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Saturday, August 19, 2017
Date Posted:

Dr. Ian Paisley

The Universal Foundations Of Eternal Truth

Sermon Preached By The Rt Hon The Rev Dr Ian R. K. Paisley MP MLA At The Crypt, Westminster 17th January 2008
Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley

St Mary's Undercroft Chapel of the House of Commons was crowded to hear Dr Ian  Paisley MP MLA, preach . The meeting on Thursday 17 January was chaired by the Rev Dr Brian Green, minister of Calvary Free Grace Baptist Church, Feltham, and Chairman of the Directors of the British Church Newspaper. Dr Paisley held his audience in rapt attention as he expounded the Gospel.

"If the national foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" (See Ps. 11:3)

Texts of scripture, said C H Spurgeon, ‘are like lions caught in a thicket which became a honey jar for Samson, so the text as a lion comes out of the thicket and seizing the preacher's heart and soul and forces the preacher to preach on it'.

This text can help us to develop the truth of everlasting foundations, and to minimize the attempt to destroy the Power of God in a situation that the great impregnable truths of divine revelation are satanically assaulted.

Let us take this wonderful and mystic truth about the eternality and impregnability of the foundation God lays, and build upon it the birth, development and finally, finish of the Great Temple of Jehovah.

The foundations what a theme! What a mystery and mightiness! What spirituality and splendour! What grace and glory!

There are unconquering foundations here marked with the seal of eternal existence and unbeatable resistance.

First of all I must take up ‘The Impregnable Book', ‘The Foundation Book' and ‘The Infallible Bible'.


What a mighty stone is this! It comes from the deep waters of the mysterious depths of the eternal wisdom of God. It is aged for it is as old as the Ancient of Days Himself, yet it is never beheld without the glow of the abiding glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

This is the foundation upon which we build our Faith, our Forgiveness and our Eternal Future!

Nothing can be added to it! Nothing can be taken from it! This Book is the unchangeable truth. It is totally the Word of God, the only Infallible rule of Faith and practice.

It is nothing less than and nothing more than the Word of the Infallible Holy and Divine Trinity. I give my allegiance to it all! Every dot of every ‘i' and every stroke of every letter and every jot and every tittle!   

Cling to this book! Read it! Meditate on it! Receive it with your whole heart, obey it, contend for it and die repeating its words of truth and if it is required, die for it!

Shall all the forms which men devise
Assault my soul with treacherous art,
I'll call them vanity and lies,
And bind this Bible to my heart.


In this agnostic and atheistic age in which we live, we must hold to the foundation belief of the Bible.

The stand or fall of the Church is the proclaiming doctrine of Salvation by faith alone. We can only be saved from our sins by receiving the gospel message. Salvation, by grace alone, by faith alone, by the Word of God alone and by Christ alone! There is no other but Christ and Christ alone. With Christ we are saved forever! Without Christ we are lost forever!

As Mr Spurgeon used to say:- ‘We are all in the same boat - in one boat forever, that is all those who have believed. The weakest cannot sink unless the ship goes down and the strongest cannot float unless the ship should bear them up'.

Now freed from sin I walk at large,
My Saviour's blood my full discharge,
At His dear feet my soul I lay,
A sinner saved and honour paid.


We come now to the Foundation basis! What is that Basis? It is the FOUNDATION BASIS!

That is told to us over and over again in the words of the most blessed Apostle Paul; ‘I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation, to every one that believeth'.

Christ left heaven for us! He trampled this old world for us! He kept the law for us! He took our punishment for us! He swallowed damnation's fire for us! He conquered death for us! He opened the grave for us and He went to heaven for us! He is now praying for us!

He is coming again for us! He will spend eternity with us for all the endlessness of its mighty calendar!

Hallelujah, what a Saviour!
Hallelujah, what a Friend,
Saving, keeping, healing, loving!
He'll be with us to the ENDLESS END!


Christ's business on earth was to supply this world with the power which alone could cleanse away our sins.

