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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Date Posted:

Protestant Rally – Royal Albert Hall

April 10th, 1923
Pastor H Tydeman Chilvers

In a remarkable speech which stirred the enthusiasm of the vast audience, Pastor H Tydeman Chilvers said:

At the outset let me assure this great audience and all people everywhere that we Protestants of London and of Great Britain stand second to none in loyalty to our noble King and most gracious Queen. It is because of this that we are here and are doing what we are.

First let me say that we as Protestants are making this demonstration against the proposed Royal visit to the Pope and insist upon the withdrawal of the Envoy from the Vatican on the highest possible grounds. Our loyalty to our Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour and our only High Priest demands it. The Roman Catholic system robs our Lord of his Mediatorial glory.

Furthermore, our acceptance of the Bible as the only authority in faith and morals is another reason why we make this stand tonight. The freedom and liberty we enjoy by the power of our Protestant principles is why we take this high ground of demonstrating against the proposed visit.

The blessings that have come to us from the Reformation and similar movements and the great principles for which the Reformation stood have brought us our liberties, our privileges, ten thousand of our joys, and much of our happiness that we enjoy as Englishmen.

He spiritual and temporal claims of Rome are such that any traffic with her must necessarily be opposed by all true Christian patriots. ‘Semper eadem’ is Rome’s claim. She never changes and can never be satisfied until she sways her sceptre in some measure over the nations of the world.

No salvation outside of Rome is one of her great tenets. That she is the Harlot and Babylon of the book of Revelation we cannot and will not dispute. Wherever Rome reigns or rules she leaves in her train ignorance, poverty, loss of stamina, anarchy, trouble and disaster. We cannot forget the past.

My final thought is this: I want to make a bugle call to Protestants everywhere to wake up, and seek to create an atmosphere wherein it will be impossible to arrange easily Royal visits to the Pope. Men and women, the Protestantism of today needs backbone. I think it would do good if we had a little more Calvinism in our blood. We must cry war to every movement that leans towards Rome, whether it be in the Church of England or in the Non conformist churches. ‘Stand up, stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the cross.’

(Note: The Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony would dispute what, in the 6th paragraph, Mr Chilvers said he could not and would not dispute! Rome is part of the harlot system and a daughter of Babylon – and seemingly the worst of the daughters. Therefore, she shows great likeness to Babylon, but she does not precisely fulfil what is said in the Book of the Revelation).     

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