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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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Rome using Scottish Parliament to attack U.K.'s Protestant Constitution

Britain, awake to the peril that threatens our country from Popery!
Professor Arthur Noble

Roman Catholic Members of the Scottish Parliament are plotting to influence Westminster towards scrapping legislation which bars the heir to the Throne from marrying a Papist. Their call has come in the form of a motion inspired by the Scottish National Party. The move is part of an intensified attack by the Vatican on the British Constitution to co-incide with the Pope's millennial call for "a new era" in which the Church seeks to be "a sign and instrument of peace in the world and for the world".

This jargon, of course, is familiar – and so are the tactics, which allege that there are "discriminatory" parts in the Act of Settlement and that these have "no place in modern society and should be repealed" [The Universe, December 26, 1999, p. 7].

We have heard it all before. There are the mellifluous phrases about 'upholding human dignity', 'securing the right to full human development', 'commitment to peace and justice', the 'vocation of humanity to unity and brotherhood' and the 'rights of individuals, whatever their status or religion'. They all ring hollow in the light of the documented historical record of Popery. The Romish system has consistently done the very opposite of these principles for which it pretends to stand: it has thwarted human dignity and reason, discriminated against and mercilessly slaughtered its opponents, and been the deliberate instigator of more wars than any other organisation in the whole history of the human race.

Today its attack on the Act of Settlement, superficially dressed up in the trappings of modernist pluralism, is in reality a concealed attempt to return this country to the Dark Ages in which the Church of Rome held sway over nations and individuals and bent them to her will.

The greatest enemy of this country at present remains, as throughout history, the Roman Catholic Church. That Church is now turning its attention most particularly to the United Kingdom, the conquest of which is her main aim and object; for victory here would mean, more or less, victory everywhere. The infamous Cardinal Manning unambiguously voiced Rome's own confession of her plan to destroy Protestant England in the following words – and remember that Rome cannot change, for that would mean an admission of fallibility:

"Surely, a soldier's eye and a soldier's heart would choose by intuition this field of England for the warfare of Faith. […] It is the head of Protestantism, the centre of its movements, and the stronghold of its powers. Weakened in England, it is paralysed everywhere; conquered in England, it is conquered throughout the world. Once overthrown here, all is but a war of detail." [Quoted from Jeremiah Crowley: Romanism – A Menace to the Nation, Aurora, no date, p. 165.]

It is a mystery how the intellectual dupes and theological simpletons of Ecumenism, unless they are traitors to their country, can fail to regard Rome as an enemy, but rather consider her as a sister Christian Church; for history has disclosed her as Britain's most bitter and cruel enemy. She has never refrained from any action, however disloyal and unworthy, by which she could subject the Monarch and the people of this country to the Pope of Rome. Wherever she has sought social and political power she has dictatorially encroached on those very 'rights' which she now so loudly pretends to promote and uphold, and terrorised her subjects into placing the interests of their Church before the interests of their country.

Readers of our articles "The Significance of the Williamite Revolution Settlement" and "A Romanist Attack on the Protestants of Scotland" will gain an insight into how Rome is attacking the British Constitution, so to speak, by the back door of Scotland, just as she is doing in Northern Ireland. It was John Knox who secured intellectual and theological freedom for Scotland, not Mary Stuart, who was the offspring and tool of the Papal Church. She was one of the most infamous women on the pages of human history. Her work consisted in the betrayal and destruction, so far as was in her power, of the Scottish people. But for Queen Elizabeth the Scottish nation itself would have brought her to the scaffold long before that Queen was compelled, in the interests of herself and England, to do so.

Who and what is this infamous woman in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church today? She is portrayed by that Church as such a paragon of every excellence and virtue that some Scots, having no other source of information about her, have believed its falsehoods. She is painted by Rome as a heroine, a martyr and a saint. Again and again her canonisation was mooted, and she would have been a fitting companion to many of its so-called "saints". Indeed, the lives of many of the very Popes themselves show them to be in her league – immoral in heart and in life.

Britain, awake to the peril that threatens our country from Popery – the peril that would close our open Bible and destroy our Protestant Christianity, to which we owe every blessing that as individuals and as a nation we enjoy!

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