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Saturday, August 19, 2017
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The Appalling Night but the Approaching Dawn

New Year Message from Dr Ian R K Paisley Mp MEP MLA
Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley

The dying of the old year 2002 and the birth of the New Year 2003 are momentous. No other New Year any of us has experienced is so foreboding, so fearful and so frightening as the coming of this New Year.

What is in store for us? One does not need to be a prophet or the son of a prophet to see something of its darkness. Its shadows, as we approach the threshold of the New Year, are already upon us.

The year 2003 will see the development and fruit bearing of the sowing of the year 2002. What sort of harvest can we expect from the plantings of 2002?

The past year was characterised by the increase of man’s rebellion against God. The flagrant and unceasing violation of God’s commandments can only bear fruit in our national life, which will be most deadly to its national health and prosperity. The refusal of the Prime Minister to call a national day of prayer was an ill omen. The national day of prayer was rejected because praying to the one true and only Triune God was objected to by those who worship the gods of their own making and not of the true God’s own divine revealing. The only true God can only be known because He has revealed Himself to us in the Bible.

We look around and we view a sinking world – a careless world – a hardened world – a drugged world – a drunken world – an unclean world, and a ruined world.

As I pen this message it has just been announced the sinful man has claimed to be his own re-creator, and the manufacturing of the first human clone has been achieved. Made a clone in the likeness of her mother – that is, physically – but what about the soul?

Clones will be without any conscience or any soul. Proud man playing God! The black clouds of the threat of worldwide war are gathering speedily, and who can say what the end will be!

We are told we must put our faith in the UNO and its will must be international, law in the future. A world ruled by the UNO is a recipe for world destruction. The UNO has never achieved peace anywhere it has interfered amongst the nations. Congo is an example of that. Its claims are many and very loudly proclaimed, but they are baseless, dishonest and deceptive.

Meanwhile, the plague, the result of rebellion against God’s moral law, sweeps multitudes into premature graves. Parts of Africa are becoming graveyards for its millions. The appalling catastrophe of the world cannot be exaggerated!

To fail to face up to it is only an escape route, which will plunge us into yet further disaster.

On our home front the spiral of murders is devastating. Law has been replaced with lawlessness and order with the bloodiest disorder.

Meanwhile, the false prophets of a false peace cry even more loudly ‘Peace! Peace!’ when there is no peace.

B E Warren was right when he wrote –

The world in sin is ruined;
Its withering, blighting curse,
Is on the evil masses,
And still is growing worse.
Their hearts are vain and trifling,
And bent to wicked greed,
Conviction they are trifling,
God’s ways they will not heed.

You and I have failed. Mankind has failed its neighbours and has destroyed itself, yet there is hope, the hope of salvation, healing, restoration and peace in the gospel of Christ. Our thoughts have been directed at the Christmas season to the coming of the Saviour to save the world.

The simple message of the gospel contains within it the remedy for the ruin, the light to dispel the darkness, the healing to cure the wounds and the power to turn the tide of evil and wickedness.

Jesus Christ, having shed His most precious blood for our redemption to save us from the forces which seek to destroy our world, is Himself the Light of the world. No darkness can persist where He is. He can save each individual from their sins, and He can save to the uttermost this most sinful world of ours.

The Lord Jesus is the answer to every disaster that the Devil and Hell have loosed on our planet. We must each one bow to His claims and then urge them upon all whom we can reach.

We need a crusade of total commitment to Jesus Christ our Lord. Our weapon is witnessing. Then let us with all our hearts and souls and minds enter into the task of reaching the world for Christ.

The nation must turn in repentance to God. It must devote itself in earnest supplication to the God of revival. It must return to the Bible ways which our fathers trod. It must declare the truth in love to hungry, broken souls. It must put the Crown of Glory upon the head of Christ alone. It must not compromise with evil.

Take warning then, and heed the Guide,
Who every rock and wave has tried,
And wills to see you through.
He bids the raging storms be still,
The winds and waves obey His will.
He’s calling now to you.

God can give to this fallen world of ours a beautiful rainbow over the valley of tears.

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