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Thursday, August 24, 2017
Date Posted:

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It’s A Sex – Mad, Mad World

More Sex We Are Liberal Minded
Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

While the rage continues in America about the Rev Charles I Jones, for an alleged case of adultery 18 years ago, in contradistinction, it is in some quarters perfectly acceptable for gay relationships, unions and marriages and rights, to be sort, gained and implemented. The public is then forced to tolerate this as acceptable.

In the 23rd February edition of the ‘Church of England’ newspaper it is reported that Canada is expecting!

Last week a Canadian MP, Svend Robinson, introduced a Valentines Day Private Members Bill to allow the marriage of homosexual couples. Mr Robinson complained that while the Charter of Rights has been interpreted as extending full equality to homosexuals, the country’s marriage law restricts marriage to the Biblical view of, one man to one woman.

Only two weeks prior, the same newspaper reported that a Quaker group has urged the government in Britain to recognise transsexual and gay marriages. Their response to the Home Office consultation paper on transsexual rights was that ‘the law should recognise all committed relationships’.

FTF (Friends Transgender Fellowship) state that they still see marriage as founded on sex, but the Quakers actually hold it to be founded on love. They believe that,

‘God upholds all who are tenderly committed to each other. We believe that all joining of persons in love is made by God and we utterly deny all worldly prescription for marriage save that we shall uphold in loving kindness any who live in tender commitment to each other.’

Quaker marriages are recognised by law. Nevertheless they state, ‘we believe that marriage is a spiritual condition and that our marriage procedure simply bears witness to what God has already brought about.’

One has to ask why people who want to live a different way to that commanded by God consider they have a right to be associated with His Son and take on His name. Simply they want God on their terms – original sin. Such can be likened to someone whom while being a Conservative Party member votes for the Labour Party at the election. They want to keep their cake and eat it. What we are seeing are minority elements successfully invading the church and demanding that they be included, contrary to God’s word, and have their perversions recognised and indulged. Some in the church seem to be under the illusion that toleration of this is Christian love. Tolerance is not love. Obeying God and warning others is true love.

Reported in the 9th March issue of the ‘Belfast Telegraph’ was the news that Ulster had just had its first ‘public’ gay marriage. Both men had the support of their respective families.

The ‘wedding’ not only was unbiblical but the traditions of marriage were also turned on their head as the mothers gave their sons away and the ‘best men’ were women. The two claim,

‘We’re just like most [?] other couples who are in love. We want to be with each other when we’re 70 years old and we want to be able to make a proper commitment to each other.’

The fact may be that they consider that they are in ‘love’ but not the love as defined by God. And yes it is fine to think ahead for the next seventy years, although they do not know what will happen tomorrow, but what about eternity?

The two pledged to spend the rest of their days together at a ceremony conducted by Roman Catholic bishop, Pat Buckley.

England has not escaped the outbreak of bizarre weddings either. There has been much controversy in Kent because Gillingham town councillors approved the go-ahead for a satanic wedding which, was to have taken place in a local cemetery. Only after much protesting from local churches was it later revoked. Imagine having to justify why such an activity shouldn’t proceed! But this is an example of the ungodly times in which we live. The churches involved won the ban by protesting that cemeteries are consecrated ground. These signs of the times demonstrate how the repeal of the laws on witchcraft in the 1950’s just for one example, has opened the door for all manner of perverse and occultic practise to be openly practised let alone requested.

North of the Border, in Scotland, the Scottish Executive is preparing to legalise group homosexual sex because they fear that the present laws contravene the Human Rights Act which the Blair government has forcibly pushed into British Law. Clearly they consider that they can afford to fear God less and feel safer! Foot and Mouth clearly has not focused their minds to God’s point of view in such matters.

The cause of this irrationality was born from a recent decision by the European Court that ruled that a gay man’s rights had been violated when he was charged for being involved with group sex. While the Scottish Parliament Justice Committee may be examining the proposals before taking them to the full parliament it is likely that any protests and concerns raised will fall on deaf ears. It should be remembered that the Scottish Parliament revoked Section 28 (concerning the age of homosexual consent).

Clearly many governments and august and erstwhile bodies are falling pray to an ungodliness of an extreme nature. No longer can these iniquities be lightly dismissed as though they were on the periphery of matters. Sin is indulged and debated openly and without shame (as though the practise of such sin could be in some way found to have some validity), given centre stage and can be found at the heart of governments and many churches and institutions. The only remaining witenagemot will be the remnant of God’s elect, whose status and views will not be recognised or received by the worldly powers.

Their refuge will be false and will be a lie – Isaiah 28:15

‘Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come to us: for we have made lies our refuge and under falsehood have we hid ourselves.’

Such people think that death will not harm them, their sense of assurance against national calamity let alone against God should be mocked.

All must know God exists, as they are here as indeed the whole of creation is noticeable. As Romans 1:21-33 describes, such people know God but they do not glorify him or respect him or even give him thanks. Their thinking is futile and they thus exhibit foolishness. While people and supporters of such iniquity may claim to be wise they are but fools exchanging reality for fake.

The consequence of all this? It leads to lies for truth, wrong for right, God letting them go from him, allowing the degrading of their bodies for further unnatural relations and activities, the minds of such become depraved so that what ought not to be done, is so done. Then the finale - such are filled with every kind of wickedness, envy, murder and deceit. Thus although it is clear that they know such deserves death they continue to do such things and draw others into the corruption.

Lets pray for reformed leaders and governments and for positions of authority to be given to those who will uphold God’s law.

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