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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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Rome and Islam
Prudence or Paranoia?
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Christians in Iraq
Last Pope No Saint
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Rome's Education War
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Blair Signs It Away
Romanising of Ireland
Anglican 'gay' schism
Enslavement of Nation
Pope John Paul II
Anglicans Capitulate
Lose Heritage Forever?
Bishops Rome Burned
Were Reformers Right?
Call Him Antichrist
The Face of Rome
Popish Plot Exposed
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Swiss Guard Murders 2
Compromise Theology
The Mysterious Death
Priest Is Dispensed! 3
Priest Is Dispensed! 2
Priest Is Dispensed! 1
An Opportunity
Holy Inquisition Today
Religion of Relics
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Sir Thomas More
Appeal to the Laity
Williamite Revolution
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The Hidden Years - 2
The Hidden Years
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England Catholicism 2
England Catholicism 1
Rome’s Crusade
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Paradise Fauled
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Bones of Contention
It's A Sex Mad World
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Rwandan Nuns Convicted
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All Hail Mary
Purgatory All
Wrong Without Shame
Paedophile Priests
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Road to Damascus
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Patron Saint of Web?
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Bible and Romanism
Massing and Wining
Aitken and Rome
Satan's Hold
Romanist Attack
Rip in Curtain
Fires of Hell
Gates of Heaven

Satan's Hold on the Vatican

By 1997 he had come to the conclusion: "Lucifer, the biggest archangel, the leader of the revolt against God, has a big 'in' with certain Vatican officials."
Professor Arthur Noble

The writings of ex-Jesuit priest, writer, and former Vatican insider Malachi Martin, who died in New York last month, reveal a devastating critique of the R.C. Church which he left in disillusionment after ten years (1954-64) on the inside. [See The Independent, August 6, 1999: The Friday Review, p. 7.]

Malachi Martin was born in Co. Kerry in 1921, ordained priest in 1954, laicised in 1964 and died on July 27, 1999. During his service in Rome between 1958 and 1964 he was reportedly close to Pope John XXIII and claimed to have been initiated into the weightiest of the Vatican's secrets. His Rome years also co-incided with the start of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65). Thoroughly disillusioned with the Church and the Jesuits, he requested a release from his vows in 1964, left Rome suddenly that June and worked as a dish-washer and taxi-driver in New York, becoming an American citizen in 1970.

His succession of books on Roman Catholic themes became more and more extravagant. In The Pilgrim (1964) he divulged Vatican efforts to block Pope John's intention to retract the Church's doctrine that blamed the Jews for Christ's death. Hostage to the Devil (1976) was a lurid account of possession and exorcism. In The Final Conclave (1978) he dealt with alleged Soviet spies in the Vatican. In The Keys of this Blood (1990) he laid out Pope John Paul II's dream of controlling the New World Order (vindicating our claim that the Vatican is the driving force behind the New Europe). Windswept House (1996) featured a fictionalised version of an actual murder. In all his writings the "decline and fall" of the Church remained his constant obsession.

In 1981 Martin lambasted the Roman Church as "a church with depopulated seminaries, politico bishops, lipsticked and mini-skirted nuns, bewildered lay people, plus a Vatican that housed Communist moles, clerical financial wizards, career diplomats, Marxist prelates, a brothel, overworked exorcists, hostile bureaucrats, some silent good people, and a hard-core 37 per cent of clerics and people who yearned for the church Paul VI had smothered". By 1997 he had come to the conclusion: "Lucifer, the biggest archangel, the leader of the revolt against God, has a big 'in' with certain Vatican officials."

Martin is yet another example of the increasing number of those who have witnessed the filth of the 'Babylonian whore' from within and decided to shout about it from the housetops. What more sinister material might he have discovered if he had stayed inside? As reviewer Felix Corley put it: "The Vatican can be thankful he left when he did."

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