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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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Part II - Its Emancipation

Are We To Lose Our Protestant Heritage?
Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley MP, MEP

For centuries the craft of Satan kept the nations from this heritage. Through popery the Devil had shut up the way to our inheritance. Priestcraft, superstition, paganism and papalism with all their attendant vices of murder, theft, immorality, lust and incest blocked the way to the land of Gospel liberty. The bondage of souls under the iron heel of the Roman Man of Sin is almost indescribable. There is no night so dark as the Papal midnight, no dungeon so loathsome as that of the Woman of Babylon, no chains are so fettering as the chains of the Antichrist of the Seven Hills, no slavery so degrading as the slavery of the Mother of Harlots.

The Bondage of Popery

Rome plunged the world into the pit of the most grovelling superstitions ever practised. In England before the Reformation such relics as the girdle of Mary Magdalene, the smock of the Virgin Mary, St. James's hand, a bone of Salome, an angel with one wing, the parings of St. Edmund's toenails, the milk of the Virgin, were the objects of the people's worship. The priests taught the people to give divine honour to these filthy relics.

Remember: the Papacy has not changed a whit. In Rome to this day she brazenly exhibits the following lying showpieces: the heads of St. Peter and St. Paul encased in silver busts and set with jewels; a lock of Mary's hair, a phial of her tears and a piece of her green petticoat; a robe of Jesus Christ sprinkled with His blood, some drops of His blood in a bottle, some of the water which flowed out of the wound in His side, some of the sponge, a large piece of the Cross, all the nails used in the crucifixion; a piece of the stone of the sepulchre on which the angel sat; the identical porphyry pillar on which the cock perched when he crowed after Peter denied Christ; the rods of Moses and Aaron, and two pieces of the wood from the real ark of the covenant.

Not only did Rome fill our land with filthy relics, but she furnished it with innumerable lying impostures. One example will suffice. At the Abbey of Hales in Gloucestershire, a vial was displayed to those who offered alms. The vial contained blood which, it was claimed, was the very blood of Christ. This notable vial was examined by the Royal Commissioners in Henry VIII's time, and was found to contain the blood of a duck, renewed every week.

Yes, and in this very city of Belfast, in the Mass House at Clonard, Rome exhibits and venerates the supposedly bleeding bone of one Gerard, a bogus saint. She is still the same in her lying impostures.

Ignorant and Filthy Priests

The ignorance and immorality of her priests festered as a awful cancer on the body politic in pre-Reformation days. These filthy and ignorant scoundrels were determined to shut up the way to the land of liberty, the heritage of the true Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The religious houses which Henry VIII dissolved were sinks of the vilest iniquities. The religious houses which Henry VIII dissolved were sinks of the vilest iniquities. The practises of their inmates, so-called "holy men" and "holy women", were of the lowest forms of harlotry and sodomy. A perusal of the reports of Henry's Commissioners demonstrates how true is the Holy Spirit's indictment of Rome: "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH" (Rev. 17:5). No wonder the indictment is printed in capitals in our Bibles.

The ignorance of these immoral priests was notorious. Godly Bishop Hooper, the martyr, investigated the clergy of his rich diocese of Gloucester after his appointment in 1551. He discovered that out of 311 clergy 168 were unable to repeat the Ten Commandments; 31 of the 168 could not say in what part of the Scriptures they were found; 40 could not tell where the Lord's Prayer was found in the Bible; and 31 of the 40 did not know who was its author. These ignorant priests were the Pope's army to keep the people from the Promised Land.

Luther - the Joshua of the Reformation

Just as God raised up Joshua to conquer Canaan, however, God raised up Martin Luther, the Joshua of the Reformation, to lead the nations of Europe into the glorious heritage of Gospel peace and pardon. Before Luther's ram's-horn the Jericho walls of Rome crumbled into ruin.

Leo X, the elegant pagan Pope, commissioned a Dominican monk, Johannes Tetzel, to go to Germany to collect money which he wanted for paintings and works of art in the great Church of St. Peter's in Rome. He took with him the right to sell indulgences. Naturally, the deluded people bought his wares. He made sin easy. He sold the right to murder your enemy for about £3.50 in our money, to rob a church for about £4.50, while the murder of father, mother, sister or brother cost only about £2.00. Those who purchased these sin dockets from the Pope naturally liked the value for their money, so crime abounded wherever the pardon-seller went.

Luther declared: "By the grace of God I'll beat a hole in Tetzel's drum." Luther's righteous soul was enraged by this travesty of the Gospel. Having drunk at the crystal river of God's pardoning grace and experienced justification by faith alone, he determined to expose both the pardon-seller and his master. Tetzel used a large drum to collect his money and exclaimed zealously: "As soon as the money clinks in the bottom the buyer is pardoned and free from sin." Luther declared: "By the grace of God I'll beat a hole in Tetzel's drum." Thank God he did beat such a hole in popery that all popes, cardinals, bishops, priests, monks, friars and nuns have never been able to patch it up again.

Luther's Message

Through Luther our great heritage was emancipated. His statements concerning Gospel pardon and grace cleared the way for our entering into glorious possession. "But how may we obtain remission of our sins?" he asks. "Paul answereth that a man which is called Jesus, the Son of God, hath given Himself for them. These are excellent and comfortable words, and are the promises of the old Law, that our sins are taken away by none other means than by the Son of God delivered unto death. With such gunshot and such artillery must the papacy be destroyed, and all the religions of the heathen, all works, all merits and superstitious ceremonies."

Luther's message had as its centre the all-sufficient, all-final, all-atoning death of our Lord Jesus Christ upon the Cross. "Stand back, let Him be seen today alone, mighty to save to the uttermost all who come. Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world. Look unto Him, sinner, and be saved. Contemplate Him, holy brethren, and grow like Him. Not church, nor priest, nor ritual; not Bible, nor baptism, nor supper; nothing but Christ, the loving, almighty Son of God - Thou art the Saviour of the sinner, the sanctifier of the saint, the satisfaction of the saved forever!" It was this message which opened the way to our great Protestant heritage and emancipated it from the clutches of the son of perdition.

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