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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Date Posted:

Anglicans Help Repair RC Churches

Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

An Anglican parish has raised £1000 to help its local Catholic Church pay for building repairs. St Margaret’s Anglican Church in Middlesborough not only raised the cash but also offered parishioners at St Clare’s Catholic Church, the use of their church for three months while repairs were being carried out.

The Canon of St Clare’s said such action showed, ‘good community spirit. Ecumenical bonds have become closer following the helping hand they gave us.’

A similar situation operated when St Hilda’s, Whitby, used the local Anglican church.

According to Bishop Crowley, parishes have suffered to ensure that Catholic Schools in the area have the resources that they require.

The Pope must be smiling. The Vatican coffers remain intact and the breeding grounds of Catholicism, their schools, get their funds met by local Anglicans.

In the name of what? Such may provide unity among a group of people but it is mistaken to think and claim that this infers that this is of God’s uniting work between the two churches or that because of it, the people are getting closer to the holiness and manner of Christ.

Love and help thy neighbour does build relations between people but not institutions that can only ever be irreconciled if the Bible remains the arbiter. Have these local churches changed? Are the Catholic Churches continuing in Catholic doctrine? How has the teaching and claims of the two churches been able to come closer because of such an enterprise?

The problem is that a number of people who engage in these enterprises exclaim that they can be in agreement with the Church of Rome and that differences do not exist between them in their part of the process. This has a ring of truth about it, of course, for example while it may be that two persons may share oposing political views it naturally doesn’t preclude one to lend his garden hosepipe to his neighbour. However, their opinions yet remain; the neighbour doesn’t embrace the other’s views because of his lending of the hosepipe. Likewise of these people in the church situation, while they may stand together on some point or help, this is but a coalition, as they still keep their identities; the institutions to which they belong keep their doctrinal stance.

Is it a matter of window-dressing?

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