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Saturday, August 19, 2017
Date Posted:

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Part IV - Its Preservation

Are We To Lose Our Protestant Heritage?
Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley MP, MEP

I surely do not need to argue the necessity of defending, maintaining and preserving our great Protestant heritage. The serious inroads made into our civil and religious liberties were demonstrated by this brutal attack [in June, 1963] on our very close friend and brother, Rev. John Wylie. These barbarous thugs are true representatives of the Roman system.

What should be noted is that their church or priests have not disclaimed in any way their brutal actions. The leaders of the World Council of Churches have also been conspicuous by their silence. In fact, it is reported that one Irish Presbyterian minister congratulated these Roman thugs and expressed sorrow that I had not been present and received similar treatment. This shows what we can expect, not only from Romanists but from the Iscariot Ecumenists.

Our Weapons not Carnal

Carnal weapons and carnal methods can never defeat the great system of Antichristianity. Behind the façade or popery is the genius and power of the Dragon. The Dragon has given to the Beast his seat and power and great authority. When we enter the arena against papalism we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness in high places. Spiritual forces can be dislodged and dispelled only by spiritual forces. Carnality is impotent in such warfare.

The Lord Jesus said of believers: "Ye are the salt of the earth." Salt is the great preservative. If it has lost its savour, how can the matter salted be preserved? How salty are we Christians? That is the vital question. Alas, many truly born-again Protestants can scarcely preserve themselves from the appalling sins of our day, let alone act as a preservative on society around them.

Our Protestant heritage must be preserved - not only by political alliances and parties. These too have proved to be but broken reeds. It must be preserved by the power of God in the lives of His own people. The people of God are not today spiritually mature and militant, as their forefathers were. Their great weakness lies in their undeveloped and stunted spiritual state. They are giants in a crowd, but dwarfs when taken alone. Of the personal and private duties of Christianity they are almost totally ignorant. They need the props of public gatherings and much public activity or they would topple. This ought not to be.

The Neglected Duties of Christianity

Three most important duties of personal religion must be emphasised:

The flame of secret prayer kindles the fires of public blessings. First, private prayer. Herein lies the great strength of Christianity. Men who have talked to God and prevailed will talk to men and triumph. Without private prayer the soul must remain barren and unfruitful. The flame of secret prayer kindles the fires of public blessings. Your father Who sees in secret will reward you openly. Only one thing will preserve our heritage, and that is prevailing supplication at the throne of grace. Prayerlessness is powerlessness. Oh, for a band of earnest supplicants who will not give God peace day or night until He makes our Zion the joy of the whole earth!
Do we want to preserve our heritage? The remedy is in our hands. Secondly, Bible reading. If we built not on this foundation we are sure to fail. The Reformation spread and popery fled as the individual read the living Word. This sword smote the papal monster in the vitals. This light dispelled the night of priestcraft. This fire burned up the lying impostures of the Man of Sin. Do we want to preserve our heritage? The remedy is in our hands. Let us all diligently, in private, read this Book and hide its precious words in our hearts, as its words are the great preservatives from sin.
They live in such a bustle that they never let the inspired Word of God really grip them. Thirdly, meditation. This is practically a lost art among God's people. They live in such a bustle that they never let the inspired Word of God really grip them. To ponder the holy message is as necessary to spiritual growth as digestion is to natural growth. When the great deep truths get into a man's soul, then the man matures and becomes mighty in God's service. If we bury not the good seed in the depths of our bosoms, how dare we expect a harvest? These are our duties, and this is the only way to preserve our heritage. If we really value it we will with great earnestness set our hearts to their zealous discharge.

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