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Friday, August 18, 2017
Date Posted:

The Unofficial Official Visit

Chapter 1

Behind a smokescreen of prevarication, deceit and treachery the unofficial official visit of Pope John Paul the Second, to Great Britain is being planned. When I protested against the Pope’s proposed visit to Ulster, 10 Downing Street got in touch with me at my home. I had pointed out rightly that the invitation issued by Cardinal O’Fee, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland, was in breach of the constitutional law of the realm and violated the very basis of the Williamite Revolution Settlement.

Downing Street informed me at that time that Mrs Thatcher would be prepared to back a visit of the Pope to the rest of the United Kingdom. I pointed out that according to the Act of Settlement this was a lawless act and the Prime Minister would be acting in a lawless manner. Then Downing Street changed its approach and said, “Of course any such visit would be an unofficial pastoral visit, and the Pope would only come to visit his own co-religionists.” I pointed out that that was impossible. The Pope was the Head of State, the King of the Vatican, and could only come to the United Kingdom at the request of the United Kingdom Government. Downing Street also said that only if the Queen happened to be in the country at the time would the Pope be received.

This prevarication, deceit and treachery of Downing Street I repudiated and pointed out that the whole plan was to make an unofficial visit official. At that time, of course, the Pope’s representative was not given full and ambassadorial status. The Government assured me when some time ago I protested against the granting of him Diplomatic Immunity, that there was no plan to raise the status to that of a full ambassador. Now the truth is out. In order to regularise the relationship between the Vatican and Her Majesty’s Government the Thatcher administration has raised the Status of our representative to the Vatican to that of full Ambassador, and as a result the Pope has appointed for the first time since the Protestant Reformation a full Ambassador to the Court of St James.

This is part of the sad story of treachery, preparing the way for the subversion of the Constitution, of the Protestant Monarchy, and of the Protestant Reformed Church of England, to Popery. Of course Mrs Thatcher has not had the courage of her conviction to sponsor a Repealing Act on the floor of Parliament. The reason is simple, our fathers worded the Act of Settlement carefully, it reads as follows:-


‘And whereas, it has been founded by experience that it is inconsistent with the safety and welfare of this Protestant Kingdom to be governed by a Popish Prince, or by any King or Queen marrying a Papist, the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons do further pray that it may be enacted that all and every person and persons, that is, are, or shall be reconciled to, or shall hold communion with, the SEE or CHURCH of Rome, or shall profess the Popish Religion, or shall marry a Papist, shall be excluded, and be forever incapable to inherit, possess, or enjoy the Crown and Government of this realm and Ireland, and the dominions thereunto belonging, or any part of the same, or to have, use, or exercise any Regal power, authority, or jurisdiction within the same; and in all and every such case or cases the people of these realms shall be and are hereby absolved of their allegiance; and the said Crown and Government shall from time to time descend to and be enjoyed by such person or persons being PROTESTANTS as should have inherited and enjoyed the same, in case the said person or persons so reconciled, holding communion, or professing or marrying as aforesaid, were naturally dead’.

Note carefully, any attempt to change this Act relieves all the citizens of the country to any further allegiance and loyalty to the reigning Monarch. It is simply because of the far-flung implications of the rescinding of this Act that Mrs Thatcher is prepared to do the lawless thing. Without letting the Parliament of the land have any say in the matter, she is prepared to surrender the hard and dearly won liberties of the Protestant Reformation and turn her face in homage and in submission to the Pope of Rome. With a greater expense to the country than the Coronation of any Monarch has hitherto taken, the king of the Vatican – the Pope of Rome who claims to be the King of kings and Lord of lords; the Prince over all nations and kingdoms - is going to make a triumphant procession through the United Kingdom.

The Archbishop of Canterbury in an act of arch-treachery is going to embrace the Pope in Canterbury Cathedral. The Moderator of the Church of Scotland is going to greet the Pope under the statue of the great Protestant Reformer, John Knox. No wonder Rome is clapping her hands in glee, and no wonder Mr St John Stevas, that well know Romanist Member of Parliament, has stated publicly on the BBC that, “those protesting against the Pope’s visit in Liverpool should be put in prison”.

Behind the velvet glove of Rome in Great Britain is the steel fist of the creator of the Inquisition – the ingenious inventor of those refined yet diabolical methods of torture employed by that engine of death in the old Castle which was the residence of the Pope of Rome – the Castle of the Holy Angel.

In full view of this treachery every British Protestant worth their salt should ponder the words of the great Disraeli: “What is this power beneath whose Sirocco breath the fame of England is fast withering? Were it the dominion of another Conqueror – another bold bastard with his belted sword – we might gnaw the fetters of which we could not burst. Were it the genius of Napoleon with which we are again struggling we might trust the issue to the God of battles with a sainted confidence in our good cause and our national energies. But we are sinking beneath a power before which the proudest conquerors have grown pale, and by which the nations most devoted to freedom have become enslaved – the power of a foreign priesthood. Your empire and your liberties are more in danger at this moment than when the army of invasion was encamped at Boulogne”.

Soon, if the Roman hierarchy and the Thatcher Government have their way, the King of this might of foreign priesthood shall be marching triumphantly through the Queen’s Realm. Yes, and the first duty of the Government should be to repel Papal encroachment, and the English Minister who wantonly permits that encroachment deserves to be impeached as a traitor to the State.

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