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Thursday, August 24, 2017
Date Posted:

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Part V - Its Appropriation

Are We To Lose Our Protestant Heritage?
Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley MP, MEP

Allow not Satan to deceive you any longer. Permit not sin to chain you forever. Heed not the siren calls of your deluded companions. Suffer not the lust of the flesh to destroy you forever. You reply that the forces that hold you are too strong for you. Granted - but there is a mighty Deliverer at hand, ready, at a call from you, to take up the struggle on your behalf and bring you gloriously through to blessed victory. His name is Emmanuel, God with us, the Victor of Calvary, the Champion of the Ages, and the Great Emancipator. Call upon Him now, for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

A Costly Transaction

Think not that because at a call you can be saved this great heritage is valueless. Nay, rather, it is the most costly estate that the Exchequer of Heaven ever purchased. In fact, the eternal coffers were exhausted in order to purchase for you this glorious inheritance. Its purchase price was the life's blood of God's dear Son. Wonder of Heaven! Mystery of Ages! Contemplation of Angels! Wisdom of Deity! That God should give Himself for sinful man's redemption!

Behold the spectacle of woe: God in Christ upon the Cross reconciling the world unto Himself. I charge you to count the purple drops from the precious head of the Redeemer, punctured with the thorns of that cruel crown. I implore you to view the bleeding hands and feet of our blessed Emanuel. I beseech you to stand and gaze at the tremendous price paid down at Golgotha for your freedom and enrichment. Learn the value of this great inheritance at the place called Calvary.

Appropriate it now

Oh, that like Pilgrim you might come to this place somewhat ascending! Oh, that you might view your Saviour in death for your sins! Oh, that your burden might be loosed from your back and buried out of sight for ever in the tomb of Jesus! Oh, that with regenerated heart you might sing:

"Say, Mister: How far is it to Heaven?" With quiet dignity the minister replied: "It's only a step; will you take it now?" Blessed Cross, Blessed Sepulchre,
But blessed rather be the Man that here was put to shame for me.

A young minister entered a crowded bus with his Bible under his arm, and at once there began some sneering remarks from some rough fellows. Finally, one said: "Say, Mister: How far is it to Heaven?" With quiet dignity the minister replied: "It's only a step; will you take it now?" This reply, together with the young minister's mastery over his temper under such provoking circumstances, was later the means of bringing that young man to the Lord.

Take the vital step now, and press into the Kingdom of God.

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