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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Date Posted:

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The Significance of the Lutheran World Federation's Treason in its wider Historical Context

The reformed faith recognises in the Roman Church a blasphemous and anti-Christian system which has no right to the Christian name.
Professor Arthur Noble

"After darkness, light"

No more brutal force in history has ever attempted to trample on the Gospel of Jesus Christ or to traffic human liberty than the inquisitorial bigotry of the Church of Rome. On a visit to the Unholy City in 1510, while climbing Pilate's Staircase on his knees performing Rome's penance, Martin Luther was gloriously blessed with a renewal of the spiritual enlightenment of the New Testament that was to spark the revolt against Papal falsehood and tyranny and launch the Reformation. The words of Romans 1:17 resounded in his ear: "The just shall live by faith." Later he wrote about his visit to Rome: "I myself have heard people say openly in the streets of Rome: 'If there be a hell, Rome is built on it.'"

With Luther's insight the foundations and fallacies of Rome were shattered, her counterfeit system of salvation uncovered, her indulgence-peddling for her self-aggrandisement exposed. Large parts of Europe were freed from the bond of her spiritual slavery and the accompanying political yoke with which she had been able to control them for centuries, and were brought, for all moral and political training as well, under the authority of the Scriptures. Luther had lifted the light of the Gospel out of the morass of Romanist error and set it on a pinnacle in front of mankind.

The Light that shone on England

The history of England especially has recorded how a nation benefited from deliverance from Romanist bondage through the Reformation. Every reign which attempted to bring back Popery, or even to give it a share of power which could prejudice Protestantism, has been providentially marked by signal misfortune. (See our forthcoming article: England since the Reformation.) Rome in her anger baptised the Reformation in blood, but even Romanists have admitted that the Reformation, which led to the religious and political safeguards of the Revolution Settlement, was the cradle of England's greatness.

At the time of the Emancipation Act in 1829, Roman Catholic Bishops solemnly declared to the House of Lords that if new privileges were accorded to them they would never seek to upset the Protestant succession and that the Canon Law of Rome had no power over England; but the lies and subterfuges of Newman (later called Cardinal) were soon exposed. Listen to Rome's own confession of her plan to destroy Protestant England from the mouth of the infamous Cardinal Manning:

"Surely, a soldier's eye and a soldier's heart would choose by intuition this field of England for the warfare of Faith. […] It is the head of Protestantism, the centre of its movements, and the stronghold of its powers. Weakened in England, it is paralysed everywhere; conquered in England, it is conquered throughout the world. Once overthrown here, all is but a war of detail." [Quoted from Jeremiah Crowley: Romanism – A Menace to the Nation, Aurora, no date, p. 165.]

Today the threat to Britain's freedom from Rome is more serious than ever. What Guy Fawkes failed to achieve by means of the Romanist Gunpowder Plot is now the object of ostensibly 'respectable' and 'democratic' innovations: a Bill to be presented in the new Parliamentary session to amend the Act of Settlement and permit Roman Catholics on the Throne; constitutional reform of the House of Lords; and an extreme form of devolution aimed at the ultimate dissolution of the United Kingdom.

The Light than shone on America

Americans too need to be forcefully reminded that they received their religious, political and social benefits and blessings from Reformation Europe and enshrined them in their Constitution, but without having to pay the price in blood or suffering. Of this fact Abraham Lincoln was deeply aware. In his 1838 speech on The Perpetuations of our Political Institutions he said:

"We [...] find ourselves the legal inheritors of these fundamental blessings. We toiled not in the acquirement or the possession of them."

Acknowledging the source of America's prosperity, while warning of her increasing ungodliness, Lincoln stated in his Proclamation of April 30, 1863, for a nation-wide day of fasting and prayer:
"It is the duty of nations, as well as of men, [...] to recognise the sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history, that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord. [...] We have been the recipients of the choicest blessings of Heaven. We have been preserved, these many years, in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers, wealth and power as no other nation ever has grown; but we have forgotten God! We have forgotten the gracious Hand which preserved us in peace, and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us; and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own."

In his book Romanism – A Menace to the Nation, ex-priest Jeremiah J. Crowley quotes from an address by Francis C. Kelly, President of the Roman Catholic Church Extension Society of America [Aurora, no date, p. 166], where the Vatican's programme for the destruction of Protestantism and the Protestant-inspired Constitution of the United States is recorded:
"Without a doubt, if American Protestantism were blotted off the religious map of the world, the work of the so-called Reformers […] might be called dead. Protestantism […] really may be said to stand or fall on American effort. From a strategic point of view, America […] is our best missionary field."

