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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Date Posted:

Popery's Plague of Paedophile Priests

Shake not the hand of this newly-modelled heathenism and foully-corrupted Christianity.
Professor Arthur Noble

Texe Marr's book Catholic Empire of the Queers – An Exposé of Pedophile1 Homosexual Priests and Lesbian Nuns (available from Amazon at US$ 7.00) is an eye-opener. The author, widely known for his in-depth research into the filth underlying the external glitter of the Vatican and its global 'peace' jaunts, exposes and documents how the Roman Catholic Church has become the lair of legions of depraved homosexuals and paedophiles who now "comprise the majority of priests and nuns" (emphasis mine). The reader will discover how priests who prey on altar boys and children in Church-run orphanages have "turned the altars and pews of churches into Sodomite beds"; how Lesbian nuns have "come out of the closet" (!) and arrogantly proclaimed their perverted lifestyle; how the Vatican has been forced to pay out millions of dollars in court settlements to victims of sexual molestation by priests.

Adding details to Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Garry Wills' assertion that priests live in a "shadowy underworld of secrecy, evasion and misrepresentation", Marr reports that this is nothing less than the prophesied emergence of a "sacrilegious New Religious Order – a Catholic Empire of the Queers".

Yet, despite the exposure, the atrocities persist in multiplying, and the Vatican continues to cover them up. Reports from the United States demonstrate that there has been no change in depravity ongoing for centuries. Jason Berry, an expert on paedophile priests, revealed in an editorial in the Los Angeles Times of May 17, 1992, that "since 1982, more than 400 U.S. Catholic priests or brothers have been reported to church or civil authorities for molesting children". The number today, almost a decade later, could well be in the region of 1,000. After researching the New York Times Index for sex crimes committed by Roman Catholic priests in the 1990's alone, one researcher said he was "absolutely aghast at the magnitude of debased depravity running rife in the Catholic Church, victimizing the innocent and betraying their trust". He asked the discerning reader to consider the "untold numbers of molestations which go unreported, or cloaked in secrecy by the Catholic Church" and the "innumerable incidents which go unreported in countries around the world – countries which do not have freedom of the press". He concludes that the "depth of sin of the Catholic Church boggles the mind".

Of the hundreds of known and probably thousands of unknown cases, that of 'Father' James Robert Porter, reported in the New York Times of July 15, 1992, is one of the most horrific. It involved more than 100 men and women who said they were sexually assaulted by Porter as children. John Daignault, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School, described them as "the largest single group of victims of one perpetrator, in a position of authority, in psychology's history". [New York Times, December 4, 1992.] One writer called it the "true story of a demented demigod shuffled from diocese to diocese, raping at will" – a story which "could not have been written by even the most fertile imagination in the world of fiction".

To this can be added the string of recent paedophile priest scandals in Britain, Belgium, France, Germany and several other countries – all of which serve to underline the unsurpassed moral corruption and sexual vice endemic in the Roman Church. The flood of cases amply demonstrates that Rome has not changed one iota since the days of Luther, who led the revolt against its inherent rottenness.

As the Pope continues his global jetsetting, consider, therefore, the true nature of the unchanged system that he is promoting. The contrived glitter of the welcome ceremonies conceals rife putrefaction; the mellifluous words of 'peace' are a veneer for the preparation of war against 'heretics'; the 'apologies' refer to the excesses of the 'sons and daughters of the Church' and never acknowledge the guilt of the Church itself; the hypocritical words of 'remorse' for past 'mistakes' are followed by the beatification of the very perpetrators of the evils committed; the plea for 'tolerance' is a ruse to promote Popery to the eventual exclusion of all other religions; and the outstretched hand of 'friendship', if grasped, will drag you towards the bloody fate once suffered at the hands of Rome by the victims of the Crusades, the Protestant martyrs, and the Jews.

Shake not the hand of this newly-modelled heathenism and foully-corrupted Christianity. It is the clutch of the Mother of Harlots, whose doom is assured, and that of all who enter into her parlour.

1American spelling: pedophile; British spelling: paedophile.

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