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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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Part III - Its Elevation

Are We To Lose Our Protestant Heritage?
Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley MP, MEP

The elevation of any estate is important. The view adds to its value. Our Protestant heritage has excellent views and choice elevation. One of the main causes of the decay of Protestantism is the lack of clear vision. How true the Scripture precept: "Where no vision is, the people perish." Protestantism today is like Samson. It has played the fool with modernism and ritualism, and, when drugged to stupor with these Satanic poisons, the Delilah Rome has robbed it of its great strength, put out its eyes and led it captive to grind in the mills of Papal tyranny.

Alas, the keen edge of Protestantism has become blunted and dull. On every hand we hear the following expressions which are the joy of Hell: 'It's time the religious controversy was over!' 'One religion is a good as another.' 'After all, Roman Catholics are sincere.' 'Hasn't Rome changed?' 'The Church is Rome is a Christian church, for she believes in Christ.' These expressions are an index to the awful blindness of our day and generation. They tell of the overwhelming success of Rome's insidious and constant propaganda.

The Sharp Lessons of History

Need I recall the sharp lessons of history? What was it that dragged our nation down until she was the least of the nations in Europe? Black popery! What was it that tried to stifle our hard-won liberties and crush our throne and make us the slaves of Spain? Black popery! What was it that by lying, fraud and deceit set again a papist on the throne in the person of James II? Black popery! Yes - and what is it that at this moment is reducing Britain to a third-rate nation? Black popery!

Clear views of the Papal conspiracy led to liberty and prosperity. Faulty and hazy views led to servitude and ruin. The Reformers had no doubts about the diabolical origin of the Pope and his kingdom. They saw his system in Revelation chapter 17 and they feared not to call him the Man of Sin.

Consider the list of names, each one with a history of exploits for the Gospel, and remember that they were all militant Protestants, knowing and believing that Rome and no one else was the Scarlet Woman, the Mother of Harlots, Mystery Babylon the Great: Wycliffe, Huss, Jerome of Prague, Luther, Calvin, Tyndale, Cranmer, Jewel, Ridley, Latimer, Tillinghast, Bullinger, Knox, Sir Isaac Newton, Foxe, Milton, Dr. Goodwin, Richard Baxter, Bishop Newton, Bunyan, Fleming, Wesley, Matthew Henry, Jonathan Edwards, Dr. Keith, Dr. Hales, Dr. Chalmers, Bickersteth, Gaussen (Swiss), Dr. Wylie, E.B. Elliott, M.A., Dr. Cumming, Dean Goode, Canon Garrett, Bishop J.C. Ryle, Principal R.S. Candlish, D.D., A. Barnes (U.S.A.), Bishop Wordsworth, Professor T.R. Birks, M.A., Rev. A. Hislop, D.D., A.J. Gordon, D.D., Finney, Moody, R. Hudson Taylor, H.G. Guinness, D.D., Canon Grindelstone, Sir J.W. Dawson, LL.D., F.R.S., Spurgeon, Joseph Tanner, M.A., F.B. Meyer, D.D., E. Cachemaille, M.A., Rev. H. Brooke, M.A., Rev. A. Goforth (China), Dr. C.A. Salmond, Dr. A. Robertson, Rev. Webb-Peploe, Rev. Dinsdale Young, Rev. F.S. Webster, Rev. C.H. Lancaster, Rev. A.C. Dixon, D.D., Rev. Dr. Hamilton, Rev. E.H. Horne, M.A., Dean Wace, D.D., Dean E.H. Walker, M.A., Bishop Moule, J. Stewart Holden, D.D.

Men like these with clear views about popery were the men who turned their nation to the Lord. Oh, that we may tread where these great saints have trod!

The Reformers' Crusade against the Papacy

Cranmer said of the Pope: "I refuse him as Christ's enemy and Antichrist with all his false doctrines." It is an indisputable fact that where Rome is there is darkness, the darkness of Hell. It was a clear knowledge and view of this that nerved the Reformers for their holy and successful crusade against the Papacy. Their language is unequivocal.

