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Friday, August 18, 2017
Date Posted:

The Popish Plot Exposed by Rome Herself

Chapter 3

That the Church of Rome should desire to recover the power she lost over our land at the Reformation is natural. For years she has plotted and planned to wipe out that great defeat. The whole history of our country is a history of carefully plotted schemes of the Popes of Rome to once again exercise full power over this Realm. Time after time the Church of Rome has tried to re conquer England and Scotland and Wales but she has met with no success. The bloody deeds of Mary and the perfidity of the Stuart Monarchs failed, and Protestantism became even more firmly seated than ever in our island home. About the middle of the last century, however, a new endeavour by the Pope was commenced. Its aim was to accomplish what past efforts had failed to do. Pope Pius IX sent Cardinal Wiseman and a number of Bishops to take what he called “ecclesiastical possession” of England. Of course there was great resentment at the Pope’s orders and the bombastic impertinence of the Cardinal in attempting to carry them out. But, as England had passed liberal laws the Roman Catholic Church went on its way unmolested. Of the Cardinal’s aims and intentions, of the plot that Rome had hatched for the destruction of our nation there is no secret. The purpose, the revealed and openly declared purpose, was to re conquer England for Rome.

Cardinal Manning, an eager convert to the Roman faith, continued what Wiseman commenced. He declared openly his great objective and the objective of the Vatican. Addressing his clergy he uttered the following words words worthy of careful, continual and earnest consideration:

“It is good for us, reverend brothers, to be here in England. If ever there was a country in which there is much to do, and perhaps much to suffer, it is here. I shall not say too much if I say that it is for us to subjugate and subdue, to conquer and to rule, an imperial race. We have to do with a will which reigns throughout the world, as the will of old Rome reigned once; and it is for us to bend or break that will, which nations and kingdoms have found invincible and inflexible. Were heresy conquered in England, it would be conquered throughout the world. All its lines meet here; therefore, in England the church of God must be gathered in all its strength. You have a great commission to fulfill, and great is the prize for which you strive. Surely a soldier’s life and a soldier’s heart would choose by institution this field of England for the warfare of the faith.”

Notice Rome’s official exposure of her own plot. What is the purpose of the Church of Rome in England? To have greater liberty or a larger faith, or spread her message to those whom she feels are in darkness? It is none of those things. Her self declared purpose is to conquer England, not to convert by persuasion, not to lead out of darkness into light, but rather “to subjugate and to subdue, to conquer and to rule”. Surely we must try and understand the inwardness of the words of Cardinal Manning. When Cardinal Manning died Vaughan took up his work. The great Cathedral at Westminster owes its existence largely to the prelate who never tired of urging his disciples to spare no effort to win England, and who apparently never gave up the hope that his purpose would be accomplished.

There is no doubt about it that Rome is straining every nerve to make this Protestant land of ours yield to the claims she asserts. Of course, she wears the velvet glove over the hand of steel, and hopes that people who have short memories in relation to the great facts of history will not see the steel but it is there nevertheless. We got a glimmer of it when, on the B.C.C., St. John Stevas M.P. noted Roman Catholic politician, stated that he would like to put those who protested against the proposed visit of the Pope in Liverpool, into prison. Shades of old persecuting Rome!

The purpose of the Pope’s visit to this land is no secret. He himself has stated in the Catholic Herald that the object of his visit is to bring the Church of England back into the Roman fold, “This is the real aim and objective of my visit”. That is why we are seeing the relationship between Her Majesty’s Government and the Vatican raised by the appointment of full ambassadors. Take careful note, it wasn’t the Foreign Office that made the announcement. Remember, the Vatican made the announcement first. It should have been announced simultaneously if protocol had been guarded, but protocol with England, as far as the Vatican is concerned, is completely ignored. The Church of Rome is in a grave conspiracy to overthrow the Protestant Constitution of our land, and the aim of the Pope’s visit as declared by himself is to destroy forever the Protestant nature of the Reformed Church of England establish by Law, because he knows if he can achieve this then the Throne itself falls an easy prey to the Vatican. If the Church becomes part of the Roman Catholic system, then the Queen, as Head of that Church, automatically becomes a Roman Catholic, and the whole Government of our land is destroyed.

Lord Denbigh’s famous declaration, “I am a Catholic first, an Englishman afterwards”, has two great merits. It is unambiguous; and it is authoritative. In addition it has received all the sanction which the highest Romish authority is able to confer. It stands approved not only as the explicit avowal but also as the proud boast of that primary allegiance to the Pope which is now required of every English subject.

