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Saturday, August 19, 2017
Date Posted:

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Leader Of Roman Catholics In Britain Has Got His Top Priority Wrong

The whole system of the celibacy of the clergy is based upon that which is against nature and against the Truth of God.
Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

It is reported in The Universe that Archbishop Cormac Murphy-O’Connor has said that his top priority is to, ‘end the trivialisation of sex’ in modern society.

The Archbishop of Westminster condemned ‘unfettered individualism’ caused by a consumer culture for urging young people to, ‘use sex without any reference to its real meaning within the context of marriage or life’.

Speaking after his election as the new President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales last week, Archbishop Murphy-O’Connor said:

‘The trivialisation of sex seems to me to be a terrible thing in our country. The effect is profound and you need voices that will speak of sex in its God-given sanctity and in the sanctity of life.’

As part of his crusade against consumerism, the Archbishop plans to produce a teaching document and launch a media campaign to combat ‘dangerous’ market forces which represent sex as recreation to young people.

A sub-heading of The Universe to this article reads – ‘Archbishop’s Vow To Protect Kids From Sex Culture’.

When one looks at the Church of Rome in Britain and in Ireland, surely their top priority is to weed out of their priesthood those, who have seriously destroyed young people through the authority and reverence for the office which they held. The long and seemingly unending number of paedophile priests is absolutely staggering and the fact that has come to light, that the Church has connived in concealing these sodomite practises, is absolutely disgraceful.

The Archbishop’s top priority should be to protect the youth from the assault upon them by the ordained priests of his church.

Instead of the banner headline, ‘Save Kids From Culture of Sex’, the banner headline of The Universe should be, ‘Save Kids From The Perverted Priests of the Church’. That should be the top priority of the Archbishop.

The hypocrisy of Rome in pretending to be the defender of purity when, those who are supposed to be pure priests have carried out, the destruction of hundreds and hundreds of young people, who were persuaded or forced by them, to embark on a passage of the grossest of evil and wickedness.

And yet, we have the leader of the Church of Rome and England posing as the great purist telling us that his top priority is to protect kids from the sex culture. When it is quite clear that the Church of Rome has not and will not, face up to the facts of her own cover-up of the disgraceful practises of her priests. Only when these priests are found out, are any words of sorrow expressed by the Roman Catholic Church. We are really back to pre-reformation times and now the cesspool behind this façade of Holy Mother Church is being preached and we can see the type of pollution and wickedness that has been practised, with the Church’s approval and cover-over, is absolutely shocking and disgraceful.

The whole system of the celibacy of the clergy is based upon that which is against nature and against the Truth of God. When any church persists in that particular dogma and practice man, being a fallen creature will go the way that many of the Church of Rome’s priests have gone. The celibacy of the clergy is the source of this vile accursed thing that lies at the heart of the Church of Rome today. It is quite evident that this is world wide; from around the world there comes the reports of priests acting is this way and abusing young people and bringing them down into degradation and shame. The Archbishop’s top priority should to be rid the Church, of the doctrine that lies at the heart and produces such things.

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