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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Date Posted:

Dr. George Carey

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The Papal Lie versus the Truth of Christ

At every stage the Protestants who believe in the Reformation are maligned and pilloried, and Rome, like Pilate, washes her hands.
Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

Even the compromising pro-Romanist Archbishop of Canterbury has been stung by the Pope's new excommunication of the Church of England. The Archbishop said, 'Of course the Church of England and the Anglican Communion does not for one moment accept that its orders of ministry and Eucharist are deficient in any way. It believes itself to be a part of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church of Christ.'

Then the Archbishop goes back to his non-Protestant ecumenical compromising position by saying, 'The idea that Anglican and other churches are not 'proper churches' seems to question the considerable ecumenical gains we have made. It is important that we recognise and celebrate the ecumenical progress'.

What progress? Progress of more surrender of the Biblical faith and more grovelling at the Pope's toe to be told that the Church of England is excommunicated from the only true Church.

Canterbury needs a Thomas Cranmer, not a George Carey.

The editor of the Jesuit journal The Tablet, John Wilkins, in typical Jesuit cunning commented, 'Of course people are feeling a bit sore, that's understandable. It is a backward step (wait for it!) even although if it is being made so that we can take a better step - a forward one - later.'

Note the Jesuitical sophistry 'if it is being made so', not 'that it is made so'. A better step cannot be taken until the bad step is retraced. Impossible for the 'infallible' to do that!

The statement is as rock solid as the Council of Trent, as far as Rome is concerned.

The Daily Telegraph, whose editor is a convert to Rome, in its editorial of Tuesday 5th September 2000, jumped to be the apologist for Rome. In its second editorial headed 'In Defence of Dogma' the following was stated:

'Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and the Pope are elderly men, anxious to safeguard the legacy of Vatican II before they die. Compared with the optimistic tone of the Council's decrees, that of the declaration is defensive. It is a restatement of basic Roman Catholic doctrine in the light of what has happened since. It seeks to counter a religious pluralism that would dilute the revelation of Jesus Christ as universal saviour. As such it has been criticised as offensive to other religions. But the Church cannot be expected to deny the unique salvific mission of its founder, even if it finds rays of truth in the teaching of other faiths. And, while discerning 'defects' in Churches with which it is not in full communion, it believes they 'have by no means been deprived of significance and importance in the mystery of salvation'. In this, the declaration is simply reiterating the teaching of Vatican II.

'The question is, then, what effect the document will have on ecumenism, that striving to the end of the scandal of ecclesial division, thus fulfilling Christ's wish 'that they all be one'. The reaction yesterday of the Archbishop of Canterbury indicates, unfortunately, that it will be negative. Yet it is difficult to see how genuine reconciliation can be achieved by veiling what one believes. The pontificate of John Paul II has been characterised both by an openness, reflected in his ceaseless travels, and a determination to sift illegitimate from legitimate interpretations of Vatican II. The Declaration Dominus Iesus should be read as part of that second strand.'

Readers are evidently to be softened up by the fact that the Cardinal and the Pope are both elderly men anxious to safeguard the legacy of Vatican II - Vatican II popularly understood through the false propaganda of Rome and the ecumenists of Apostate Protestantism. Rome did not change in Vatican II, she just changed the window-dressing. Here is what Cardinal Bea, the Pope's man had to say about Vatican II: 'No Catholic of education will believe that the (Vatican) Council can or would change even a single dogma. The Supreme Pontiff and the Council have a duty, inherent in their ecclesiastical authority, to preserve whole and entire the doctrine passed to them by tradition, and no love for the separated brethren can induce us to lay even the lightest hand on the sacred deposit of the faith'.

The editorial then admits this by declaring that this new declaration from the Pope is simply reiterating the teaching of Vatican II.

Why then the reference to elderly men and their need to safeguard the legacy of Vatican II before they die?

Rome had allowed Vatican II to be hailed as the change of Old Rome. It has encouraged their ecumenical fellow-travellers to exploit the big lie that Vatican II was the birth of a new Church of Rome. The lie has now come home to roost.

Rome has not changed. It is still the Church of the Council of Trent and the instigator of the Inquisition. The editorial can only be seen as the official Roman Catholic view. It can only be interpreted in tat way. It argues as if the roman Catholic Church is the only true Church and that she alone has had 'the truth revealed' to her. Rome, to the Daily Telegraph, is the mother of all churches and has no sisters, but these matters of the Pope's document are not commented on.

The great error of Rome and the great error of the Daily Telegraph's editorial 'In Defence of Dogma' is that they proclaim Salvation by the Church.

Salvation is not in the gift of the Church or the Pope.

The Apostle Peter made that clear in Acts 4:12 'Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved'.

For the Daily Telegraph to 'Defend Roman Dogma' by substituting it for the true gospel as revealed in the Word of God is to swallow the poison of popery.

Rome wants to claim Peter as the first Pope but totally and utterly rejects the gospel which Peter preached!

The True Gospel is Christ centred, not Church centred.

Now fast on the heels of the Pope's definitive statement comes news that the Queen is going to apologise to the Pope for the actions of the English in Ireland against Rome.

  • Will the Queen be pointing out that England became entangled in Ireland through the intervention of a Pope who sold Ireland to England for the payment of 'Peter's Pence' and the undertaking to destroy the Church of Patrick and bring in Popery by the edge of the sword?
  • Will the Queen get a confession from the Pope with regard to the Irish massacre and the blood-thirsty priest-led atrocities of the 1798 Rebellion at Vinegar Hill?
  • Will she receive an apology for the genocide of the Protestants on the Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland border a few years ago by the Roman Catholic IRA whose murdering members were all buried with the full rites of Mother Church?
  • Will the Pope apologise for the sending of golden crucifixes to the IRA hunger-strikers and messages of support for them in their cause - a cause red with murder?

The Queen is bound by Oath not to have any communion with the Pope of Rome, but Prime Minister Blair, an ally of Rome, seems to want a love-in.

At every stage the Protestants who believe in the Reformation are maligned and pilloried, and Rome, like Pilate, washes her hands.

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