Then, let us have done with allusions. The proud boast of a free people - “That no foreign Prince, Person, Prelate, State or Potentate have or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, preeminence or authority ecclesiastical or spiritual within this Realm of England” - has become a mere dead letter. So has also the Act of Settlement! The glory is departed. The arrogant behest of the successor of Hildebrand is obeyed by the English Government. A divided allegiance is proclaimed almost from the very steps of the Throne, even among those august persons its natural guardians, the peers of the Realm. They are not wanting some who think it no shame to profess that their first allegiance is paid to the Pope and only their second to the Queen. Some years ago such instances would have been pronounced exceptional if not mythical, but the Papal aggression and its victories have changed all that. The rising tide of Popery has swept away all the old landmarks, and the men who obtained political power by swearing that they would never use it for the subversion of the Protestant institutions of the Empire have already after the fashion of their faith discarded the obligations of their oath. No wonder many years ago Lord John Russell, Prime Minister of England, had to say, “There is an assumption of power in all the documents which have come from Rome a pretention to supremacy over the Realm of England, and acclaim to sole and undivided sway, which is inconsistent with the Queen’s supremacy, with the rights of our bishops and clergy, and with the spiritual independence of the nation, asserted even in Roman Catholic times”.

‘The Tablet’, the most powerful and potent organ of Rome in the land, spelt out the attitude the official attitude of the Roman Catholic Church - to the laws and constitution of our country on the jurisdiction of the Pope:

“Neither in England nor in Ireland will the Roman Catholics obey the law, that is, the law of the Imperial Parliament. They have, or are likely to have, before them two things called laws, which unhappily (or happily) contradict each other. Both cannot be obeyed, and both cannot be disobeyed. One of them is the law of God the other is not law at all. It pretends to be an Act of Parliament; but in the ethics of legislation it is no more force or value that a solemn enactment that the moon is made of green cheese. It is not a law but a lie, a Parliamentary lie, which its very utterers know to be false, and which they deliberately put forward as a falsehood, careless of contempt and ignominy, so that they can retain their hold of office. Of these two things we need hardly say which will be obeyed and which disobeyed. The law of God that is the Pope’s command will be or rather has been and is being carried into effect: the Parliamentary lie will be spit upon and trampled underfoot and treated as all honest men treat a lie that is rigorously disobeyed.”

Reiterating the same Roman Catholic teaching the Catholic ‘Vindicator’ said: “Rather than that our loyalty to the Holy Apostolic See should be in the least degree tarnished let ten thousand kings and queens perish that is let them be deposed from their throne and become mere individuals. When the Pope and the Queen are placed in antagonism to each other as has been done lately and it is intimated that Her Majesty would not accept a divided allegiance we are compelled to say plainly which allegiance we consider the most important, and we would not hesitate to tell the Queen to her face that she must either be content with this divided allegiance or none at all. Let us never forget that whatever her boasted authority may be it is as nothing and less than nothing compared to that of the Vicar of Christ”.

That teaching of the Roman Catholic Church set out plainly during the controversy of the last century is the same teaching of the Church today. The so called Vicar of Christ, the Pope of Rome, in the eyes of the Roman Catholic people must take precedence over the legitimate Monarch of the Realm, and she must be content to accept a divided allegiance or else receive no allegiance whatsoever. When the Pope stands on British soil then for the first time since the Reformation two Monarchs shall contend for the allegiance of our nation. The whole Roman Catholic Church and its people will willingly give their allegiance to their king, and the occasion will be used for the furtherance of Rome’s efforts to reconquer our land and to lower the dignity and authority of our own Monarchy and Throne. Cardinal Manning in this connection put forth clearly and explicitly the claims of the Roman Pontiff: “In Christ’s right I am Sovereign. I acknowledge no civil superior: I am the subject of no Prince, and I claim to be the supreme judge on earth, the director of the consciences of men: of the peasant that tills the field and the Prince that sits on the Throne: of the household that sits in the shade of privacy and the legislator that makes laws for the kingdom. I am the last sole supreme judge on earth of what is right and wrong”. It is this Papal usurper that the Roman hierarchy and the British Government would foist upon the nation for its adulation and homage. By her own words her plots are discovered, and by her own confession her purposes are revealed. We must bend all our efforts to keep the Church of Rome from achieving her great goal, the re conquering of our nation. What a dreadful scene is being enacted before us. England meanly submitting to be again enslaved by Rome.

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