An appeaser is often a greater threat to liberty than the enemy himself, and the policies of a nominally Protestant President who partakes of the Romanist mass are capable of inflicting more serious damage on the United States Constitution than all the wiles of the Vatican combined. The fundamental right of American citizens to bear arms, for instance, can be attacked only from within.

The fading of the Light

Today the active promotion of Popery is the main thrust of the leaders of what were once the mainstream Protestant Churches. In Europe as in America their capitulation to the Papacy has reached the proportions of an avalanche. They pretend that Rome is changing to accommodate those who come within her fold, but fail to see that changes by Rome would prove the error of her claim to infallibility. They are deceived by minor changes of mode deceptively presented as changes of substance, such as the designation of "heretics" as "separated brethren" – familiar changes of tactics but never of dogma. What would be the lot of these dupes should Rome ever be in a position to repeat what she has practised through the centuries wherever she has gained power? The sword of the temporal and civil authority would be exercised to force true Christians to accept the garbage of her traditional dogma. The provisions of the Inquisition and the Council of Trent would be re-invoked to repeat butchery in the false name of Christianity. They are as much a part of Romish intrigue in the twentieth century as they were in the Middle Ages, as the extermination of over a million Orthodox Serbs in the Vatican puppet state of Croatia demonstrated – and the perpetrators of the genocide would, like Stepinac, be beatified.

Romanisers in the Churches

This is the path along which the Lutheran World Federation, as part of the wider ecumenical movement, is leading the spiritually blind. Ironically it was a Canadian Lutheran pastor, Rev. Max Lockman, who in 1960 founded the League for Evangelical-Catholic Reunion and declared: "The Church of Rome is a symbol set up by God Himself, for the truly Catholic world-wide Church."

So far advanced today is the state of apostasy in our once mainstream Protestant Churches that their Romanising clerics have succeeded in gagging the preaching of the Gospel and transformed their churches into ecumenical social clubs adorned with redundant steeples. The major function of their pulpits has become the blind ranting of tolerance and brotherly accommodation with an unchanged system that has persecuted them down the centuries.

Romanisers in Politics

Our politicians, too, are busily engaged in the same plan to alter and destroy the Constitutions which for centuries have been our first line of defence against Rome's claim that all civil authority must be subject to her. Both Blair and Clinton unapologetically take the Roman mass, that "blasphemous fable and dangerous deceit" condemned in the Westminster Confession, and Blair has openly declared his personal 'closeness' to the Roman Church. In both Downing Street and the White House unrepentant terrorists whose aims co-incide with those of Hitler and his Papal ally Pius XII have been welcomed and facilitated, while international law is blatantly breached and war waged against the former friends who fought with Britain and America in the defence of liberty and justice.

Romanisers in the Media

The freedom, objectivity and independence of the British press, too, firmly established at the Reformation and guaranteed under the Revolution Settlement, has been substantially whittled away by Rome-oriented editors, journalists and reporters who daily suppress the truth and are part of that movement contrived and connived in the spirit of grovelling to the drivelling superstitions of Rome.

The Symbolism of LWF Complicity

There is awful symbolism in the defection of the Lutheran World Federation to Rome, for this institution, which parades under the very name of the founder of the Reformation, has simultaneously and ignominiously betrayed Luther and Lutherans world-wide. It has committed treason against the whole succession of Gospel saints and martyrs from Stephen, Paul and Peter (whom the Pope lyingly professes to represent), to Huss, Wycliffe, Knox, Calvin, Ridley, Latimer and numberless others whom the Papacy did to death, and the many thousands of others whose blood was shed by the Inquisition instituted by this same immutable Church which Bishop Krause in Germany, the Land of Luther, not only defends but has effectively espoused.

The reformed faith recognises in the Roman Church a blasphemous and anti-Christian system which has no right to the Christian name. If Bishop Krause desires to write his name into the history of his country and of Lutherans across the world as a subtle and servile tool of that system, he is welcome to the ignominy which posterity will pour upon his name; and if Rome should ever again acquire the means of perpetuating a history that is stained with the blood of millions, then posterity will have cause to look back with repulsion on the treachery of the signing of the Joint Declaration and point the finger of guilt to those who betrayed the enlightenment of Protestantism and facilitated a return to the spiritual and political darkness of which Rome has been the author.

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