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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Date Posted:

Liverpool Alder Hey hospital

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Outrage as Hospital Admits Storing up to 400 Foetuses

The Universe 19th November 2000
Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

A spokesman for Liverpool Alder Hey hospital confirmed this week that the hospital had up to 400 preserved foetuses in storage. The hospital is already under investigation over the storing of organs from 800 babies and the retained foetuses were included in the external inquiry.

Ian Cohen, a lawyer for Alder Hey parents’ group Pity2 told BBC News 24 that keeping the foetuses had been ’wrong’. He said it appeared they had been kept without permission of the parents.

A spokesman for Alder Hey told PA News that parents’ groups had been informed of the collection of foetuses in December last year and added that talks were going on to decide what should be done with them.

The foetuses were sent to the Liverpool hospital by other hospitals in the city and the majority of foetuses were from stillbirths and terminations. Professor Dick van Velzen, is the pathologist at the centre of the organ retention scandal at the hospital, who also carried out pathology work for other hospitals. He worked at the hospital between 1988 and 1995 and the foetuses date back to that time. Some have been used for research at Liverpool University.

‘It’s quite a different issue from the retention of organs from children who died at Alder Hey but it is also something we have been completely open about’ said the hospital spokesman’.

Ed Bardley, spokesman for Pity2 said he was horrified at the revelation. He added that:

‘Alder Hey knew about this and should have made this known months ago. Some of these foetuses are from stillbirths and miscarriages which means they were wanted and I am sure parents would have had no idea they would end up in a hospital store’.

The Diana, Princess of Wales children’s hospital in Birmingham, admitted taking and storing up to 1500 children’s hearts over a period of 35 years without the knowledge and consent of parents.

Why? What was the motivation for this sinister deceit and outrageous, unthinkable behaviour? Who authorised it, and who and which organisations new about it? If it was not the Government, how was this kept secret for so long? What has happened to the missing organs and foetuses?

A number of years ago a film was released called, ‘Coma’. The scenario was that patients going into hospital for routine operations would mysteriously die. Only when the friend of a doctor, who comes into the hospital for simple surgery, dies on the operating table does the suspicion begin of a most sinister plot. The end of the film shows a warehouse full of bodies being sustained by science to keep the organs of the bodies alive. People, thought to be dead by relatives, being kept artificially alive for their organs which are sold to the highest bidder!

Hospitals are so trusted. People naturally assume that the Health Service is checked and anything and everything is vetted. One assumes that the government checks that all is carried out properly and ethically.

Only the other week was there a report about human embryo cloning. The Donaldson Committee report gave the permission for the cloning of embryos for use in medicine. Also a few weeks ago there was news of a boy being created artificially to provide that needed for a girl’s life. Following this there are now legal cases where parents want to decide the sex of their child. One couple want to create a girl to replace the one lost in an accident. They claim that it is their right. (!)

The government also has given permission for insurance companies to carry out tests for certain diseases. At this time, when there seems to be a plethora of advertisements for private health schemes, such permission is ill-advised. The list of diseases wanting to be checked by companies will increase until they are taking no risk whatsoever and taking control of peoples’ lives. People will in effect be handing over, to a third party, money for no reason. Why be insured? Revenue is taken for the National Health Service. Private schemes should not be necessary. It is no longer about having the advantage of being seen sooner. It is about claiming money back, holidays and the like. It is a money making racket!

The Health Service is there to help all with whatever problems. People who through no fault of their own may (!) develop an unfortunate disease then they should have the peace of mind of receiving help from the service they are paying for. Not having insurance companies probing into what is private and putting fear into them.

The aim of the co-operative was to give all persons health care without question so as to avoid this very morass into which we are sinking.

Deliberately manufacturing and destroying human beings is not in keeping with Biblical teaching. Since the Abortion Act of 1967 just how many millions of murders have taken place in this country? Life to some is so cheap. Jesus must weep every time a baby is destroyed.

For all the interest of science, the human condition is little thought of until illness strikes. The creating of a human being should inspire wonder and awe at the marvellousness of its creation and its growth. Can this fantastic engineering be just a fluke from a big bang? No, the human body is wonderfully made and should lead everyone to wonder at the creator. Made in God’s image it is usual for human beings to want to be creative and investigative. But as man gains this new knowledge revealed by God, he is not looking to God in humility and reverence but is seeking to usurp the creator by all sorts of perverseness. Mankind is in sin because he wanted to be God. Some still want to be God and yet deny God. Yet God created from nothing - now man is unlikely to achieve that! Abusing knowledge, and science is certainly no stranger to this, has always and will continue to reap disaster with many serious ethical questions arising and sinister events taking place. Science cannot hide behind ‘in the name of research’ any longer. People’s lives are not there to be played with by medical practitioners. They are not the author of it. Thank God is not so arbitrary in His dealings.

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