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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Date Posted:

Fannie May Jones

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Tribute to Fannie May Holmes Jones By Ian R. K. Paisley

This tribute was delivered at Mrs. Jones's funeral on the campus of Bob Jones University, November 2, 2000.
Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

From the Old World to the New World, I come to pay my tribute to the triumph of God's sovereign grace in the life of Fannie May Holmes Jones.

This is a solemn and holy time for us all, but blessed be God, we sorrow not as others who have no hope, for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, those also that sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him.

Mrs. Jones was born into a Christian home, a home with the Bible for its foundation and inspiration. Her life was a testimony to her godly upbringing—the reflection of the power of God in the life of her godly parents. She is now united with them in the heavenly Father's house of many mansions.

Early in her life she came to the Saviour and like Bunyan's Pilgrim she met Mr. Evangelist in the person of Dr. Bob Sr. who led her into the full assurance of eternal salvation. She was then a student in the newly opened Bob Jones College in Florida.

Her marriage to Dr. Bob Jones Jr. was truly a marriage made in Heaven owned and honoured of the Lord. She who had been a kind and loving daughter and sister became the kind and loving wife, mother and homemaker. Because of this her husband was known in the gate and her family today rise up and call her blessed.

Mrs. Jones had a unique and special ministry—a ministry essentially her very own and not in any way eclipsed by her husband's. While undoubtedly making an untold contribution to his life and work, a contribution which helped in its completion and effectiveness, she was a distinguished person in her own right.

She had an extra special ministry. It was said of our Lord that God's gentleness had made Him great and that aspect of Christlikeness was adorned in Mrs. Jones' life.

What gentleness, softness, understanding, sympathy and help flowed from her to others! She was an example in longsuffering. She, who knew that she had been loved much herself, loved much.

Loyalty to Christ motivated her life. Communion with her Lord was her delight. She was like Him because she was so much with Him. I had the great privilege of being her dear husband's close friend and she was my friend. She was an encourager, a daughter of consolation indeed. Always cheery, always willing to bear the cross, always ready to help those she could.

She will be greatly missed—missed by her sons and daughter, missed by her brother and sister, by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, by her friends, missed by this great University. A few days ago I read the following from one of the early Vintage volumes:

"Mrs. Jones Jr. gives her talents in many extracurricular activities, is a faithful mother and homemaker, her genial and unselfish nature has endeared her to the University family."

My mind, as I thought on her passing, has been directed to our Lord's final command to her, "Enter into the joy of thy Lord"—Matthew 25:21.

Last night when I left the Memorial Chapel I put faith's telescope to my eye, and looking upward I saw the Lord Jesus escort her across the dark river. Then I saw that great light which to sinners is unapproachable but not to blood-washed saints. I saw her received at the Throne, introduced there to her heavenly Father by her Lord Himself. Then oh then I saw the happy reunion with her loved ones. It was more than tongue could tell.

There she bathes her weary soul
In seas of heavenly rest.
And not a wave of trouble rolls
Across her peaceful breast.

Goodnight, dear sister. We will meet you in the morning which you forever now enjoy.

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