before in history has a self-professing 'Protestant' Church so blatantly and shamelessly ditched such a fundamental principle of the Reformation. The doctrine of justification by faith alone, through Christ alone and through the Bible alone is the focal point of the Gospel. It was cemented into the Augsburg Confession as the clear, decisive and final renunciation of the false doctrines of Rome and a return to the revealed word of God rediscovered at the Reformation. It became the mainstay of Luther's enlightenment that exposed the fallacious claims, false doctrines and unscriptural practices of the Roman Church.

Now the Lutheran World Federation, in its desperate attempt for compromise and unity with the Roman Antichrist who was exposed, denounced and shunned by Martin Luther, has put its signature to this document of treachery which formally and officially betrays both the Gospel and the Reformation. The LWF signatories have yet to learn that any 'agreement' with Rome can never constitute anything other than unreciprocated appeasement because her semper eadem dogma permanently precludes her absolutely from any change. No understanding with Rome, as this document purports to be, can therefore be anything but a travesty.


Never before in history has a self-professing 'Protestant' Church been so openly complicit in such a thoroughly ambiguous, deceitful and verbally dishonest statement which perverts the Gospel and cunningly circumvents the unchanged and unchanging doctrine of Rome since the Council of Trent. Canon IX of that Council has never been altered and still pronounces that all are anathema who refuse to believe that the sacraments of baptism and penance are additional requirements for justification.

Protestant academics in Germany severely criticised the document and conducted a vigorous campaign in the press to stop it. (See our forthcoming article Re-launching the Reformation.) Led by Professor Wilfried Härle (Heidelberg), they declared it as "unacceptable" and denounced it because it "calls into question the Lutheran doctrine of justification". 150 of them published a press announcement stating: "[…] the undersigned academics see themselves obliged […] to warn against signing [the Declaration]". German critics also widely detected a carefully-planned confidence trick by the Vatican, pointing in particular to Annex 2C, where Luther and Thomas Aquinas are mentioned together and their ideas vaguely intermingled in order to produce "a cunning attempt by the [Roman] Catholic side secretly to undermine the Lutheran creed". Herein lies the profound tragedy of the LWF's endeavour.


Never before in history has a self-professing 'Protestant' Church so intrinsically dishonoured the memory of the founder of modern Protestantism and trampled on the graves of the victims and martyrs of Rome's brutal and bloody persecution – tortured, bludgeoned, burned and slaughtered in the name of the so-called 'infallibility' of a system which has been responsible for the genocide of more than 25 times the number of human beings obliterated in the Nazi concentration camps.

As a headline in the German newspaper Deutsches Allgemeines Sonntagsblatt put it on the day of the signing in Augsburg, the city where the Confession was born: "What would Luther have thought?"

The Church of Rome, which is at present busily engaged in the re-introduction of the very practice which gave rise to Luther's Reformation – indulgences –, longs for the day when she can reverse the great slogan of the Reformation, "After darkness, light", and lure her unsuspecting Protestant victims back into the darkness of her mediaevalism.

The Looming Battle

A century and a half ago British Prime Minister and founder of the Conservative Party, Sir Robert Peel, said: "The day is not distant and may be very near when we shall have to fight the Reformation over again." That day is getting closer.

Ecumenical buddies:
Popery and apostate 'Lutheranism' in a smiling handshake:

Cardinal Edward Idris Cassidy
(President of the Vatican Council on Christian Unity)

and Bishop Christian Krause
(President of the Lutheran World Federation)

"And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables." -- II Tim. 4:4.

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