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Thursday, August 24, 2017
Date Posted:

An Opportunity

Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley

We live in interesting times.  The fog is lifting.   We can distinguish friend from foe with a clarity that has not been possible for nearly half a century, and that is all to our advantage.

First, the Pope has fenced his table.  On Maundy Thursday he stated in the clearest possible terms that non-Roman Catholics have no right to eat at his altar that Roman Catholics must stop attending Protestant Communions.  At the same time he reasserted the doctrine of the real presence, that is transubstantiation.  He also repeated that only priests in the Apostolic succession may conduct a mass.

Why is this good news?  It is good news because ecumenism feeds on vagueness and fudge.   Clear thinking and plain speaking are fatal to its cause.  The ecumenists have found it much more difficult than they expected to persuade lay people to abandon their beloved churches and denominations for an ecumenical mish mash.  So the immediate goal of the ecumenical movement has shifted to getting us all meet in a doctrinal fog at one Communion Table.

The Pope’s announcement is a great set back to the ecumenists’ hopes.  The Luterans have reacted with ill-disguised anger.  Others have reacted with disappointment and some are just puzzled.  Well, they will learn.

Furthermore as Dr Gillis makes clear on the back page, the Vatican has recently made plain that it despises Protestant churches (mere ‘ecclesial communities’, the product of ‘chance historical events’) while holding out the right hand of fellowship to Islam and Judaism – what the Pope calls the ‘Abrahamic faiths’.

So now the ecumenists know where they stand.  Rome will not have their fudges.  Give her Islam any day, but not Protestants, ecumenical or otherwise.

And there is more to it.  Rome is in trouble.  In the Republic of Ireland where 200 to 300 priests were ordained in a year, only one was ordained two years ago.  Her people are forsaking the mass and the confessional.  The priests prefer to go in plain clothes when they can, thanks to the paedophilia scandal.   The government now snubs the cardinal whereas they obeyed his predecessor.  In America the Roman Catholic laity have obtained the sacking of a cardinal.  There have been attempts to do the same in England.

So we are presented with an open door to preach Christ and His blood as they only hope of individual sinners and of society.

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