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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Date Posted:

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Popery, NATO and the Yugoslav War: Our analysis vindicated!

Professor Arthur Noble

Silence, according to the Bible, means approval. John Cornwell's current book Hitler's Pope has exposed not only the silence of Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli) towards the holocaust, but also his actual complicity, especially in the slaughter of Orthodox Serbs by the Roman Catholic Ustashi.

The present Pope, John Paul II, was equally silent when the Pentagon attacked the Serbs in March, 1999. In our article "A Day of Ignominy" we mentioned the open letter to the media by world-renowned Austrian writer Peter Handke, in which he 'thanked' the Pope for his "blessed silence"!

Rome has consistently poured out the vial of her hatred against the small Serbian nation of ten million people because historically, like Protestants, they have refused to bow the knee to her fallacious claims. Her tactics have therefore been to malign, to jackboot and whenever possible to slaughter them. Today, having lost the independent political power that once enabled her to persecute and exterminate of her own accord, her policy is to use the governments and armies of those nations and organisations which she has infiltrated and weakened to carry out her dirty work for her under the false name of protecting 'democracy' and 'human rights'. 

This explains why the Vatican's latest attack on the Serbs was led and carried out by their former allies the United States and Britain through the instrument of NATO. Other European nations, especially the Germans who had been the principal accessories to Croatian aggression against Serbia under Hitler, could largely sit back and avoid the blame. Now the spectre of German soldiers on Yugoslav soil has again become a reality, this time aided and abetted by Britain and America, Yugoslavia's former friends and allies in World War II.

 Significantly, too, the attack was launched from Italy, where Mussolini's fascist troops were blessed by Pius before going into battle against the free nations of Europe. Italy is the very back yard of the present Pope whose dream has been to beatify Pacelli - and it was Papists who ran the show! One of them was Javier Solana Madariaga, a Roman Catholic Spaniard who bears the name of one of the founding members of the Jesuit Society. During the Yugoslav War he was conveniently the leader (Head) of NATO. Need we ask the question whether in this capacity his first loyalty was to the political ideals of his Church or to the original principles on which NATO was founded? The sudden jettisoning of NATO's purely defensive charter to enable raw aggression against a sovereign state relating solely to its internal affairs, coupled with the blatant failure to obtain UN approval for its actions, is evidence enough: once the proud defender of Western democracy, NATO has today been perverted into a political tool of the Vatican. Who better to lead it than a Papist?

Another Papist in the show was American General Wesley Clark, dubbed the 'mad bomber of the Balkans'. For the information of readers, Clark is a convert to Popery. Raised as a Protestant in Little Rock, Arkansas, he defected to Romanism during the Vietnamese Inquisition and renounced the Southern Baptist faith of his mother. In Vietnam his soldiers killed Buddhists. He was also there when civilians were killed at Waco. No doubt these experiences served as useful lessons in the subsequent murder of innocent Serb and Muslim men, women, children and babies in Yugoslavia.

The pathetic dupes of this scenario were, unfortunately, British General Sir Michael Jackson and British Prime Minister Tony Blair. TV viewers will remember how Jackson demonstrated his supposed 'objectivity' in the war by gleefully prancing about in front of the cameras with 'liberated' Kosovars after NATO had breached international law and its own charter by invading sovereign Yugoslav territory. They will also recall that during his visit Mr Blair was swamped by grateful Albanians, many of them KLA supporters.

Since the war ended we have witnessed scenes of ethnic cleansing of helpless Serbs by KLA terrorists. Almost 40 Serbian Orthodox churches have been burned and the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Prstina bombed, just as Protestant churches in Northern Ireland have been similarly targeted. The patently deliberate failure of NATO to protect the Serbs of Kosovo from subsequent murder and ethnic cleansing by the KLA speaks for itself. The so-called 'liberators' conveniently pleaded inability to protect the Serbs of Kosovo once ethnic cleansing had begun in reverse. NATO has stood passively by, showing its true sympathies.

A clear pattern has evolved in which the Vatican is using the United States and Britain to achieve its purpose of destroying the Serbian Orthodox Church. It was the lifelong dream of Pius XII to destroy that Church as a rival religion by openly plotting the disintegration of Yugoslavia. In the hope of achieving this aim, he collaborated with the Nazis and the Croatian Ustashi, but, thanks to Serb resistance, failed. John Paul II merely resumed the same attempt using another, more 'respectable' plot - the 'conciliatory' terminology of ecumenism emanating from the promoters of the European Union's planned New World Order. The Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches will surely be next on the programme.

On the western geographical flank of the Pope's planned European Superstate, the Vatican has already enlisted the White House and Downing Street to support her plans for the destruction of Protestantism. Need we point to the role of Clinton and Blair in their Nationalist-biased manipulation of the counterfeit 'peace' process in Northern Ireland?

President Clinton poses as a Protestant and carries his Bible on Sundays, but in reality he is the product of the Papist school system and Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., which is a Jesuit Institution. The Jesuits will do anything to destroy the King James Bible, Protestant America, and especially its highest office - the Presidency. The Presidential Office was debased, demeaned and defiled by Clinton's disgraceful conduct with women. No wonder he told one of his teachers that he wanted to become a Jesuit priest! No wonder he has been seen taking the Romish mass!

We see similar humbuggery in Blair, whose self-professed affinity with Romanism - confirmed in the Catholic Herald of August 27, 1999 - is incompatible with the office of a British Prime Minister but explains his hostility to the Unionist majority of Northern Ireland and his scheming and plotting to promote the interests of Irish Nationalism.

It is indeed significant that Northern Ireland and Serbia, the only two significant remaining bastions against the crusade of Popery to reclaim what it lost through the Reformation, are highest on the Pope's hate-list and hit-list. In both instances the Vatican is doomed to fail, as we shall see in Part II.

Yes, Romanists and Romanisers are masquerading in high places as respectable people! If the Popes themselves could behave in the manner of Pius XII, of what must their lackeys be capable?

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