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Saturday, August 19, 2017
Date Posted:

Rwandan nun Sister Gertrude

The conviction of two Rwandan nuns

If the church of Rome has changed then why doesn't the Pope ex-communicate these two blood-thirsty women.
Rev. Kyle Paisley

The conviction of two Rwandan nuns for their part in the massacre of nearly 7000 Tutsis has proved a great embarassment to the Church of Rome.

Sister Gertrude (nee Consolata Mukagango) and Sister Maria Kisito (nee Julienne Mukabutera) were sentenced to 15 years and 12 years respectively by a court in Belgium last week.

The two Benedictines were found guilty of driving the Tutsis into the clutches of Hutu militants and standing by as they were done to death. In one particular incident Sister Kisito supplied petrol used for the burning alive of several hundred Tutsis. Clearly, the sentences they received are in no way commensurate with the crimes they committed. Capital punishment is what they deserved.

One wonders what Rome will do now, after the conviction of the two nuns, when she has protested their innocence all along.

Will she recognise the wickedness that they committed or gloss over it?

For more than fifty years following the end of the second world war the Papacy was mute, and it is only recently that she has proferred any sort of apology for her complicity with, and the succour she gave to the Nazi war machine.

How long will the families of those murdered by Rwandan Hutus, which murders would not have happened without the help of two faithful children of 'mother church', have to wait before they receive an unqualified apology from the 'holy' see?

If the church of Rome has changed then why doesn't the Pope ex-communicate these two blood-thirsty women.

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