Lord Cobham, the early English martyr, described the Pope as "the open adversary of God and an abomination standing in the holy place".

John Knox declared that the Pope is "the head of the Kirk of Antichrist" and that the Church of Rome is "the synagogue of Satan".

Bishop Ridley stated: "The See of Rome is the seat of Satan and the Bishop of the same is Antichrist himself indeed."

Latimer maintained that Rome "sooner might be called diabolic than Catholic".

Calvin protested of the Pope: "I deny him to be the Vicar of Christ who in furiously persecuting the Gospel demonstrates by his conduct that he is Antichrist."

Tyndale wrote: "The Bishop of Rome and his sects be the right Antichrists and deny both the Father and the Son; for they deny the witness that the Father bore unto His Son and deprive the Son of all the power and glory which the Father gave Him."

Cranmer said of the Pope: "I refuse him as Christ's enemy and Antichrist with all his false doctrines."

The Westminster Assembly of Divines declared: "There is no other Head of the Church but the Lord Jesus Christ, nor can the Pope of Rome in any sense be Head thereof, but is that Antichrist, that Man of Sin and Son of Perdition, that exalteth himself in the Church against Christ and all that is called God."

To this declaration Irish Presbyterian ministers swore at ordination and then in assembly they stand to honour the corrupting carcass of the Son of Perdition. By so doing they themselves declare themselves to be but a bunch of perjurers.

Bishop Ryle's Warning

It was no wonder that the first Bishop of Liverpool, John Charles Ryle, issued the following warning:

"Once let Popery get her foot again on the neck of England, and there will be an end of her national greatness. God will forsake us, and we shall sink to the level of Portugal and Spain. With Bible-reading discouraged - with private judgement forbidden - with the way to Christ's Cross narrowed or blocked up - with priestcraft re-established - with auricular confession set up in every parish - with monasteries and nunneries dotted over the land - with women everywhere kneeling like serfs and slaves at the feet of clergymen - with men casting off all faith, and becoming sceptics - with schools and colleges made seminaries of Jesuitism - with free thought denounced and anathematized - with all these things the distinctive manliness and independence of the British character will gradually dwindle, wither, pine away, and be destroyed: and England will be ruined. All of these things, I firmly believe, will come, unless the old feeling about the value of Protestantism can be revived."

The Safeguard of our Constitution

Our forefathers with clear views on the Papacy wrote the following safeguard into the great Acts of Rights and Settlement: "Every person that shall hold communion with the See or Church of Rome shall be excluded and forever incapable to possess the Crown and Government of this Realm and Dominions."

Yet today this safeguard, which cost the blood of the Reformers, Confessors and Martyrs, is being shamefully flouted. Woe to the Royal House of Britain for flirting with the Roman Harlot!

Woe to the Government of this United Kingdom for parleying with popery! May God Almighty awaken us to see popery as it is in the eyes of God.

To me, a Bible-instructed Protestant, Rome may paint her face and attire her hair like Jezebel of old, but I still recognise the murderous wrinkles on the brow of the old scarlet-robbed hag. She may clothe herself in the finest attire, but underneath the gorgeous robes I see the leprous garments of her whoredoms.

Rome may extend her gloved hand - well may it be gloved, for it is "that damned spot", the innocent blood from which she shall never be cleansed - but I will never take it.

Rome may whisper her tones of 'Peace, peace', but the poison of asps is under her lying tongue, and war is in her polluted heart.

Rome may deceive the nerveless, spineless, jellyfish apostates, but she will not deceive God's elect.

I recognise her. To her and to all those World Council of Churches spokesmen, who present her to their deceived dupes as the Great Mother, the Queen of Nations, we reply as we look upon her debased and repulsive figure: "Why feignest thou thyself, thy wife of Beelzebub?"

The dog will return to its vomit. The washed sow will return to its wallowing in the mire, but by God's grace we will never return to popery. We see her in the glass of God's precious Word and we reject her forever.

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