The Foundation is the Blood of the Lamb!

Christ came to provide for us pardon, peace and life everlasting!

That provision, that foundation business was the shedding of His most precious blood on behalf of all His believing people.

Never, never, let us forget, that without the shedding of Christ's Blood there cannot be any cleansing of sin, and the sin unwashed will never be forgiven in this world or the next.

That is why we must emphasize this great sacrificial blood.

Christ said himself that He came to save sinners, to cleanse sinners and to bring sinners to heaven at last, saved by His own most precious blood.

If there were no blood! If Christ had not made His sacrifice for our sins! If you do not flee for refuge to lay hold of eternal life, then you are eternally lost!

Oh sinner:-

View the flowing,
Of the Saviour's precious blood.
With divine assurance knowing
He has made you peace with God.

Both the Foundation Basis, and the Foundation Belief are pillars of Salvation's Accomplishment.

The fountain of Christ
Assist me to sing
The blood of our Priest,
Our crucified King;
Which perfectly cleanses
From sin and from filth,
And richly dispenses
Salvation and health.

This fountain from guilt
Not only makes pure,
But gives, soon as felt,
Infallible cure;
And if guilt removed
Return and remain,
Its pow'r may be proved
Again and again.

This fountain unsealed,
Stands open for all
That long to be healed-
The great and the small.
Here's strength for the weakly
That hither are led;
Here's health for the sickly,
Here's life for the dead.

This fountain, though rich,
From charge is quite clear;
The poorer the wretch,
The welcomer here.
Come needy, come guilty,
Come loathsome and bare,
You can't come too filthy,
Come just as you are. 

This fountain in vain
Has never been tried;
It takes out all stain,
Whenever applied.
The water flows sweetly
With virtue Divine,
To cleanse souls completely,
Though leprous as mine.


The Foundation Blessing is of course the Blessed Hope which is in the heart of the Redeemed of the Lord. They have the Assurance that Christ will not be in heaven and leave us behind.

God who has begun a work of Grace will perfect it on the day of final rewarding of the saints and the final reprobation of the unconverted sinners.

"On Jordan's stormy banks I stand,
And cast a wishful eye
To Canaan' s fair and happy land,
Where my possessions lie."

Or sometimes it is -

"Jerusalem! My happy home!
Name ever dear to me:
When shall my labours have an end,
In joy, and peace, and thee?"

Or, perhaps it is -

"Jerusalem the golden,
With milk and honey blest;
Beneath thy contemplation
Sink: heart and soul opprest;
We know not, oh! We know not,
What joys await us there;
What radiancy of glory,
What bliss beyond compare.'

At any rate, whatever notes we may use to warble out the hope, the hope is still the same.

"It is the hope, the blissful hope,
Which Jesu's grace has given;
The hope when days and years are past,
We shall meet in heaven."

Now, if that were removed, what could we do?

"What is there here that I should wait?
My hope's alone in thee;
When wilt thou open glory's gate,
And take me up to thee?"

"Whom have I in heaven but thee? There is none upon earth that I desire beside thee." Take heaven away, and the world to come, and what a desert drear, what blackness and darkness, what a gulf of mad despair it would speedily become! But, oh! Brethren, that foundation cannot be removed! Because he lives, we shall live also. "Father, I will that they also whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am, that they may behold my glory." That hope abideth sure and stedfast; let us think of it more than we do. Let us plume our wings of flight every now and then. Come, ye birds of heaven, ye eaglets of God; how is it that ye keep below upon the earth, as though ye had no wings? Come, plume your callow pinions and begin to fly. The clouds are your atmosphere; beyond there is the blue heaven, where all is fair and clear. Up with you! Up, nearer to God, nearer to eternity, nearer to your home, nearer to your everlasting mansion. Remember, that you

"Nightly pitch your moving tent
A day's march nearer home."

and let the thought that you shall soon be

"For ever with the Lord"

fill your believing soul.

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